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Dashiell Kessler

Dash Kessler

Technically Outlawed.


“I knew this was gonna be a bad idea,
but in the continued absence of any better alternatives,
I figured I might as well run with it.”

Name: Dashiell Kessler
Alias(es): Dash, Dashiell Corbin, Janos Dahl
Titles: Technician, Second Class None
Age: Mid Twenties
Homeworld: Corellia
Citizenship: Corellian
Affiliation: Independent
Occupation: Outlaw Tech, Freelance Mechanic
Force Sensitive: Yes (Nascent)
Force Alignment: Neutral


Father: Desric Kessler
Mother: Shinnan Kessler nee Corbin
Siblings: Davin Kessler
Extended Family: None of note.
Others: None of note.


Species: Human (Corellian)
Gender: Male
Height: 1.79m
Weight: 75kg
Build: Athletic Mesomorph
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Blue
Skin Color: Fair
Cybernetics: N/A

Dash appears as your pretty run-of-the-mill guy his his early-to-mid twenties, having only recently transitioned from gangly teenager to something a little more presentable. Neither particularly tall nor stocky, his build is that of a runner and incidental gymnast, qualities honed more for simple survival than any real athletic interest. Despite all attempts to the contrary, his hair is invariably adopts a messy bedhead quality without actually requiring involvement of a bed.

He's quick on the draw where his smile is concerned, seeming to possess one for every occasion, although those that know him best have come to realize it appears a little too often and a little too freely to trust that it's genuine. It holds a certain amount of disarming charm, however, albeit one that was obtained through countless hours of practice in front of a mirror. A no doubt labour of love.


Alignment: Chaotically Ambiguous
Personality Type: ESTP
Strengths: Creative, Charming, Outgoing, Practical, Perceptive
Weaknesses: Defiant, Erratic, Impatient, Insensitive, Narrowly Focused
Action Survivor, The Artful Dodger, Brilliant, But Lazy, Con Man, Combat Pragmatist, Deadpan Snarker, Didn’t See That Coming, Distressed Dude, Gadgeteer Genius, The Gambler, Guile “Hero”, Indy Ploy, It Amused Me, The Lancer, MacGyvering, Perma-Stubble, Self-Proclaimed Liar, Small Name, Big Ego, The Smart Guy, Unluckily Lucky


+ Outlaw Tech: An accomplished mechanic and slicer with a penchant for unorthodox solutions coupled with a very flexible opinion on factory and safety standards.

+ Resourceful: Dash also thinks well on his feet, having a knack for formulating plans on the fly and using his immediate resources to achieve his goals. Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.

+ Athletic: Don't let that lazy air fool you. When suitably motivated, which is generally code for ‘being pursued’, few can rival Dash at making a quick getaway.

+/- Force Sensitive: Undocumented and untrained. Occasionally gives him a sixth sense for impending trouble, but usually just makes him over confidently believe in his gut feelings.

- Glass Jaw: While he might be able to talk a big game, it sadly doesn’t take much to put Dash down for the count. There’s no future in shockboxing for this one.

- Loudspeaker: Perhaps due to his nascent force sensitivity, Dash has an exceptionally very loud presence within the force. Telempaths have been known to wince in his presence.

- Corellian Blooded: For better or (most likely) worse, Dash exemplifies the stereotypical Corellian traits to a tee. Namely he’s brash, arrogant and has the impulse control akin to that of your average hellspawned toddler. He doesn’t mind being told the odds, however.



While clearly Corellian born from the way he holds himself, Dashiell Kessler spent the vast majority of his formative years growing up on Outland Station, being arguably raised communally by his parents and the stations dock technicians. He has the vaunted displeasure of being the second son of grace the Kessler Household with his illustrious presence, being directly preceded by his golden boy of an older brother by a scant matter of minutes. Not that ever became an issue between them or anything.

As mentioned, his parents were both working class folks from the lower end of the station’s income bracket, salt of the earth types that put their nose to the grindstone every day to try and make sure their kids were kept out of the worst the station had to offer. Good people, to be sure, but not the easiest to live with - especially when you're designated as the black sheep of the family almost purely on the grounds of the order of your arrival. Course, Dashiell being Dashiell certainly didn't help matters either.

Even from an early age it was evident that he was gifted with a sharp mind. His brother might have been the better and more dutiful son, but he was most assuredly the brightest of the pair. And with that equally smart mouth and the incessant need to flap it at every kriffing turn, he made sure everyone knew it, too. Just goes to show, just because you're passably clever doesn't mean for a second you’re wise.

A good example of that is perhaps the fact that, by the time he was seven, he could field strip and clean your standard vessel’s hyperdrive. Which sounds wholly impressive to be sure, but somewhat less so when you factor in the skill in being able to reassemble afterwards arriving at a much later age. Welp.

In an effort to give him a better chance in life, or perhaps just to get him out from under their feet, his parents pushed him to enlist in the Galactic Alliance when he came of age. In a second example of that lack of wisdom, he consented, figuring one employer barking orders at him was pretty much the same as the next, dress code or no.

His career in the Alliance turned out pretty much as you’d expect, with the most apt comparison being drawn with a man with a broken metal detector walking through an active minefield. All the greats have a dishonourable discharge or two in their jacket, right?

After that fiasco, he drifted for several months, finding odd jobs where he could. Folks that didn’t pay much mind to a military blacklist. Freelance mechanic for the most part, using the funds to set up a small side operation on Terminus. Nothing fancy, just some illicit tech. Mostly tricks of the trade for those with a certain need and disregard for galactic safety standards.


Apparel: Chase Explorer Jacket
Weaponry: Arc-Light Blaster
Tricks of the Trade (Workshop), Bun Intended (Front)
Vessels: ...
Other: Kessler's Probe, Shade 9 Utility Suit
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Dash Kessler

Technically Outlawed.


SEASON 01: Outlaw Country

[X] Episode 01: Trade Mission to Geonosis
The last job they pulled together might not have gone smooth, but that doesn't deter Dash from getting involved with old friends to pull a train job heist on the dusty, arid world of Geonosis. Lets hope he remembered to pack the bug spray.
[X] Episode 02: Deep Black Sea: Across the Universe
Having signed on with Jorus Quigglyfeth Merrill, the legendary space hobo himself, Dash finds himself on an expedition to the far flung reaches of the galaxy and beyond in search of fame, fortune and adventure. What could go wrong? First installment of the Deep Black Sea arc.
[X] Episode 03: [ENDGAME] Deep Black Sea: Farther Shores
With the news of what could be the Galactic Alliance's final fight reaching the crew of the Gossamer, they are faced with the decision to push on or turn back in the hopes of making a difference. A choice easier for some than others.
[X] Episode 04: Deep Black Sea: Idiot's Array
Like most things on-board a ship like the Gossamer, it started life out in the engineering section. A simple greaser card game to pass the time, just a few hands and a few faces is all. No one really knows how it evolved into a reoccurring tradition, or how it expanded so fast.
[X] Episode 05: The Working Group - Second Session
Through a friend of a friend, Dash is tapped to do some freelance consulting work on an ongoing project to counter-act the force suppressing effects of the Ysalamiri. While out of his league in comparison to some of the big names involved, the plucky Corellian is never one to turn down the prospect of credits and is quick to submit a proposal.
[X] Episode 06: [Dominion] Freedom in the Outer Rim

Episode Count: To Be Updated (Migration & Lazy Woes)
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