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Fireflies | CIS Dominion of Ascension (S,44)



Eons ago, the mountains of Varro were a vastly different shape.

Under the lordship of their ruling House, a city once stood proud between the spires. Yet, while the walls provided by their liege afforded warmth and safety, it was his brutality that saw them challenged. The wrath of rivals fell upon the city of Varro on one fateful day...and not a single stone survived. The walls were oblitered. The people burnt alive in their homes. And their liege executed before the eyes of many. This turbulent time was known as the War of Succession - and was easily the most vicious era of Ascension's history.

The planet has spent centuries attempting to move away from this bloody past.

Each and every year, a celebration is held in the name of the destroyed city. A Day of Remembrance. From all lordships and lands, people flock to the now vibrant lands of Varro to recall the terrors of unchecked brutality. They celebrate, together, within the nature that has reclaimed the mountains - being thankful for the peace that the planet has enjoyed for quite some time. Some feast together at the lakeside, whilst others explore the remains of the city to reflect upon the choices of their own lives. It is this very celebration that has encouraged young and old to do better despite their Patriarchal roots. The people use this day to bury their grievances and - most importantly - progress as a society.

And as the years moved ever forward, progression soon came in the decision to accept a gracious invitation. A growing neighbor, the Confederacy of Independent Systems, had extended the hand of friendship to Ascension. They promised peace, security, and prosperity within their fold - and the distant world accepted. And, as a symbol of their unity, the Confederacy was welcomed to walk the lands of Varro with the natives. Together, they would share this Day of Remembrance!



The Day of Remembrance, while somber in origin, is a full-fledged celebration! At the base of the mountains, alongside a crisp lake, the natives have prepared a bonfire around which to eat, drink, and make merry with one another. Robust cabins have also been erected on the lakeside, where manmade hot springs are housed within. Have a drink or five with someone you don't know! Plunge into the icy lake or relax in the soothing hot springs! The remnant of Varro is open to you!

While nature has very much so reclaimed the mountainside, there are yet remains to discover within the green. Take to the hills and explore! Walk the ruined paths that were once the city of Varro!

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Interacting with: [member="Srina Talon"]
Location: Forests of Varro

The last time they had went adventuring, they had both been burned.

Dragonflower had left a rather...poor taste in the mouth of the Sith Lord. What he had intended was something simple: an excursion into the unknown to brighten the mood of his Apprentice. At that time, they had endured so much...she had endured so much - but it seemed fate desired to push them even more. For the briefest of moments, Darth Metus and [member="Srina Talon"] departed from the other's line of sight and all Hell broke loose. For the Sith, it was visions. He wanted to believe that the fire that nearly consumed him - and the entire forest for that matter - was a wrathful personification of his deceased sister's will. But there was a small part of him that doubted. That wondered if all of it was a delusion prompted by guilt.

His Apprentice, however, had a much harsher time. She dealt with a loved one from the past as well, but her battle was that of flesh and blood. A beloved sister returned to confront feelings that were once left on Eshan. The battle had left both weary, and Darth Metus refused to intervene. Rather, he was there was collect his Apprentice when the blows came to an end. They did not speak much following Dragonflower - not for lack of desire as it were. Srina's past simply continued to arrive her doorstep, next in the form of her younger brother, and the Sith would not dare detract from her happiness.

There was a burden upon her shoulders, yes, but the smile she wore when she saw the other Talons was genuine. She needed this, and is if they knew, they had come.

But. Despite the momentary respite, fate continued to knaw at them. In very recent history, she had taken his place in a dangerous operation. She refused to let him set foot on Melida/Daan but rather insisted to take his place. For some damn reason the Sith allowed her to do so - and almost lost her in the process. He moved heaven and earth to recover her from the plague-infested city; and never left her side for a moment during the subsequent Quarantine. Yet now, the worry was at the forefront of his mind.

He almost lost her. And every time they were apart in dangerous areas, that seemed to happen. Tatooine. Dragonflower. Melida. This was one loss he just simply would not bear. So. When the time came to celebrate the Day of Remembrance, Darth Metus guided her down the path of exploration once again. His hope was that, this time there wouldn't be any ridiculous interruptions. He could just breathe and know that she was nearby. But above all else, he had something in mind. Peace of Mind.

For now, he simply led the way along the ruined path, careful not to dash his foot upon the shattered rocks.

[member="Srina Talon"]


Fawn Alzi

Friend to the Dead
Location: Hot Springs (but first, fire)

As the roaring flames danced in her eyes, Fawn drank up the liquid courage she held in one hand. As much as she would have liked to interact with the fire, make it truly dance, she didn't want to draw that much attention to herself. Maybe a few drinks later.

Despite being next to the fire with her robes still very much covering her, however loosely, it only brought on the need for something hotter, something more relaxing. She didn't know who or what would be waiting for her at the hot springs, but if she could get there early enough, she could at least skip the awkwardness of disrobing in front of strangers. Even that was beginning to feel less and less worrisome with the alcohol that was already in her.

Seeing only a few locals as she finally put down her drink, she exchanged her robes and weapons for a towel that she placed at the edge of the water, dipping a toe in before submerging herself entirely. When her head resurfaced, she took a deep breath and sighed in relief, letting her head rest on the folded towel behind her.

However long ago it had been since she felt that relaxed, it had been far too long.

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Objective: Skinny dipping because Fan Servies
Location: Onsen(hot spring)
Post Count:1

The last few month had be exhausting, mentally and officially, which did not happen often for Kurenai considering her vampiric powers, about to keep active for hours on end. Still, between spirits, native warriors, zombies, ruptured ears drums and fighting Mandos she needed a long, long break front he fronts lines and this event gave a decent opportunity to take one. Even so she did respect the actual meaning behind the celebration, the death and destruction of many in the past not being something people should simply forget, though for this day Kurenai was not going to be partaking in the event, just sitting back and relaxing in the nearby hot springs

Entering the misty room it seem she was the only one here, the ancient woman bringing nothing but the usual bath towel, but seeing as no one was here and the whole skinny dipping thing going on it was not really necessary. Flowing up the small towel into a pillow the blue haired woman slid her rather curvy body into the warm water, resting her head against the towel as a welcome sensation running up her spin, "this is what I needed.... so relaxing".
The Storm King

Location: Ruins of the City of Varro
Post: 1
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Rylan had found himself down on the planet some hours a head of most of the Confederacy, one part of him trying to find his place as a pathfinder, the other part of him knowing damn well he wanted to go missing in the ruins of the city and drink himself stupid and just hide out there, looking for some semblance of peace in his otherwise chaotic life. Pack slung over his shoulder, and just wandering around, he found himself good and lost in the ruins, a smile crossing his face at this realization, this was what he wanted, and if someone should come a long, he really wouldn't care.

Finding a nice spot, he rested the pack on a rock that must have been a part of the wall he had chosen to sit and lean against, which he did after pulling a bottle of tihaar from the pack, with that he popped the cork, and raised it up "To long dead men, and the bloody legacies we leave behind." he toasted, then started to drink, heavily from the bottle, he knew it would never erase the memories, but it never hurt to try.
~:[ S E C U R U S ]:~

Location: Amidst the ruins of Varro
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It had not been long that she'd been within the embrace of the Confederacy, but she'd found herself welcome as if she were family nonetheless. And to some of them, she was...cousin to the Nightmother herself, and cousin to Damien, both of whom she'd forged a bond with upon meeting them at the ancestral Van-Derveld home.

But as to the rest of the Confederacy, it was a vast and exquisitely functioning machine she had yet to discover all of the pieces of. It presented a most glorious puzzle, and though she preferred to remain in the archives and attend to whatever research was necessary or struck her fancy, she could not always remain so closed off. Her mother had seen to that for most of her life, and she would not repeat that mistake, no matter how uncomfortable it might make her.

So she found herself exploring the ruins of Varro, partaking in the celebration the natives of Ascension had invited the entirety of the Confederacy to attend. There was so much history writ across the broken stones that nature had reclaimed, that Firenne had found herself hard pressed to resist discovering what she could. In her Lupine form, she followed her nose through the little-trod paths, pausing now and then to allow herself the time to simply absorb what Lupine and Force sense alike discovered. It was almost intoxicating in its duality, and it distracted the sable wolf quite thoroughly.

Silver eyes fell upon another form within the ruins, quietly toasting to those that had fallen with their beloved home city in the fashion of many who celebrated that night. Firenne paused, sitting quietly, lupine head canted to the side as she watched him intently for a few minutes. She barked softly, announcing her presence, before padding forward and shifting back into her human form mid-stride.

"Sorry...didn't realize you were up here. So much for my senses, I guess. I'm Firenne." she said softly, a somewhat sheepish smile curling her lips, fingers adjusting the straps of the bag slung across her back.

Location: Hot Springs​
Others Nearby: [member="Fawn Alzi"]​
Post: 1​
Laughter and music filled the air. It was a celebration. They had a reason and Minerva had a reason. Cup in hand Minerva was smirking as the light from liquid started to fill the plastics red cup. They had their reason. Minerva’s reason was because it happened to also be her birthday. Not that she had shared it with everyone here today but Minerva was now eighteen years old.

By galactic standards she was an adult now. By Dathomiri standards she had been one for a while. Details did not matter to the young Dathomiri who now had a full cup. The only thought on her mind was to have the best day ever, as she walked over to the large fire was.


Amethyst Atreides

Location: The lakeshore
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Post: 2

Nightfall on Ascension was beautiful, the young woman thought, bare feet carrying her along the shoreline of the lake. She paused at the bonfire, gaze focusing on the dancing flames before moving to alight on those gathered around it. A smile was found, and she bowed her head in polite greeting to those she both did and did not recognize. It was a polite, civil gesture, but still a meaningful one from the young Lorrdian woman. Taking her leave from those enjoying the warmth, she sought out cooler air, allowing her steps to carry her along the water's edge, a little bit away from the revelry around the fire and the hot spring huts.

Ame breathed deeply and closed her eyes, the breeze toying with her long sable waves, and the simple silken dress she wore, the fabric fluttering around her form. The joyous celebration echoed through the air and the Force alike, and it was a pleasure to behold. With a soft sigh, her eyes opened as she gazed across the water.

She took a lingering sip from the drink in her hand, savoring the variety of exotic fruits that had gone into it's making. There was nothing quite like this on Lorrd, and though she had been on Dathomir and Ryloth for the last two years, this had not been there either. Ame made a mental note to inquire about it's acquisition, should it be available, and about it's production if it were not readily available outside of the time of the festival.

Her free hand rose to push the errands strands of sable hair from her cheek, dark eyes flickering back to the more populated area. Perhaps she would join it shortly, for now, she savored her drink and the relative quiet of the distant revelry and the lapping water at her feet.


Kainan Wolfe

Shadow of War
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Attn: [member="Fawn Alzi"] | [member="Amethyst Atreides"] | [member="Minerva Vessia"] | [member="Kurenai Yumi"]
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    Trying to find something productive to do

The bestial Sith Lord had endured much in the roughly three decades since he arrived into this chaotic, violent galaxy. Things such as a caring family and a happy childhood seemed like luxuries to him, but the hard life he lived, had taught him many valuable lessons. He was a hard working, disciplined man who took his duties very seriously and valued loyalty above all else. A veteran of hundreds of battles in many of the galaxy's innumerable conflicts, he had come a long way from those childhood days which he wished to forget. The former slave had amassed a fortune and built a nation that ran like a well-oiled war machine, efficient and deadly, a war machine which now stood as a bulwark against the enemies of the Confederacy.

Yet there was one thing which the Overlord of the Shrouded Republic was unaccustomed to, which he found so completely alien, that it awakened every paranoid instinct within his methodical mind. Relaxation. A military man, Darth Tacitus was unused to celebrations of any kind, other than military parades and various other state functions. Yet, here he was, attending what had to be the strangest diplomatic conference he had ever attended. The truth was he had no idea what to make of the situation, or what he should do. There was no work to be done here, no enemy to fight, no plans to make or state business to oversee. Just a bonfire and a hot spring. The last thing he wanted was to disrobe in front of everyone and put his myriad scars on display, so he stood awkwardly by the fire, cloak flapping in the wind, matching the rhythm of his silver hair, revealing taloned hands that clenched and unclenched uncomfortably, the razor-sharp claws catching a glimmer of the firelight, who's color matched that of his slitted, cat-like golden eyes.

He stared into the fire, a distant look in his eyes. Demon, people called him. Those who did not know him, gave him a wide berth, which suited him just fine. His thoughts drifted to the young woman that was part of his life fifteen years ago, a woman who was the center of his universe and whom he loved more than anything else.

Amethyst Atreides


Location: The Bonfire
Tags: [member="Darth Tacitus"]
Post: 3

Fingers gently coursed through her hair once more, a faint laugh emerging her lips as the breeze toyed with the sable waves once more. She turned towards the blazing bonfire in an effort to stave off the playful element's efforts, dark eyes taking in the sight of those newly joined to the revelry. A figure stood out amongst those gathered, garbed in dark clothing and possessed of a cloak the color of falling night. She paused, dark gaze lingering on him through the flickering flames.

There was a remembrance found, lingering at the back of her mind, from some few years prior on Lorrd. Though only fifteen at the time, and still mostly under seclusion at her mother's remote estate, Ame had been well aware of the Dominion's fall. It had been a hazardous and tumultuous time on her homeworld, and in spite of that, she eluded her governess and tutors on more than one occasion to experience it for herself.

The bonfire became the fires that had lit the capital of Lorrd City, buildings sacked as the Dominion finally collapsed and nearly took the planet down with it. She had watched the sacking of the University and the utter pillaging of the LIbrary most of her books had been borrowed from. But she had also seen civilians evacuated to safety by the one who's commanding presence had somehow gathered together the Dominion remnants amidst the chaos.

The vision flitted away like the tendrils of smoke up through the night air, and Ame found her footsteps carrying her forward to the bonfire once more. Pausing briefly to refill her drink and to fetch a second handsomely carved cup of the same, she sauntered slowly around the fire to stand at his side, her gaze catching the clench of his taloned hands and the tension writ across his features and form.

"I did not think to see you again in such a place, Master Wolfe." she said softly, pitching her voice to carry to his ears alone for the moment. Her head canted to the side as she gazed up at him, and held out the second drink to him.


Kainan Wolfe

Shadow of War
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Attn: [member="Amethyst Atreides"] Nearby: [member="Fawn Alzi"] | [member="Minerva Vessia"] | [member="Kurenai Yumi"]
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    Trying to find something productive to do

The Sith Lord's piercing gaze shifted towards the young woman offering him a drink. She was not someone he knew, although he was not surprised that people would recognize him. He had made a reputation for himself during the three years since he took the reins of what would become the Shrouded Republic and forged that band of refugees into a nation its citizens could be proud of.

He accepted the drink that was offered to him, not bothering to worry about poison. If it had been laced with anything toxic, the ritual that gave him his claws and slitted eyes, also gave him a remarkable resistance to such things. Besides, there was nothing about her which seemed threatening.

"Greetings, miss," he spoke in a formal tone that contrasted heavily with his raspy voice. "Forgive me, but I do not believe we have met before. If I'm not mistaken, your accent would suggest you are from Lorrd?" the Overlord asked her. "To what do I owe the pleasure?"

Casually resting his free hand on the hilt of the longsword that hung from his belt and oozed with the unmistakable touch of the Darkside, he graciously took a sip from the offered drink, his manners as impeccable as the uniform he wore under his fur-lined cloak. Always the military man, he rarely wore civilian clothing and never parted with his weapons. In addition to his longsword and a military blaster pistol, four lightsabers also hung from his belt. The Overlord was known to wield three of them using a technique of the Force known as Telekinesis. When used in combination with his longsword and another technique he was known for, that being Darkshear, they made him a dangerous opponent in combat. Which was fortunate, since he tended to lead from the front lines, fighting side by side with his soldiers.

Yet, despite the mask of formality and discipline that his face displayed, there was a hint of sorrow and exhaustion in his eyes, one of the many marks that a hard life left on people. His were the eyes of a man who had seen much and had aged before his years, gaining a kind of wisdom which was bought and paid for in blood.

Amethyst Atreides


Soundtrack: "The Way"
Location: The Bonfire
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With a measure of grace that spoke to her upbringing, she inclined her head upon his greeting, and offered a soft smile that warmed her features. Dark eyes reflected the dancing flames before them as she took a far more lingering look at him, standing as she was at his side. His gracious words delivered in a gravelly voice were a lovely study in contrast that she savored for a moment or two, perhaps even three, before she caught herself.

Ame recalled her own manners and offered a slight curtsy after taking a sip of her own refilled drink. "My apologies...I was startled to find you standing here, so much so that I neglected my manners. I am Amethyst, and I am indeed of Lorrd. I bore witness to your actions with the Dominion remnants." she replied quietly, her free hand toying with the strands of hair fluttering in the breeze.

With a faint exhalation, she gave him her full attention, gazing unabashedly at him, keeping a tight reign on her Force sense, but allowing herself the luxury of reading him as only a Lorrdian could. Ame could have read his military history in his bearing and posture alone, but the impeccable military uniform and comfort with which his handed rested on the longsword hilt only added richness to the tale being told.

It was not the only one written there, however. There may have been a rigid discipline schooling his expression to evenness, but he could not entirely draw shadows around the sorrow and weariness that dwelt within. There was an ancient saying that spoke of the eyes being the windows to the soul, and in his case, the saying held the entirety or truth. That gaze had seen much in months and years past...things that had left their mark on his consciousness and their talons in his soul.

"I saw you once, when you were on Lorrd some few years ago. You evacuated civilians even as you emptied the Library of it's knowledge. You are a study in contrast, my lord, and I found myself curious as to how you came to be here with the Confederacy." Ame's voice remained softly lyrical, her accent unmistakable though it was flavored by the past two years she had spent on Dathomir. Her own posture spoke of comfort and grace, her own pains buried far too deeply for simple observation, though a master of the Force could have plucked out the details effortlessly.


Kainan Wolfe

Shadow of War
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    Conversing with an intriguing young lady

A look of understanding dawned on the Overlord's face as she spoke to him of what she had seen, banishing even the slightest hint of his burdens as his attention shifted fully to her for the first time. "Ah. Appearances can be quite deceptive, I'm afraid," he said to her, his eyes fixed on hers as he spoke, eyes that revealed a hint of the powerful intellect that lay behind them.

His experience and, perhaps, his Force sensitivity had given him a knack for reading people, throughout the years and he found that he could read this Amethyst fairly easily. She carried herself with a grace and elegance that hinted at an upper-class upbringing, or at a life spent trying to emulate them. But the man who was now known as Tacitus and whom she knew of as Kainan Wolfe, who before that, was someone else, knew that life is rarely that simple. Through the Force, he could tell that some conflict burned within her heart, where hatred had found a home, the kind of hatred that can only take root within a broken heart.

"You see, after Krayiss II, I found myself thrust in a situation where I had to make difficult choices, though I'm afraid that such choices are the standard fare in a career such as statecraft," the Overlord explained, his tone professional and businesslike, now that he was back in the familiar and comfortable territory of politics. "The Dominion's military was broken and with the Sith Empire at our backs, I knew it was only a matter of time before their armies would arrive at Lorrd and without the military assets to defend the planet, I made a calculated decision to evacuate the contents of the Library, rather than let it fall into the hands of the enemy. Knowledge is power afterall, and I decided it was better if it served us, rather than someone else."

"Those civilians and surviving soldiers that I evacuated that day, became the Shrouded Republic, although we spent the first two years of our nation drifting through space in a ragtag fleet of ships," he explained to her, his eyes drifting into the distance. "It was a difficult, trying time, filled with many hardships. We were almost wiped out by the Galactic Empire, which proceeded to pursue us, but we survived and we emerged stronger than ever before."

"Which brings me to our present circumstances," he said, golden eyes snapping back to her. "I am here because the Shrouded Republic has become a constituency of the Confederacy, therefore I am attending this event in an official manner, as part of my duties to the state," spoke the enigmatic warlord. "Although I must admit, this has to be the strangest diplomatic summit I have ever attended."

The young woman intrigued him, finding her willingness to approach him so casually and her relaxed posture in his presence, a particularly curious thing. Most people would have been far too afraid to be so relaxed, at least at first. He was a Sith Lord, afterall, and one with a reputation for ruthlessness, as demonstrated by the slogan that had been carved out in the cliffs of the Shrouded Republic's former homeworld of Winter, 'peace through strength and justice without mercy'.

Amethyst Atreides


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It was ever the way with appearances, and the deceptions they hid so easily beneath the visible exterior. To a Lorrdian, they were simple enough to read through under most circumstances. But to her, those three years in that terrible time on Lorrd, it was not a great revelation that her assumption had been in error. Ame lifted her cup and took a sip of her drink, savoring the taste even as she canted her head to the side. With his gaze fixed upon her so wholly, it presented a new opportunity for observation which she was unable to resist.

His expression had changed in the moments before he formed his reply, understanding drawing a certain warmth across his countenance that saw even her glimpse of his inner turmoil entirely fade away. There was, in it's stead, a fierce intellect within that blazed as brightly as the twin suns of Tatooine. But there was somewhat more to see, and it lingered just beyond her grasp. Her Force sense slipped loose of her tight hold upon it, in time to realize his own abilities had read her like an open book.

Ame shuttered her gaze briefly, breathing deeply to regain her control and to find an extra measure of energy with which to mask the jagged, broken shards he'd seen within. It was not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but it would have to do for now. Dark eyes slipped open as she looked up at him once more. A faint smile flitted across her features at his mention of saving the contents of the Library, a fact for which she'd have to find an opportunity to thank him. So much had been lost during that know that some of the most precious knowledge on her homeworld had survived was an unalloyed pleasure.

He spoke with strength and eloquence in equal measure as he mentioned the formation of the Shrouded Republic, and the hardships endured during it's earliest days and the subsequent struggles of such a newly formed entity carving out space for itself in the galaxy at large. For her, it was enough that he had saved those of her people that he could, and given them a choice and a greater purpose that they chose to fulfill.

A warmer smile chased across her features, warming them as she dipped her head. "I am not entirely certain this qualifies as a proper diplomatic summit, my lord." Ame replied, a soft, melodic peal of laughter emerging, only to be hushed by the fingertips she pressed to her lips in an effort to silence herself. Dark eyes brightened with fascination alongside the flickering flames of the bonfire, and she took a moment to compose herself before speaking again.

"I believe the intent was for a far more casual celebration...I'm told there is a historical event being celebrated with this festival, a remembrance of an ancient lost city and it's fallen king. I am forced to admit I feel rather underdressed given the formality of your uniform." she added quietly, her free hand absently smoothing out the pale silken fabric of her long, loosely fitted dress.


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[SIZE=12pt]There was a roaring fire that was almost hypnotic in the late evening. Adron was sitting just close enough to feel the heat emitting from the fire pit. He watched as the locals worked to keep the raging pit ablaze, the fuel for the feast that they had prepared. Not having much of an appetite, Adron decided against getting something to eat. However, when one of the natives offered him a mug of their finest, well who was he to insult such a gesture? [/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]He drank from the mug, licking his lips and taking in the almost wheat-like flavor that came from the beer he had been given. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]The drink was good, perhaps a bit light for the occasion, however with the hot fire raging beside him he could appreciate the lighter drink. Setting the mug down, Adron’s eyes took to those surrounding the fire. He could see a few he recognized in passing, but no one to cause him to strike conversation, he'd rather stay to his drink for now. [/SIZE]

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She didn't care for the drinking or the celebrations. Cyprine had little to celebrate. Though she had found the family gone from their home, she missed their parents, their sister left behind and Eshan. There was order, rules; life made sense on Eshan. Here, it hadn't that much. There was an odd freedom to these people, one Cyprine didn't comprehend nor did she allow herself to. She was a soldier and she was Echani. There was much she didn't comprehend about life beyond Eshan still and if life had been according to plan and order, she never would have had to learn. Cyprine was fine with that, it was the life she had wanted. Close to home, doing her duty. She had even had every intention of remaining in the military. Life had other plans though and here so was, on a planet she didn't know.

Cyprine didn't remain at the bonfire though, wandering towards the ruins. She knew [member="Srina Talon"] wasn't too far but she'd wandered off, knowing full well a Talon could find her if they wanted her near them but for now, she didn't mind the solitude. She'd been living it since she'd left Eshan. It gave Cyprine time to her own thoughts, putting them together; something she should have done before she'd been forced on her exile but then, Prin wouldn't be who she was.


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The Overlord reached out with a hand, taloned fingers gently coming to rest on the young woman's shoulders. "Forgive me," he said, his tone apologetic. "I did not mean to make you uncomfortable. For me, such celebrations and casual merriment, are a rare thing that I am unused to," the warlord spoke, explaining the reason for his formal attire, which stood out in contrast to what most guests were wearing.

"I am a man used to working hard and the nature and circumstances of the Shrouded Republic mean that, for its head of state, work never ceases," he said, his hand dropping to his side, once more coming to rest on the hilt of his longsword. "But that isn't such a bad thing and I most certainly do not regret it. I find myself deriving pleasure and satisfaction in a job well done."

Even as he conversed with the lovely young lady by the fire, his sharp senses kept watch over the assembled crowd. So, when a new guest arrived, his eyes immediately snapped towards him and his expression visibly darkened, even as his clawed hand clenched tightly around the hilt of his sword, a seething hatred burning in his golden eyes.

One word escaped his lips and it was spoken with such malice that, if words could kill, the new guest would now be screaming and writhing on the ground, as he drew his last breaths towards what would be a very slow and painful death. "Malvern."

However much he would enjoy to tear his old rival apart with his bare hands, this was not the time or place for it. It wouldn't reflect well on the Confederacy if the guests started murdering eachother during what was supposed to be a celebration of life. Duty always came first for Tacitus, so with a heavy sigh, he turned his attention back to the young woman even as he downed the contents of his glass in a single drink.

"Would it be fine by you if we go somewhere else?" he asked, his mood sour, anger mixed in with disgust in his tone. He had no particular destination in mind, anywhere would be better than to spend one more second in the company of his second most hated enemy, so he would be fine with whatever spot Amethyst would pick. "I find our present venue soiled by the presence of a worm."
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As the wold approached and changed forms, Rylan looked at his bottle with a little bit of a raised brow, knowing damn well he hadn't drank that much, so his only other assumption was that his woman was one of the skin-shifters he had heard rumors about through the centuries. Following that, he tilted the bottle towards her, "You're fine, can be easy to lose your senses out here, there's a lot of death here. Can feel it in the earth." his words where dry and pretty much the truth of the matter, at least in his own head. "I'm Rylan." he realized he had forgotten to be kind enough of to offer his name in reply.

"So what brings one like yourself all the way out here?" maybe idle chitchat would do him some good, considering how he rarely ever dealt with anyone long enough to speak about anything more than the next mission, and the next battle.


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Ame dropped her gaze to the cup in her hands, feeling a warmth steal across her cheeks as his hand rested lightly upon her shoulder. It was accompanied by a soft smile as he spoke, and a faint nod before she lifted her dark eyes to meet his once more. His gaze was fascinating, she mused, losing herself briefly in the golden gaze that reminded her of a feline predator. She freed one hand, resting it briefly atop his before he withdrew it from her shoulder.

"There is nothing to forgive...I find your honesty most refreshing and would hope for it to continue." the young woman replied softly, studying his features as he continued.Though his bearing and countenance were still formal, she would have thought that perhaps, in light of his words, he had elected to allow himself a moment of respite and relaxation. Not that she would dare to presume he would for a moment shirk any of his duties, but perhaps this time and place was enough for just a little bit of it.

"As well you should, of course...but taking a moment to breathe, or a moment to center yourself can only benefit your people as it refreshes and reinvigorates you to act on their behalf." Ame added after a few moments, head canted to the side as she looked up at him.

A bit of movement caught her gaze some scant few moments later, drawing her attention away from her companion to the new arrival finding a spot around the bonfire to warm himself. There was a sense of power there, a semi-sweet taste of darkness akin to a delicate dark chocolate flavored with pink Velusian sea salt. A most curious sensation across the back of her mind as she studied the gentleman's appearance and the figured he offered for observation.

There was something there that Ame simply could not put her finger on without being rude and extending her Force sense to accompany him. Burgeoning as it was, however, it very nearly overwhelmed her when Kainan also caught sight of the newcomer. His reaction was vicious and visceral, and she could feel the bittersweet taste of anger washing across her senses, even as her gaze caught the inferno that threatened within his gaze.

She placed a hand on his wrist, lightly, as concern lit her features, tilted up towards his as they were. "Of course we can. You have but to ask." Ame replied softly. With infinite care, she took the cup from his hand and along with her own, placed them on a nearby table before returning to his side. Placing a hand in the crook of his elbow, she stood perhaps slightly closer than she should have.

"Might I be so bold as to ask for the pleasure of your company on a walk, my lord? The lakeshore is particularly peaceful and quiet, and would provide distance from such an unsavory element." The young woman inclined her head, indicating the path along the water's edge, steps carrying them both forward.