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Unreviewed Elysium Empire Navy Marine Corps

FCDR Burtch

Prisoner/initiate of the Elysium Empire
Troops in their standard issue armor


Officers Helmets


  • Intent: To create an Marine Corps for the Elysium Empire Navy
  • Image Credit: (X) (X)
  • Permissions: (X)
  • Links: RP: A Soaring Investment

  • Army Name: Elysium Empire Navy Marine Corps
  • Classification: Naval Marine Corps
  • Affiliation: Elysium Empire
  • Army Symbol: No special symbols are assigned as of yet, but all marines bear the Crest Of The Purple Lion on their shoulders
  • Description: The Elysium Marines are the cream of the crop amongst infantrymen in the Elysium Empire. They are considered a branch of the navy as opposed to the army and are tasked with protecting the fleet. Their armour comes in a wide variety of colours and camouflages as needed, but they all bear the crest of the Purple Lion on their shoulders. Officers have a different helmet that is hard to distinguish from regular helmets at a distance, but easy to distinguish up close.

  • Headquarters: HMS Utopia
  • Goals: Elysium Marine Corps is trained to fight as an elite unit in all environments. Particularly, however, marines are specialized in zero-to-low “g”s combat and fighting inside spaceship corridors. They are trained to use their jetpacks efficiently and are particular about fuel consumption so that they don’t get stranded. When in between engagements, Elysium Marine Corps Officers struggle to keep their troops from causing mischief. Given their considerable training and dedication to the Elysium Empire, they carry themselves with pride and can be a little arrogant from time to time.
  • Reputation: Known for being fiercely loyal to the Elysium Navy. Deadly and well trained. When idle in between engagements, they train to maintain their combat effectiveness, but are also known to cause shenanigans when left alone for too long. When they are on the battlefield, they are deadly, but are also considered to be the “Fun guys” to fight beside.
    • Also they have jet packs. ‘Nuff said.

  • Army Size: Medium
  • Unit Availability: Uncommon
  • Unit Experience: Trained (highly)
  • Equipment:
  • Composition: Marines (typically) are assigned to ships according to the size of that ship. Units of varying sizes are also stationed off ships in various postings as needed.
    • Corvettes: 20 - 50 marines
    • Frigates: 50 - 100 marines
    • Cruisers: 100 - 500 marines
    • Star Destroyers: 500 - 2000 marines
    • Battlecruisers: 2000 - 10,000 marines
    • Super Star Destroyers: 10,000 - 50,000 marines

Entirely unnamed NPCs for now. Open for PC members as requested.

The Elysium Marine Corps was created to provide protection for the Elysium Fleet at the recommendation of Admiral Keatoch. Force Commander Burtch assisted in the creation of this division by investing in MandalArms projects to create exclusive products for the Elysium Marine Corps.
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