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Warrior on the Run
(( Social Information ))

NAME: Cyprine Talon (of House Vail)
SEXUALITY: Speciosexual
CITIZENSHIP: Six Sisters Planets

(( Affiliation & Force Information ))

Confederacy of Independent Systems
RANK: Knight

(( Physical Information ))

AGE: Early twenties
HEIGHT: 5’4’’ (165 cm)
WEIGHT: 127 lbs (58 kg)
EYE COLOR: Silver-Blue
HAIR COLOR: White/Golden hue in some lights
VOICE SAMPLE: Holliday Grainger

P h y s i c a l A p p e a r a n c e

Cyprine stands at 5’4’’ and seemingly weighs just under what would be expected. She doesn’t quite have the strength to match Echani males but she makes up for it with a good agility and speed, with fluid movements which have served her well through various close combat situations, especially combined with her small frame. As an Echani, she is graced with white hair but for unknown reasons, it shows off a golden hue under certain lights while her eyes match that of her family, silver colored with a slight blue tone to it. Her fashion style varies depending on the situation. She is capable of adorning colorful lavish dresses if required of her, and yet, she will easily slip to more comfortable clothes that provide her movement in combat which are usually less colorful and would help her blend in with ease.

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Warrior on the Run
P e r s o n a l i t y

She was a fighter before she was a woman, a fighter before she became an adult. She is proud and brave, in some regards even dangerously so. Both of these traits can cloud her judgement to the point where she may act without thinking things through. Harming her family in anyway would be the first and foremost reason why she would act in that way. Taking away cause for irrational behavior, she possesses a logical and tactical mind, capable of planning her actions to the very movement of her fingertips in her goal to achieve perfection in all things. Like all her siblings, she was raised to endure, to be strong and mindful of both her words and in the way she fought her battles.

Cypine found her military career among the Warriors, a forward observer, which would later serve her well enough to survive being placed in the lion’s den and surviving a battle against Dalantus Vectius Eägon, the man who had sought to marry her older sister and absorb House Vail into his own. Her irrational behavior had nearly brought a disgrace yet it had served to give her a life-long enemy in the man.

Like other women of her family, she’s always been protective of them, especially their father and brother. And like others in her family, she’d began training in Echani martial arts. In her heart, she’s a proud warrior and one loyal and protective of her family. Another interest fact about Cyprine is her orientation. She’s never come to care for an individual due to his or her looks. She’s incapable of attraction in that way. It’s specific traits that will attract her, no matter their gender or species. Primarily, that is strength, logical mind, strategic thinking or being able to endure through the impossible.

(( Relationships ))
PARENTS: Raihne Talon (Echani Diplomat), Aeris Talon (Artist & Ceremonial Trainer)
SIBLINGS: Valina Talon, [member="Srina Talon"], [member="Nysana Talon"], Viluy Talon, [member="Var Talon"]
ENEMIES: Dalantus Vectius Eägon

(+) Warrior: Member of a proud warrior race, Cyprine was raised and trained in those very traditions. She may not have the strength of men but she had the speed of an agile and gifted woman.
(+) Protector: Fiercely loyal and protective of her family, Prin would stop at nothing to protect her blood to the point where it makes her irrational and untactical, which had almost cost her her life when her older sister had been harmed.
(+) Trainer: Similarly to her Mother, Cyprine has a natural affinity towards teaching others, capable passing knowledge and skills with a patience and focus becoming of a teacher.
(+) Languages: Galactic Basic, Echani
(+) Other Skills: Espionage, Close Combat, Long range markswoman, Diplomacy, Ceremonial Training
(-) Irrational: There are situations where Cyprine loses her focus to the point where she becomes irrational and reckless, a prime example her near wedding to Dalantus Vectius Eägon where her inability to think logically and tactally as she is capable of made her lose sight of important elements in order to execute her plan right, nearly costing her her own life.
(-) Perfectionist: By nature, Echani suffer from needing to be perfect in any action which is taken to extreme as many other traits. Prin is capable of withstanding longer, enduring longer, refusing herself rest in order to achieve a goal she has set out to do.
(-) Echani Overtone: At risk of depression, severe headaches, blurry vision, palpitations and even blood clots and brain hemorrhaging, Prin must always make sure she properly uses her voice.

Warrior on the Run
K n o w l e d g e o f t h e F o r c e


[Knight] Enhanced Alter Image
[Knight] Enhanced Telekinesis
[Knight] Force Cloak
[Apprentice] Basic Alter Image
[Apprentice] Basic Telekinesis
[Apprentice] Enhance Ability
[Apprentice] Force Sense
[Apprentice] Telepathy

(( Training Information )):
MASTERS: Aeris Talon, TBA
MENTORS: Raihne Talon, Valina Talon, TBA

Warrior on the Run
H i s t o r y

She came into this galaxy as the fourth child of her parents, born to the House of Vail, to Raihne and Aeris Talon. A Diplomat father and a Mother with a military background but who devoted her life to being an Artist and Ceremonial Trainer long before Cyprine had arrived into the world. A proud and strong nation of warriors, their upbringing of their fourth child was no different. She was taught to fight early but to excel at it to the point of art.

Cyprine was as innocent as any child when she was little. She was curious and loved to steal cookies from the kitchen. Not so much because she loved to eat them but because she saw the adventure in not getting caught. She would more often than not, her parents knew her well enough. She loved spending time with her siblings and spar with them and she loved music.

At the age of twelve, she underwent through her Varra khat. She had passed through her Nyat koróna, going through her endurance test. She had passed her Chal, going through medication for a full twelve hours. She had passed her first test, Donna Naior, engaging in a dance fight with her Father before the entire family had sat down for Telcta Chai, a family feast. Cyprine was a warrior, with the grace of a woman she would become and strong and capable of any Echani. Then she had gone into the Military, a Watcher among them. She was good at survival and as time grew, she became even better at espionage. It was oddly fulfilling for her, even as she continued to train intently because of their culture.

However, that was not the future she had intended on having. No, Cyprine also had aspirations to follow in her Mother’s footsteps in time.

Meanwhile, everything was changing at home. With her sister’s reputation building, she had caught the attention of another house and while Cyprine was away still, emissaries came home to ask for Srina’s hand in marriage. She had no choice but to accept. As Prin came home to her family, hostilities were already rising. Valina, even as fragile as she had been, had offered to take Srina’s place when in fact she couldn’t have. Cyprine only observed as it unfolded, witnessing Srina’s escape one night which she didn’t mention to anyone, letting her go. To a point, she could understand her resistance to the proposal, not even she would be willing to commit in such a way. She let her go. With her service still active, she returned to active duty. When she returned home again, it was after Tellu had been hurt.

Cyprine had been enraged and irrational at the sight of her sister. Whereas she had only understood her sister’s decision to leave them before, she began to hate House Eägon for what they had done. In a fit of rage and yet with a focused mind, Cyprine wrote a handwritten letter to House Eägon as if she was Srina, agreeing to the marriage and asking for the hostilities to end. Not because it was true but because she had planned on avenging Tellu. For a time, it had worked. A fragile peace had formed as she received a response to the chosen date. Her parents had been displeased with her for doing what she had done. They tried to discourage her but Cyprine had no intention of taking Srina’s place, not really, she only wished to avenge her sister. Because of her revenge, she had even gone on to resign her position from the military.

On the morning of the wedding, she had prepared, hiding under a heavy veil. They were sisters though not fully identical since Prin had gone more after her paternal family, it had still worked for a time. The ceremony hadn’t gone though. It seemed House Eägon had spies that informed them Srina wasn’t back on Eshan at all. As his warriors surrounded her, Cyprine evoked the Aeta Ignias, challenging Dalantus Vectius Eägon to an honor duel. Bound by his honor, he had no choice but to respect it and the two engaged in a combat with strict rules. He was strong and fierce, acclaimed by his skills. Cyprine was fast though in her movements, the only thing that had saved her that day as they fought. They had wounded each other. Cyprine was left with a massive scar on the side of her abdomen while she had cut through thigh, making it near equally hard for him to continue. She’d made a mistake in her rage though, attempting to strike him down while he was down. It would have broken the strictest of rules of Aeta Ignias and she barely made it out alive as his warriors sought to protect him.

Cyprine had barely made it into her family home where her Mother had been able to provide only a small remedy for her pain before both of her parents had agreed she had to run. In a split second of irrational thinking, her future of Eshan had ended and Prin had been forced to run away, far away from Eshan. Dalantus wanted her head now too. Prin had tried to argue, it left her family even more unprotected, as they lost yet another fighter at their side against a greedy monster. Convinced though, she had run, vowing to return someday to restore her honor and end house Eägon.

Now, Cyprine had sought to find the family already gone…

Warrior on the Run
T h r e a d T r a c k e r

A WARRIOR ON THE RUN // Confederacy of Independent Systems // Apprentice
  • There's no place like Home {CIS Dominion of Orcus; Cyprine reaches through the Force to her siblings having been unable to find them otherwise}
  • Fireflies {CIS Dominon of Ascension; Cyprine attends the Bonfire party but wanders off to the ruins, not eager to spend her time in the crowds}
  • A Place of Healing {Faction Thread; On Monastery, CIS welcomed the wounded and lost of the Galactic Alliance, following the events of Endgame}
  • Wrath of the Machine {CIS Dominion of Enos; Cyprine accompanies Srina and Tellu into battle against the machines and artificial intelligence}
HOMECOMING // Confederacy of Independent Systems // Apprentice
  • Exodus Crash: A New Dawn {Faction Thread; After the battle of Eshan, Cyprine remains to help the wounded on her world}