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  1. Commodore Burtch

    Approved Lore Elysium Empire Navy Marine Corps

    Troops in their standard issue armor Officers Helmets OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create an Marine Corps for the Elysium Empire Navy Image Credit: (X) (X) Permissions: (X) Links: RP: A Soaring Investment GENERAL INFORMATION Army Name: Elysium Empire Navy Marine Corps...
  2. Commodore Burtch

    Codex Denied please delete and review the lore submission instead thx

    Troops in their standard issue armor Officers Helmets OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create an Marine Corps for the Elysium Empire Image Credit: (X) (X) Role: Marine Corps that Answers To The Elysium Empire Navy and Protects The Fleet Permissions: (X) Links: RP: A Soaring...
  3. Commodore Burtch

    Approved Tech Mk 1 Elysium Navy Marine Armor

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Create standard issue vacuum sealed armor for Elysium Empire Navy Marine Corps Image Source: (X) Canon Link: N/A Permissions: (X) Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: MandalArms Affiliation: Elysium Empire Marine Corps Market Status...
  4. Darth Vird

    Sith Imperium Military | Navy

    The Sith Imperium Navy The Imperium Navy is based around Power Projection and is primarily based around the fear of orbital bombardment and adopts the Galactic Empires approach to space warfare. Chain of Command The Emperor is at the head of the Imperiums Navy and is the Commander-in-Chief of...
  5. Jason Breaker

    Approved Lore 1st Task Force - CIS Navy

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a Fleet for use by Jason Breaker affiliated with the Confederacy of Independent Systems to protect planets and innocent worlds from destruction. Image Credit: x Permissions: Affiliation with CIS. Links: SC-013 "Lucrehulk III" Class Super Carrier...
  6. Isla Draellix

    Approved NPC Ashlan Marines

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Making this to provide a combat unit for use in boarding, anti-boarding and other fleet activities. Image Credit:Artstation Role: Infantry complement for Ashlan Navy Permissions: Links: GENERAL INFORMATION Unit Name: Ashlan Marines Affiliation: Isla...
  7. N

    New Codru Systems Navy

    Stationed on Codru Secundus the NCSN is tasked with defence of the New Codru and neighbouring systems. Patrolling local trade lanes and otherwise carrying out the wishes of the Planetary Leadership. The position of High Admiral of the NCSN is held by the heriditary ruler of Codru Secundus and...
  8. Darth Voyance

    Jenakaar-Class Star Destroyer [WSD-I/WotS]

    JENAKAAR-CLASS WARLORDS STAR DESTROYER (WSD-I) OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To produce a Mass Production Ship-of-the-Line for the Warlords of the Sith Armada Fleets Image Source: 1 2 3 Canon Link: Harrower Class Dreadnought Resurgent Class Star Destroyer Permissions: N/A...
  9. Corellian Confederation

    Corellian Confederation

    THE CORELLIAN CONFEDERATION "Between war and peace, no being should just consider the former. No being must jeopardize the latter. Now, we - those alone in the void - come together once more. We unite our stars, our waters and our lands. Under Corellia we protect our peace. Under Corellia we...
  10. O

    Character Commodore Olaris Extruct of the Ebon Vulture - [WIP]

    Commodore Olaris Extruct NAME: Olaris Extruct FACTION: The New Imperial Order [New Imperial Armada] RANK: Commodore SPECIES: Dashade AGE: ~20s~ SEX: Male HEIGHT: ~6'0~ WEIGHT: ~200 Pounds~ EYES: Crimson Red HAIR: NA SKIN: Dulled Grey HOMELAND: Vjun FORCE SENSITIVE: No...
  11. Ulkahall Svaraghaun

    Approved NPC New Imperial Maritime Division

    New Imperial Maritime Division "Imperial determinism and native seafaring tradition, that's all the Maritime Division needed to succeed." - Grand Admiral Svaraghaun New Imperial Waveskimmer running wargames. New Imperial Maritime Jack Emblem of the New Imperial Maritime Division OUT...
  12. Z

    Character Crewman Zrotâl Freeman - Naval Gunner

    Crewman Zrotâl Freeman “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.” [Start of Prologue] Authoritarianism is autocannibalizing. The Thilloch family had been in service for the Sith Empire in ages beyond counting. When the first enforcers of...
  13. Cassius Callaesar

    Approved Lore 1st Anaxsi-Imperial Battlefleet

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: to sub the Alliance's naval fleet for the Anaxes Hex. Image Credit: [Image] - Emblem of the Azure Empire, Star Wars Combine Permissions: Republic Engineering Company Permissions | REC Redeemer Permission Nargath Holdings Permissions Links: Azure...

    Factory Denied Omnia-Class General Purpose Frigate

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a general purpose frigate for the Eternal Empire Navy. Image Source: https://cdnb.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/002/585/309/large/daniel-graffenberger-space-ship-01-concept.jpg?1463401537 Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: N/A...
  15. Mitth'rae'leios

    A Provisionary Cultivation

    The Galactic Empire. The Galactic Alliance. The First Order. As he rattled off each in his mind, one by one with a notation of each of their accomplishments, each one, followed by a vast variety of much lesser powers, began to form a consistency at the forefront of his mind. While it had been...
  16. Gideon Vandeleur

    Combined Fleet Forces

  17. J

    Jenica Belos

    ~Pictured at the academy~ NAME: Jenica Belos ALIAS/NICKNAME: Jen, Stargazer FACTION/DIVISION: GADF; formerly Corellian Confederation/Corellian Defense Force BRANCH OF SERVICE Navy RANK: Junior Fleet Officer - 2LT upon graduation from the Gilad Pallaeon Naval Academy AGE: Early twenties...
  18. Ruus

    Concord Dawn , Maritime Command Vessel

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a amphibious but mostly ocean going vessel to act as a mobile base for the Mandalorian Guard of the UCM, specifically for operation by Ruus. Image Source: - Canon Link: - Primary Source: - PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: United Clans of...
  19. Dracken Pryce

    Approved Lore The Soaring First Fleet

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a framework for future taskforces, battlegroups, squadrons, and other NPC units and give an easily referenced Corellian Asset Image Credit: General Santia: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/3/3/fully-operational-1/ Vice Admiral Saren...
  20. Mauda

    EIN-PFF "Void's Fist"

    OOC INFO Intent: Provide The Emergence Navy with a Flagship Fleet Image Credit: None Links: The Emergence Empire Skism Prime Admiral Voss ESD/3 "Obsidian" Skism-Class ESD/3 Saevus-Class EHC/4 Gerulus-Class ESC-01 GENERAL INFO Fleet Name: EIN-PFF "Void's Fist" Classification: Flagship...