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Approved Tech Katitik Hive Personal Shield

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Cruk Tuk


  • Manufacturer: Katitik Hive Industry
  • Affiliation: Katitik Hive, Elysium Empire
  • Market Status: Closed-Market
  • Model: Katitik hive Personal Energy Shield
  • Modularity: Some slight size changing for the shield for the sake of fitting multiple types of species
  • Production: Minor
  • Material: Plastoid casing around most of the system.
  • Classification: Multipurpose
  • Weight: Light
  • Resistances:
    • Energy: High
    • Kinetic: High
    • Lightsabers: Average
    • EMP: Low (shields itself more than the user or their equipment)
    • ION: Average
    • Cold: None
    • Stagnant Water: None (Will not protect against anything stepped on directly, and is itself vulnerable to much water getting to the wiring. Submersion or long contact can cause damage when activated. If deactivated would require drying before use.)
    • Environmental Heat: Low
    • Sound: Low
    • Radiation: Very low
  • The personal shield works well against most weapons and provides a good defense against standard weapons found in battle. It is easily carried and can be attached to ones belt, preferably at the center of the back or front center. It can be altered slightly to adjust for the size of the user.
  • Designed to be able to have two rechargeable batteries easily interchangeable for longer use in battle, when one runs out it’ll swap to the next.
  • Good against most weapons.
  • More easily recharged and kept going than most personal shields which tend to use a single battery. The individual batteries are shorter but are more easily replaced during a fight.
  • Provides some protection from ION weapons.
  • Less easily deactivated by an EMP
  • The shielding does little to protect the wearer from the elements.
  • The package is vulnerable to contact with water.
  • Although slightly resistant to EMPs and ION weaponry, close or strong EMP’s could still deactivate it. And any ion hit while its not active will likely break it.
  • Does not protect the user much from EMP’s
  • The package itself isn’t extremely durable. It can survive most wear and tear but a proper hit could break its exterior or dent a battery.
The Katitik personal shield is not the most advanced but is a fairly reliable model which was mainly designed to be more easily replenished on the battlefield due to the battery system set up allowing one to swap in new power without deactivating the shield. Though this does have a reduction of overall time for each battery it can result in a longer period in total, at the cost of more attention.
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Cruk Tuk

One issue.

Link is broken, please fix.

Also the Stagnant Water while I would argue not to...I like it if it fries your electronics, I approve.

Let me know when you fix this.
Cruk Tuk Cruk Tuk
I believe I fixed the link. Must have copied from an old sub or something.

Also I did add that submersion or long contact causes damage while activated like most electronics, and that if deactivated it'd have to be dried first. I hope that's ok, I can make it so that it just damages it regardless but thought this might fit better.
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