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Approved Tech Kessler's Probe

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The Admiralty

  • Intent: Create a probe droid for Dash.
  • Image Source: Image by Zach Forrest, removed from Artstation.
  • Canon Link: /
  • Primary Source: /
  • Manufacturer: Cogmind.
  • Affiliation: Dash Kessler
  • Model: Kessler's Probe
  • Production: Semi-Unique (1 + 1 reserve)
  • Modularity: No.
  • Material: Durasteel, duraplast, agrinium.

[*]Misc. Equipment:

  • Synthesizer: A miniaturized synthesizer allows the probe to create a high-quality tea brand from Atrisian for the owner's consumption. Daro thought that would be a nice touch for his associate. The chit-eating grin when he watched Kessler taste it put doubt to the nice touch. It can't actually generate anything else except that specific tea brand. It also generates and pre-heats it automatically, so either Kessler needs to drink it or pour it out. The probe droid makes sad noises when it is thrown away.
  • Stealth: The probe droid has an advanced holoshroud and personal cloaking device. This allows it to be really stealthy when it needs to be.
  • Stealth: Comprehensive stealth package that allows this probe droid to scout, explore and scan while avoiding immediate detection.
  • Sensors: Packed to the brim with advanced sensors and slicing equipment.
  • Fragile: It can take a few glancing hits, but it isn't made to resist heavy damage. A couple of direct hits will break it apart.
  • Non-combat: Isn't made for combat either- it has some armament for obfuscation and distraction, but this isn't taking an army down.
There comes a time that a man needs to decide who his friends are.

Who he can trust.

Who he should support.

Daro Tarsi looked at that for a brief moment and then rolled his eyes. Instead he made sure that this quality probe droid he created for [member="Dash Kessler"] would pour the most ridiculously overpriced tea brand hailing from Atrisia for free. Then guilt trip Kessler every time that he threw it away. It was good. Other than that the probe is a quality-construction made for an outlaw that prized discretion and scouting out opportunities over going for the full-frontal assault. It comes with expensive sensors, elaborate stealth measures and enough brains that it could theoretically slice into a lot of secure facilities.

For once Tarsi didn't even include a self-destruct mechanism or take-over button.

He did make sure that the tea synthesizer can't be removed or have what it makes changed whatsoever, so Dash is stuck with that. Price of admission, Daro reckoned.
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