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Dressed to Kill - SJO Dominion of the Umbara Hex

The Golden Rule

Objective #1: Umbara - The Black Wedding

Umbara, the Shadow World, is [SIZE=11pt]caught[/SIZE] in a state of great upheaval. Within the highest ranks of Umbaran society exists a small but growing number of social reformers seeking to relax the rules of the intricate caste system that has governed their civilization for millennia.

The Reformists argue that the caste system has become needlessly complex to the point of becoming a detriment to progress, current conditions favoring entrenched groups putting up more obstacles to stave off competition. Ultimately, increasing level of social stratification
[SIZE=11pt]is[/SIZE] leading to greater levels of economic disparity and stagnation across all areas of society.

Meanwhile, Conservative critics of the Reformers argue that they ultimately aim to dissolve the caste system completely, which would destroy the entire social fabric of Umbara. The systems had worked fine since its inception, the competitive environment promoting both stability and innovation as most Umbarans each vie for advancement. The current caste system is but a more refined version of the Great Game played across the galaxy - at least anyone within the Umbaran caste system can rise through the ranks regardless of their starting social stature. Some Conservatives argue that the Reformist movement is just a ploy for its leader, Foreign Minister Myyse Farani, to amass ever greater power within the [SIZE=11pt]Rootai[/SIZE].

These two factions struggle against each other, openly debating and spewing propaganda in public, while conducting a [SIZE=11pt]dirty[/SIZE] campaign of subterfuge and violence in the shadows.

As part of the latest chapter of the power struggle, Farani has arranged to marry another prominent member of the [SIZE=11pt]Rootai[/SIZE], Lord Tym Lavar. Their union would help tip the balance of power in favor of the Reformists.

Dignitaries and VIPs from neighboring systems and Silver Space are invited to attend the wedding. However, behind the scenes, the SJO is called in to help bolster security against any assassination attempts and ensure that the wedding goes off without a hitch.

(Silvers can report to the security chief for a quick briefing, then they’ll be let out on the floor. Assassins are to report to a safe house within the capital, the initial meeting set a couple days before current events. The contact for the assassins is known as Lynch.)

Objective #2: Atoa - Ghost Hunters

Join Suna Gallia, Atoan High Priestess, on a mission to a mine that was recently re-opened. The mining company has been reporting the presence of mysterious and ominous energy at the site. In addition to strange occurrences, the workers seem to be suffering from fatigue, anxiety, and an overwhelming sense of dread. There have also been several accounts of miners spotting shadowy figures in and around the mine. The High Priestess has come to the conclusion that this area needs to be cleansed and has asked the Silver Jedi to [SIZE=11pt]come[/SIZE] to investigate and assist.

Objective #3: Ghost Nebula - The Void Wings

In the wake of the collapse of the Galactic Alliance, piracy is now at an all-time in the inner regions of the galaxy. One particularly troublesome group are the Void Wings, who are suspected to be using the Ghost Nebula as one of their staging areas for their incursions into the Core.

Patrol elements from the Silver Spacy and ISAF are deployed to root out any pirates operating in the space, with the ultimate goal of destroying their base of operations within the region.

(I'll be DMing the Void Wings, but if anyone would like to DM stuff too, then have at it. Feel free to employ various strategies to get a fix on the location(s) of the pirates within the nebula, from the use of recon craft to interdictor groups.)

BYOO: As always, if you don't see something that you like, then do your own thing. Umbara and Atoa are both ripe for development, the former possessing some of the most advanced technology in the galaxy, while the latter is rich in mineral deposits.

(Special to Vee for helping with the
[SIZE=11pt]write-up[/SIZE] and providing the banner. <3)
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Objective: Ghost hunters
Location: Mining facility, Atoa
Allies: SJO

Priestess Gallia stood at the entrance of the mine, the icy rock formations stood tall behind her. Silhouetted in the mouth of the cave, she did not dare venture further until her party members arrived. She had requested assisted from the Silver Jedi in order to investigate the strange happenings here at the mine. It was a site that had long been abandoned, only recently re-opened. And it wasn’t long after that the mining company reported a number of unsettling events. Even just standing here, the Priestess could feel the unrest – this place was home to something very paranormal.

The weather today was nothing short of frigid, quite the norm for Atoa. The Priestess hoped that the Silver Jedi dressed appropriately. She herself was in a set of heavy woolen robes topped off with a thick cloak to combat the cold.

As she waited, she tried to keep her mind quiet. But, it was very difficult to focus here. An empath, the Priestess felt the tug at the back of her thoughts – there was such anger. A gloved hand reached up to clutch the front of her cloak and hold it closed, but something told her that the chill she felt had little to do with the weather. It was a shiver that was bone-chilling; it cut through the layers of her outfit with ease. Turning slightly, she glanced over her shoulder and into the deep tunnel that stretched down into the mine. There were whispered words on the wind, but they seemed beyond her grasp.

Suna could also not ignore the fact that it felt like there were eyes upon her, but the site was empty today, per her own request.

Returning her gaze to the snow-covered landing pad, she hoped the Jedi would arrive soon.

Dajara Boshtet

The Jedi Nightlight
Post 1

[member="Suna Gallia"]

The landing pad some something she had fun with standing there when the ship came down. Her skin glowed softly... bright on the dark world as finally there was a reason for the jedi nightlight as her one master Karen had caled her to exist. Dajara touched her white robes, a saber on her hip and lightly stepped on pointed toes. Light, quiet and illuminating for the jedi around her the entire area. She bowed her head towards the woman and they were going to see a priestess... should be interesting to listen to their perspective in the long run. "Hello, I am jedi Boshtet." Dajara was walking down clasping her hands in front of herself.
Jedi Hotelier
Objective: The Ghost Wings
Location: Coruscant -> Ghost Nebula
Allies: SJ
Enemies: Pirates

"Hotelier, in two hours we shall be home"

"Let's pray we are not in pirates' crosshairs: these refugees have been through so much on Coruscant and now they would be facing pirates? We have to buy the refugees some time if it came to that"

Coruscant was... bittersweet. The Sith attacked the planet, causing devastation all over the place, but what people the Silvers did manage to save were, in fact, not fired at by the Sithies. She was preparing to make the journey home to Kashyyyk, but the route took them through the Ghost Nebula, where the naval patrols of the Silvers would be hopefully going, in an attempt to get to the refugees safely into Silver space. Of course, while in hyperspace flight, the failsafes prevented the bomblet generators from being activated; she then had to endure a 20-second charge time before she could actually fire it. In a dive-bomb, no less. Why is it that my convoy of refugees had to go through that route? Why didn't they take the alternate routes? I get that it's better not to get all refugees in the same convoy, but on the first stop I had to change the craft from the shuttle to the Chiloon-III I was using to get there, she thought, not suspecting that the convoy in question would soon be under attack, even though she had to be ready to get battle-ready as quickly as possible as soon as she drops out of hyperspace.



Objective: Who you gunna call?! GhostBusters!!!
Location: Atoa
Allies: [member="Dajara Boshtet"] | [member="Suna Gallia"]

Yuroic chose to do a mission that mentioned ghosts. Force Ghosts were a very real, abeit rare occurence, and few Force Ghosts acted in a haunting or endangering way. He was intrigued about what was causing these disturbances. Atoa was mentioned to be a frigid planet, an environment he was comfortable with, he had gotten use to colder weathers as well as hotter climates over the years of exploration. Donning a set of thick woollen robes and a thicker cloak, he wandered from the warm indoors to the exterior to reach the destination. It was cold but he was thankful for the thick clothing he had chosen to wear, made the weather bareable. Stepping towards the mine, he could sense the fear that the miners and others felt towards the mine. He knew that these people needed to be reassured that it was safe to do their job.

Noting there was a Jedi already with the High Priestess, Yuroic gave both women a bow. He did not recognise either but that didn't faze him. "I am Yuroic Xeraic, I work with the Silver Jedi Order. I heard you have a ghost problem? Please tell us all you know, when did it start and where is this ghost most prevelant?" His mind was already attempting to solve the puzzle of this mystery, could it be someone who wants the mine to fall? Or someone seeking to harm the High Priestess by drawing her out to this remote location. There were many ideas, some more plausible than others.


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Bring Your Own Objective Presents
[ Atoa ] [ The Village of Paluk'au ] [ Post 1 ]
Jedi Knights got to go to all sorts of places.

But Atoa was definitely the best-est place, sort of Midvinter. Kashyyyk was all kinds of outdoors-y, which the Beorni really liked, except it was way too hot. By comparison, Atoa's arctic plains were just the right temperature. A frozen fjord and tundra just like the Beorni islands back home.

As a result, the youngling had left his collar back on the Silver Jedi transport ship. The Sasori device aided in managing Tapas, which any Beorni required to subsist in ordinary human temperatures, but here the cub could roam around happy and free.

Or not roam. Not roaming was good, too.

The fur-covered youngling was laying down on the ice, his muzzle buried in a snow drift and flecks of white frost coating his already alpine hide. Soft, round ears flickered ever so slightly. His puffball tail twitched happily. The boy would stretch his paws out, as though contemplating moving, only to collapse back with a contented sigh.

The Atoans had an oral tradition that was still alive today. Near where the Beorni lay in the snow, younglings were gathered around a bonfire where an old woman told stories of their heroes and history.

It was in the Atoan language, so he didn't understand it. But he didn't need to. He could just close his eyes and let his imagination carry him away to a time of myth and legends. It was much like the stories told across Midvinter, children gathered around the fire to hear their elders tell the tales of their village...

...he felt cold.

The boy's head came up, ears perked up atop his head as the shiver ran through his body. It was a moment before he could process and give a name to the sensation. It wasn't often that Kiriko felt cold.

Except, this wasn't temperature cold.

It was... the Force? Could the Force feel cold? How would that even work?

Rolling to one side, the young Beorni got his paws underneath him. Rising up on all fours, the small bear gave a shake that started at his shoulders and worked its way down his spine to his butt, snow falling out of his fur as he shook it out. Then, trotting back toward the rustic hut where he was being boarded for the night, the bear slipped inside.

The red cape lay over what might have been described as a large dog bed. Poking at the cape with his nose, the cub sat back on his haunches and asked, "Namie, do you feel that?"

Kiriko had discovered the cape in a box within a temple on Calacta. And, along with it, an imaginary friend. Well, other people laughed and said that Namie was imaginary... but Kiriko was pretty sure that he wasn't.

His actual name was Nam'krit, but Kiriko liked Namie better.

That is fear that you sense, young one.

Fear? That didn't sound so bad.

Well, the Jedi made it out to sound bad. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering was the Jedi expression that all younglings learned. Mostly from the holocron of this really old dead guy name Yoga or something. But that didn't help when it was really late and the Beorni woke up needing to go pee and there weren't any nightlights lit, so he had to find his way to the refresher in the dark. That was major scary, but Kiriko had a hard time buying into the idea that his being afraid to go to the refresher in the dark of night was going to lead to catastrophic, planet-wide suffering.

But, why could he feel fear through the Force? "Can the Force be afraid?" the Beorni asked innocently.

The Force surrounds us and penetrates us and binds us all together, young one. What any one of us feels spreads to those around us.

The bear's head tilted back toward the exit of the tent. "So... someone's out there. And they're scared?" the boy rationalized aloud.

As he popped back up onto all four paws, the red cape flew from off the bed to drape itself around the cub's small form.

This looked like a job for...
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Objective: 3 - Void Wings
Location: Ghost Nebula, onboard the Nephilim corvette Faradrim
Post: 1

The Galactic Alliance had fallen.

It had been a very long time since Audren had interacted with any of the Jedi or soldiers from the Alliance, and even back then he'd not interacted much with leadership. It was still a bitter blow though, as the Alliance had - back then, at least - been a driving force for good in that part of the galaxy. His last cooperative act with them had been at Kaeshana in the skirmish against the First Order, one that had ended poorly for the Alliance...and the Eldorai who called the planet home. Even so, he had known people there, ones that he didn't know whether they were even still alive.

Regardless of personal worries, the collapse of the Alliance had signaled the rise of numerous pirate groups throughout the Core. No doubt the Commenor Systems Alliance was dealing with their fair share, but some had started making their way out towards Silver space and the situation was becoming unstable. The Silver Jedi had sent forces into the area to assist.

Audren had volunteered to help with the pirate problem. Part of the complication of dealing with pirates was even if they were smashed hard on a particular raid, they were highly likely to have a nest where they could regroup to strike again elsewhere. Unlike some, the Sephi didn't control a large fleet, nor did either of the companies he controlled. He did, however, have a ship with peculiar abilities: the Faradrim. The vessel was quite literally designed to detect and track a quarry as well as potentially capturing or destroying it. In this particular case, the corvette was parked near the center of reported hits by the pirate group Void Wings. It floated quietly with stealth systems active, watching and listening for the next strike.

The Jedi himself was seated on the bridge, in a seat where he would be least in the way of the crew. It was a small vessel with only four souls aboard, and the other three were already tense enough due to his presence that he didn't want to be in the way. He didn't have to be here; the crew knew their business and could have made use of a fourth person actually trained with the ship. He was of the opinion that the Force could only help in this situation, whereas the others would have to rely solely on technological input. Yet there had been no reverie's yet, mystical or mundane, and for now they waited.

"Game of pazaak while we wait?"
"Little Soldier's Boot"
Objective: 1 - The Black Wedding...hopefully not the Red Wedding...
Location: Security Briefing - Main Floor with the Guests
Post: 1

Assassinations, political struggles, power plays, and weddings! It was as if Charlie had stepped into one of her favorite spy holoflicks. Her youthful mind played out amazing scenarios and gun fights as the bride and groom remained protected. The briefing of the security chief ended and Charlie snapped out of her day dream. She has the jest of the operation and figured it was going to be pretty straight forward with how everything needed to play out.

The padawan moved with the others out into the fray with the wedding guests. A small green light flashed in her ear, she adjusted it to match the frequency they were all talking on for comms, the small device never ceased to amaze her. Private radio chatter echoed in her ear while her good ear listened out as she wandered the crowd. To blend in, the padawan was dressed in a simple cocktail dress with her lightsaber and shatter pistol hidden underneath and against her thigh.

Charlie move through the crowd to try and get a good vantage point. She was short, so staying ground level wasn’t going to be much help with her trying to pick out any suspicious people. She found a area that seemed to be elevated compared to the rest of the room. Standing there, she got a decent layout of the floor and she began to mark possible pathways these possible assassination attempts could take. A hand rested on her chin as she sighed softly, a part of her hoped something happened, but another part of her hoped nothing did.

If it went smooth, she would hopefully get to enjoy a slice of cake.
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[SIZE=9pt]Objective: The Ghost Wings[/SIZE]
[SIZE=9pt]Location: Ghost Nebula[/SIZE]
[SIZE=9pt]Squad: Onyx [member="Aubrey King"][/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]Allyson had forgotten what it was like to be an active soldier. Her time on Kiara forced her to be away from all of this. She gave it up thinking that was what she had wanted. Bastion happened and she knew that even though she was trying to stop it, she was always going to be dragged in. The fall of the GA was something that she knew she should have expected, but to have it happen the way it did, made things a bit harder to swallow. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]The soft ping of her radar snapped her out of her daze. Gloved hands tightened on the yolk of the fighter. She had been wanting to get in side of one of the new Cuervo starfighters ever since she saw them unloaded into the Onyx hanger. It was good thing they were able to get some sim work done with them, the SLAM system was something that was new to the Corellian. Lips curled into a smile as she flew in formation, but when she got the chance the fighter barrel rolled quickly and then fell back into formation. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]The fighter felt so clean and smooth, nothing like an X-Wing. She loved the fighter, but the Cuervo was something else. Reaching forward she pressed a few buttons to get a reminder of what their mission was. Comm text was a wonderful thing and she quickly read it. Leaning into her seat, Allyson wiggled her shoulders a little and winced slightly. She was more sore than she realized after her vacation time. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]Her voice echoed over the comms as she was growing tired of the silence. “So, we know anything more about these pirates beyond the whole - they like to hide in Nebulas that have spooky names?” [/SIZE]

Sigrid Forsberg

Objective: Ghost Hunters
Location: Mine Entrance
With: [member="Yuroic Xeraic"] [member="Dajara Boshtet"] [member="Suna Gallia"]

Sigrid loved serving in the Rangers, giving her the opportunity to explore the galaxy (and prove her mettle against increasingly bizarre and dangerous foes), but what she didn't love was the recent string of assignments to arid and jungle worlds. Without her power armor, she would have had a good chance of dying in such inhospitable environments, but few units were as capable as the Beserkers in dispatching the spawn of the Dark Side.

Atoa. The icy world was much more to the Valkyri's liking, reminding her of home. She could relax - it wouldn't be a death sentence here if her armor malfunctioned.

Her two squads traveled down to the surface of Atoa by gunship, landing near the mine right on the heels of their Jedi counterparts.

"Let's hoof it," she ordered, having already hopped out of her Luna as soon as it had hit the ground. "We can't let the Jedi have all the fun, eh?"

In quick time, 18 Beserkers disembarked from the Luna, every single one a hulking giant of crimson and gunmetal. As per usual, the people they found at the scene were all so tiny, bundled up thick hides and other winter gear.

"General," she called out to Xeriac as she came near, offering the Jedi a respectful nod in lieu of a salute out in the open. "Captain Forsberg from the 1st Battalion of the 29th Mechanized Group."

Their mission was an interesting one, rooting out paranormal activity. It seemed that miners had stirred up something as they had reopened the old site centuries later. Looking around, she noticed how quiet everything was. The miners appeared to have been spooked away by something.
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Objective: 1 The Black Wedding (party time!!)
Location: Umbara: The Wedding
Post: 1

Who didn’t love a wedding? It was a chance for families to get together, for friends to meet and swap stories, for antics and laughter, joy and happiness. At least it usually was, this time though everyone seemed much more subdued, gathered in clumps instead of the steady circulation you might expect from a party like this. Asaraa pressed her lips together, one finger running across the cool surface of the champagne glass in her hand feeling the cool beads of condensation beneath her fingers. This was nothing like the weddings she’d imagined the girl noted with a sigh as she let her blue eyes sweep over the crowd, picking out the patterns in the movements. If you know what you were looking for even a crowd like this had rules, had a pattern you could spot. There were the influential actors all with hanger-on’s gathered around, and then the people drifting between the cells. And between cells, sides, unreserved hostility. The pink-haired one sighed, glancing down at the drink clutched between her hands forlornly. She could already feel a headache coming on and the wedding hadn’t really kicked off yet. The release offered by the champagne was tempting but if anything did happen she needed her wits about her. Pressing her lips together she stared around the room again, picking out the familiar faces seeded through the room, the Silver Jedi present on guard. There were Jedi crawling across the entire system, exploring this and that, she could feel their presence in the back of her head, a familiar touch of the force as she spotted [member="Charlie"] settling up in her vantage point. The corners of her lips quirked up as Asaraa raised the glass in her hands in a silent salute to her friend before going back to watching the crowd.
Me? An Assassin? Nooooo
Objective: The Ghost Wings
Location: Ghost Nebula
Allies: [member="Varindar Asyt"]
Ship: Modern Eta-2 Actis-class interceptor

It was nice to be back in the pilots seat, espiacally after what had happened on Coruscant, such swift action on the Sith part, the brutally death many suffered at their hand... it was enough to make him sick sometimes. How any government after doing 'that' could think it was the best for future generations boggled Tana's mind. Some Sith that his sister had talked to went on about saying how they did not destroy without a purpose, that those they killed where done swiftly and just a unfortunate steeping stone to achieve peace. Next minute his easing Sith rip peoples inside out and spray blood everywhere and murder non-combatants left right and center... yeah to hell with all that talk of peace.

'Come on Tana focus, you have a job to do, no point in getting all muddled up in the past'. at this current time the Jin was piloting his classic refurbished Eta-2 Actis-class interceptor, once more flying along in [member="Varindar Asyt"] squad along with several other pilots as they escorted some people back to Silver Jedi space. Turning on his head set the boy sent a message over to the other Jedi, "so, you think we will run into anything dangerous out here? would not be surpised if there was some secret Sith fleet buzzing around, or raiders". "In these times of was banditry and other piracy seems to be on the rise unfortunately".

Dajara Boshtet

The Jedi Nightlight
[member="Sigrid Forsberg"] [member="Yuroic Xeraic"] [member="Suna Gallia"]

Dajara was looking at the ones who arrived and bowed her head lower. Offering them thanks. A small thigh pack of the soul crystals they had created from the artisan's for exactly this purpose. The sounds of the Vashton slipping out behind her brought her attention around. THey were trained for this. Taking a handle on spirits and capturing them so they had that advantage while the jedi saw one of the ranger's, the local and the other jedi. "We have everything we need yes?" She was curious and looking to get things underway if possible as her skin glowed a little more brightly with excitement. She had a small calp of her hands drawing one of the snare crystals into her palm and holding it. THe other hand bringing up the instructions about how to capture ghosts and spirits with it as it radiated the lightside.
Objective: BYOO
Location: Local Scrivenry

Umbara was once a footnote.

For the sons and daughters of Mandalore, there was no other world before her. It mattered not what ones race was. It mattered not who they were before the Resol'nare. Once a Mandalorian, the planet for which their culture is named became the center of their world. For the Sith, this reality was absolutely true up until recent history. With every regime that claimed lordship over the distant world, fresh bias rippled through the population. Hatred. Old grudges. All aimed towards those of their own who were born gifted. As one of those Force Sensitive "scum", Mandalore would eventually not be home for Darth Metus any longer.

And therefore the planet was no longer the foundation of his life.

Though mighty in many ways, the Sith was very much so a man. To lose such a vital part of his identity...encouraged him to overcorrect. Most Dar'manda simply lived out their exile in peace and quiet. They continued to live as Mandalorians, but just could not return home. But for Darth Metus, the void in his life had to be replaced. At first, he thought of turning to the woman who had adopted him. He thought of Dathomir, of the ways of the Witches which once sheltered him from the wrath of others. But...He recalled a footnote in the story of his life.

He remembered that, despite being raised on Mandalore, he was born somewhere else. That the blood of his first body was mixed between Korun and Umbaran. That his name was Vi'dreya before it was Verd.

And so, whilest an admittedly tense celebration began to unfold upon the distant world, Darth Metus took a trip to Umbara. His presence there was far from an official capacity. He was not there as Vicelord of the Confederacy, nor did he arrive amidst the Dread Fleet. Instead, a single Quill-class Shuttle ferried him and a handful of his own down to the planet's surface. Today, they came as tourists. Curious, ludicrously well dressed, tourists.

Their destination was a center of learning on the planet. It was a conglomerate of a typical, public library, a government-based vital records facility, and bookstore. In essence, if one had a desire to read, all they had to do was visit the local Scrivenry. On paper, the prospect of browsing decades' old records for glimpses at his maternal heritage sounded as boring as a collegiate lecture - but fortunately enough, the Umbarans were not savages. Like any decent bookstore worth a credit, there was a quaint tea shop built right into the facility.

Thus, did Darth Metus stand in line. Two ancient books rested under his arm whilst he squinted at the menu. He could definitely go for his usual - an extra large caf with extra cream, extra sugar, two stimshots, and just a hint of vanilla flavoring - but their tea options were next level as well. Turning, he briefly took his eyes off the dizzying options and asked of his Apprentice and children:

"What sounds good?"

[member="Srina Talon"], [member="Hadashah Vi'dreya"], [member="Anastasia Vi'dreya"]

Aubrey King

Objective: The Void Wings
Location: Ghost Nebula

Aubrey just sighed to herself as she watched Allyson pulled away from the formation now and then to perform her stunts. While she didn't care much for the trick maneuvering personally, she held her tongue because the squadron wasn't doing much at the moment. They had only just entered the Nebula to their assigned area for recon, so she trusted Allyson to tighten up once they got to work.

"Spinning, that's always a good trick," she called out to Allyson. "You may be doing a lot of that today depending on what we scrounge up."

"I don't know much more than you about these pirates," she admitted. "All we have is the mission packet from our briefing. They seem to be well armed with small capital ships and heavily converted YT freighters, but I doubt we'll be facing anything like a real fleet. Once we shine the light on the roaches, they'll scatter."

That was the hope anyway, everyone needed a break after Coruscant, but the wicked never rested.

"Alright, it's time to get going. You all know the drill - we're going to split into two-man ships to spread these HSI buoys around our quadrant."

Aubrey dropped the first buoy, then accelerated forward to break away from the formation before conducting her micro-jump, Allyson expected to follow as her Wingman. The rest of Onyx did the same, and then started to blink out of view in pairs as they entered hyperspace.

[member="Tanaski Yumi"] [member="Varindar Asyt"] [member="Allyson Locke"]


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Bring Your Own Objective Presents
[ Atoa ] [ Arctic Plains ] [ Post 2 ]
Faster than a speeding Loth-cat.

More powerful than a loco mastiff.

Coarse ice kicked from underfoot, as the small cub charged across the tundra. The arctic wind rushing through the cub's white fur as the winds brought a dagger-like cold rushing over the frozen earth where one small Beorni barrelled across an icy no-man's land.

He wasn't fast, and it had taken time to build up momentum, but the young cub had a strong gallop going now. Small, round ears perked as the youngling put his head down and felt the wind in his fur as the cold waters rushed over his paws. Bounding up and down in the snow, the hefty cub made quite a trail in his wake.

Where was he going? He had only a vague feeling, a premonition that he was chasing.

The cub's ears would perk up, the youngling suddenly changing direction as he zig-zagged across the frozen ground.

The red cape furled behind the white cub, at time the sides of the cape would curl against the wind as though showing the cub the way.

Then he saw her.

As the young Beorni was dashing up the side of a snow covered hill, he caught a glimpse of a humanoid form running.

And several shadows giving chase.

Putting his butt down, the small cub applied the brakes to his headstrong lead of motion. Skidding in a seated position, the small cub was spun around in a circle as his body weight - which was substantially more than appearances alone would tend to indicate - brought him to a halt.

Lifting himself up, the snow and ice encrusted Beorni dug his claws into the cold earth as he fought to get some momentum going again, sprinting off in a new direction.

Varik Ice

The Broken King
Minorous Traske

Location: Umbara
Objective: Rescue and Defusal (BYOO)
Crimson wasn't really his colour; he'd been more of an icy blue type most of his life, but Traske had been working lone wolf for a while now, mainly on wetwork and some of the more cynical type of contracts you saw around the galaxy. Now, he was hoping for something a bit more...well, how would Teth have put it? He could never get into that guy's head, and he got the feeling that it was mutual. They had a few things they could agree on, some stuff that they related well enough about. Kind of odd how circumstances worked out that way - how war created men like them.

Still, working for the Dragons was profitable enough, and they'd been hired by a third party to make sure the Silver Jedi held stability on this planet. Client was someone he was familiar with, Confederacy-affiliated at that, so doing well for themselves by now. Minorous was rushing across Umbara on a speeder bike, heading towards somewhere on the outskirts of one of the larger cities around. His heads-up-display beeped off as it informed him of his particular assignment. Hostage rescue and bomb defusal. Of course, give him the easy jobs.

Traske eventually arrived at the location, pulling up his speeder to a complex-looking tower, tall enough to scrape across the skyline and keep going. He got off the vehicle as he readied his equipment, looking well-armed for the type that would be involved in something like this. Thankfully, he wasn't a Silver Jedi contractor specifically; he wasn't playing by their rules, but he'd try his best anyway. It was part of being a professional, after all. Keeping in mind a potential client's wants and needs.

He was listening to the Umbaran officer that explained the situation, but he was still going over in his head what his own rules of engagement here were. Less-than-Lethal, wherever possible. Ideal situation in his opinion was to disable every bad guy in there, rather than just take what they had and leave. They still had control over the building, and they could be very dangerous with just that, no leverage needed. As the cop finished explaining, about to move onto the why part of the whole thing, Traske interrupted him. "Got it." Suddenly, he seemed to disappear, the cloak of his armour shrouding over him as he checked schematics of the building, trying to choose his entry point. Decisions, decisions.
Jedi Hotelier
Objective: Void Wings
Location: Ghost Nebula
Allies: [member="Audren Sykes"] [member="Tanaski Yumi"] [member="Aubrey King"] [member="Allyson Locke"]
Enemies: Pirates

"This is Hotelier: pirates detected in the Ghost Nebula! However, there is much sensor static so we can't make out strength or ship makes: for now they sit outside long-range turbolaser range of us" Varindar broadcasted over Silver Spacy frequencies upon reversion to the Ghost Nebula, hoping that at least part of it will get through. "All craft, set bomblet generators to full power"

Yet her squadron and the convoy she was tasked with escorting was still some distance away from the pirates: she knew that it took 20 seconds to load one full-power bomblet. If the nebula could jam their sensors then it could also jam the pirates', giving perhaps a chance for the refugee convoy to escape without the pirates being able to get within firing range of it. But the convoy's window is a little short; once those pirates move within long-range turbolaser range of the convoy, and more likely standard turbolaser range, then the window to jump to safety will close in on them. She estimated the pirates will close in on long-range turbolaser range of the convoy behind her within about 30 seconds, and standard-range turbolaser range would take longer, by which point the battle may have already begun. All that she could reasonably estimate about the strength of the pirate forces present would be, well, that one squadron, even one that dropped full-power plasma bomblets with a 150m blast radius, would not be enough to defeat them.

"Requesting permission to engage hostiles"

"Permission denied: the rest of us have yet to form up. We won't be able to take out those pirates with just us"

Can you see the darkness?
Objective: BYOO
Location: Local Scivenry
Wearing: This
Tags: [member="Darth Metus"] [member="Hadashah Vi'dreya"] [member="Srina Talon"]

It was a name, a piece of information. Anastasia was born on Kamino but led to believe Krant was home. As such, other worlds she shared a connection with were fragments of information, put together. Verds swore loyalty to Mandalore, they were no longer Verds. She was led to be Krant was home, it was now under the rule of their sworn enemies. As was Kamino to which majority of her connection existed through the monster. Anastasia could recall her memories, the faces that mattered, she even understood the language they spoke though she hadn't tested yet whether or not she could speak it in return. Then there were parts of her DNA that were Korun and Umbaran. Each of them, facts, unclear still. Anastasia also held the blood of Lao-Mon but knew nothing of that world either when he lessons revolved around what little had been relevant to the monster. Her shapeshifting ability more than anything else, limited in comparison to those purer.

Now though, with one name shed and a legacy she didn't really know along with it, they had arrived at Umbara. Dad had said they would be tourists, casual. Anastasia complied, leaving her armor on the ship and putting on civilian clothes. Now, Dad had said they would be dressed well. She had some issue with what this meant exactly. Her closet was filled with a number of different clothes, most of which she never touched or look at it. They were fancy, form-fitting and looked downright ridiculous to her. She hadn't been one to acquire them and she wanted nothing to do with them but she still hadn't managed to part with them. Instead, she went for something she felt more comfortable with, daring for the colorful but incredibly soft shirt underneath the black. Anastasia felt comfortable so.

It was new information, standing inside the facility where Dad had come to gather data about the Vi'dreya but they were now standing in line to pick up tea? How is that even a thing? Anastasia wondered as he asked what sounded good. There was caf, there was tea, there were all sorts of things. Ana wasn't sure yet she liked either of those things. "I'll have hot chocolate with a drop of orchid bean extract and a dollop of mallow paste on top," she gave out, looking at him for a moment before looking ahead. It wasn't caf nor tea but she liked the taste of hot chocolate, and she loved the taste of mallow paste when dipped into the hot chocolate.

Jesse Organa

Lost Soul

Objective: Superbear Rises

Jesse had been surprised at Umbara.. while the wedding or ghost could have been interesting the real fun though as she sat there on one of the runabout speeders came from seeing.. this.... Kirkko was doing something she wanted to see to believe here. She was seeing reports from around of others working on the main things. Sos he could document this like you did when experimenting with a force enhanced cape of flight that may or may not soon allow a bear to reach all of the high places the food is kept. "You are doing better padawan." Her smile was on her face and it was a nice thing to see, with the church of the force helping out in a few of the searches they might even find him new things to test.