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outlaw tech

  1. Zelannia Arcrin

    Character  Crowe

    General Information: Name: [Unknown] Alias(es): Crowe Age: Late Teens Gender: Male Height: 1.81 m Build: Slender Species: Miraluka Social Information: Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Personality Type: INTP Sexual Orientation: [Unknown] Connections: Family: [Unknown] Friends: [Unknown] Enemies...
  2. Dash Kessler

    Tricks of the Trade

    Tricks of the Trade is an independently operated workshop based in the district slums of the bustling urban sprawl that is Terminal City, owned and operated by one Dashiell Kessler. It specializes in the development and sale of unconventional weapons & technology that could hypothetically be...
  3. Dash Kessler

    Tricks of the Trade

    [ Marketplace ] OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Image Source: Joseph Cross with edits. Canon Link: N/A Primary Source: N/A WORKSHOP INFORMATION Workshop Name: Tricks of the Trade Location: Terminus Specialty: Outlaw Tech, Cybernetics, Custom Modifications Tier: IV DESCRIPTION Tricks of the...
  4. Dash Kessler

    Dashiell Kessler

  5. RC 212

    Greeta Tan

    Greeta Tan NAME: Greeta Tan FACTION: None RANK: None SPECIES: Rodian AGE: Bout Midlife for a Rodian SEX: Male HEIGHT: Tall WEIGHT: Medium EYES: Black HAIR: None SKIN: Green bby! FORCE SENSITIVE: Nooo...
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