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Bounty Dryre Redwave and Renn Garrick


Saint of Order
Name of Bounty: Dyre Redwave Dyre Redwave Renn Garrick Renn Garrick
Name of Contractor: Wardens of the Light
Bounty Price:

  • Dyre Redwave - One custom item made of Bounty Hunters choice.
  • Renn Garrick - One custom Item made of Bounty Hunters choice.
  • Dyre Redwave - Breathing. Any condition is considered acceptable.
  • Renn Garrick - Breathing. Any condition is considered acceptable.
Exclusivity: Open Season.
Additional Info:
The Wardens of the Light serve as protectors over the Planet of Weik. A planet that is currently in a colonial era, and is not up to the Galactic Standards in Technology. As the Wardens cannot locate these two individuals and the teams that have been spotted abducting planetary residents, Killing Jedi, and slave trafficking,

Please contact the Wardens for any questions or concerns over the bounty.

Hand of Vengeance

NPC Narrator
Aight Kaleleon Kaleleon , Dyre Redwave is a member of the Directorate and given that bounties have been placed on it's intelligence agency and it's top commanders we will not tolerate any other bounty on one of our own. So I Suggest you take this down before things get messy with your Wardens of the Light.
A Picture in Motion
The only possible way for people to capitalise on this bounty is if you have that little red triangle in the top left corner of your profile picture enabled (and even then only in public threads). If you don't want anyone pursuing you or your friend just keep it toggled off and no one should be able to get to you unless you want them to. You're pretty set when it comes to the rules in that regard, no need to suspend your personal or faction storylines!

Dyre Redwave Dyre Redwave

Srina Talon

Keep it civil.

No one can force a member to write with anyone they do not wish to. If you don't want to participate in a bounty? Don't. Ignore the posts and go your own separate ways. Anyone can have a bounty placed on them whether they have the toggle or not, however, the toggle shows that the target has a willingness to be hunted in threads they are in unless they are marked private. The bounty toggle information can be found here.