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Immaculately Conceived
Hoooy boy this is a hard one to type,but after a few weeks of struggling with it and the increased frequency I'm noticing them, I'd like to bring something to mind:

Gifs as backgrounds are super neat-- very pretty, give a lot of potential for creativity etc. But for a small minority of people on the site, they have a downfall. The abrupt movements and flashing, swirling colors on such a large scale trigger a health problem of mine. I simply cannot look at these types of gifs blown up across my screen without being triggered. I've been hearing from others that, even without health problems, the movement can be a doozy.

I'm not naive enough to think the whole site will be changed for my ailment, but I do hope that by bringing forward my experience people will start to think twice about the type of gif you're using-- and the size you blow it up to.

All I can say is that restraining the places we use gifs is vital if you want people like me to be able to read your content.

Thanks guys-- Love seeing your stuff out there.

Stay creative.
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A personal view, not an answer or critique from an RPJ standpoint.

I avoid using templates, as opposed to typical writing methods of posting, due to the difficulty and strain in reading some of them. Fluorescent colors on top of dark backgrounds for example tend to make my vision blur and strain the eyes to quite a degree.

It's totally a me-problem, but has deterred me from looking into templates of my own.

There's been some amazingly creative content out there, and I'm not at all discouraging that side of our community like Kyra's mentioned above, but vibrant colors can be quite harsh on the ol' eyes. I guess I'm getting old...
Immaculately Conceived
Annasari Annasari Not directed at all! No! I love your content-- it's extremely creative! I would have messaged you personally if I thought that would be a solution to my experience, but at the end of the day you're just one of the many that make this awesome content. I truly meant this to be directed at the community. <3

I appreciate your warm response. I look forward to seeing more of what you do! (I figured out some cool new tricks for div code and floating pictures OVER a div box :D! HMU if you'd like the code so you can play yourself! )
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Annasari Annasari

Really want to reiterate the above, absolutely not directed at anyone in particular. I've not been following who creates what, whereas I'm only speaking of what I've come across when perusing threads. There's absolutely no criticism here, just voicing a personal struggle on my own behalf. Like I said, the creative content we've seen across this community is wonderful and I'll always encourage people going the extra mile for Chaos as many of you do.

No worries Annasari :)
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A personal view, not an answer or critique from an RPJ standpoint. (Shamelessly stolen from WolfMortum WolfMortum )

I've long-admired the creativity of GIFs but I've found it hard to stare at one repeating on my screen for a long time. It's especially distracting when I'm trying to read long posts. That's not an attack on writers who use GIFs as avatars or signatures or templates, you guys do you.

For anyone who is like me or anyone else who wants to chime in here, I've found some hacky solutions:

One is an extension for Firefox that disables all GIF animations with a click. It's not as elegant as some past solutions but it works if I need to focus.

There's also Reader View in Firefox (and some extensions for Chrome) that strips a ton out but not always the offending images. This is kind of like a feature the old board had, a mode that would hide all avatars and signatures for pure reading, which was super nice.

There's probably a few other extensions out there for your browser of choice if you're in need of it. Hit me up if you're not finding something useful for yourself, I love testing things.
Evil Genius
Seconded. The rapidly flashing colors can be a bit... hazardous for people with certain health problems. Its a downer, for sure, but they can cause effects that go beyond a minor headache or some discomfort, at least in my case. I know some people like to use rapidly flashing colors and psychedelic animations, but for safety reasons, they should be put inside a spoiler, with an epilepsy warning, due to the risk of them causing seizures. This way, people who like to use them can still do, while those who have certain health problems that are affected by this, can avoid the risks.
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NGL it's not a secret I love these crazy colors. But yesterday was a good experimentation day. Those who insist on crazy gifs, I recommend putting that under a spoiler, and leaving a gif-clean version outside of it. Best of both worlds. Make life sparkly! But only with consent ♥

(yeah yesterday wasn't that - learn through experience! next one will be :) )
The Blood Hound
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Tefka Tefka I've had that signature for a few months now. You're the first to say anything about it.

I'm not a mind reader. If an image or whatever of mine bothers anyone please tell me instead of feed the gossip.

I'll be removing it in a minute.
Coopers Cooler
I 100% support this.

Any health and wellbeing feedback on my own animations and soforth will be considered and applied. Except for style, cos thats never going to happen.

"epileptic death sentence of a rave" indeed! :)

Jay Scott Clark

Beyond Wonderland
This was a great read. +1 rep.

And yeah, half of the people on my block list got there just because I got tired of their GIF avatars. I might need to do a little house cleaning of my blocked list if people stop using GIFs again. Lol. :p

I'd also like to promise that myself will never use a flashing or transitioning GIF avatar or sig on any of my characters ever again. :D
The Hound of Keldabe
My eyes are shite, period. Its why i got a huge TV as a monitor. Personally i do not like the Templated Posts and try my best avoiding them for they seem to be hard to read even with a larger screen and glasses. Again, that is me straight up having bad eye sight.