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Diminished Inspiration

King of Midvinter
So this may not concern a lot of you, or even a few of you, as I have deliberately been refraining from starting new threads lately. This is because I simply don't have much inspiration to write at the moment, and I don't want to force myself to churn out mediocre stuff just for the sake of it. I'll still work towards finishing off the few threads that are still going on for my three characters: @Thurion Heavenshield, @[member="Thyrian Ashborn"] and @[member="Athéirûn Beorlundsson"]. I wish to send my apologies to @[member="Iella E`ron"] for not having replied for several weeks now, it seems. You have the patience of an angel, my dear. :flower:

It's not like I'll be gone forever, far from it. I'll still be on the site doing my staff duties and what not. I just won't be as active RP-wise for now.

That is all, my lovelies! ^_^

Coci Heavenshield

Dawnguard Grand Master
@[member="Thurion Heavenshield"]

Honestly? this is perfectly fine. I know the feeling well enough too, I think most of us here do, especially if you care about what you write. :) I shall be here for the Mountain Man on his return. Don't worry about the thread, we can always start another.

Just take care of yourself.
warm regards
Iella's writer.