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Approved Tech Shade-9 Utility Suit

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Jorga the Hutt

When life gives you Mandos, make Mando'ade


  • Manufacturer: Bard Independent
  • Affiliation: Closed-Market (ask first)
  • Model: Shade-9 Utility Suit
  • Modularity: Goodness no

  • Production: Limited (Only one small group of characters. IE: Small task force, not entire factions.)
  • Material: Plasteel, armorweave, proprietary electronics

  • Classification: Other. Very much so.
  • Weight: Very Light
  • Resistances (when corporeal)
- Blasters and Plasma Weapons: Very Low
- Kinetic: Average
- Lightsabers: Very Low
- EMP: Low


  • Quantum tunneling equipment permits passage through solid objects (walls, blades, weapons fire), comparable to a Forcewielder using 'Phase' or a Starweird before it shreds its prey.
  • Permits the wearer to go insubstantial for up to five seconds at a time. During this period, the wearer can walk through walls or storms of blasterfire without incident, but cannot retaliate or otherwise influence the physical world. (Various safeguards prevent the wearer from just falling through the floor/ground.)
  • Good kinetic armor plating and padding, suitable for hand-to-hand combat.
  • Just really high-quality reliable electronics, the best Echani engineering ever.
  • Low resistance to EMP/ion interference - this equipment is pretty sensitive. A basic EMP grenade will force a shutdown/reboot sequence of at least thirty seconds. More serious EMP/ion attacks can destroy the suit's functionality.
  • Very low resistance to standard blaster weapons.
  • Re-materialize intersecting with a solid object (such as by staying in the wrong situation for more than five seconds) and you are toast. Think teleportation accident: impaled, merged with a wall, etc. Watch out for precogs.
  • Phasing effect does not apply to wearing more armor overtop of the Shade-9. Best case scenario, you leave it behind and it falls to the ground.
Quantum tunneling is a well-known phenomenon that relies on the wave nature of particles. In simplest terms, there's a small but real probability that a particle will actually turn out to be on the other side of an equally tiny barrier. The Shade-9 harnesses this effect on a macroscopic scale and cascades it, allowing the wearer to pass through solid objects for a short period (five seconds at a time). The Shade-9 mimics the starweird's natural ability to pass through attacks and walls unharmed before choosing to tear apart its prey manually. An obscure and very difficult Jedi technique allows the same sort of thing, albeit with much more mental effort involved. This is not to say the Shade-9 is easy to use: far from it. Even experienced operators can all too easily wind up amputees or dead. The Shade-9 is more oriented toward utility functions than toward combat, as a clever enemy can find any number of exploits. Bard Independent sells the suit to a variety of private and government clients, who doubtless use it for nefarious purposes.

Jorga the Hutt

When life gives you Mandos, make Mando'ade
[member="Jamie Pyne"]

Sure, but every 'rematerialization' is a gigantic liability in any long-term circumstance I can think of. Say you're trying to walk through a ton of weapons fire - but five, ten, fifteen seconds later you're a kebab. Same goes for if you're trying to blitz through a bunch of enemies. Five, ten, fifteen seconds later, someone's thrown a handful of gravel in your general direction and now there's rocks in your central nervous system. The five second reversion is a very hard limit, regardless of how quickly you can turn it back on afterward.

I like this tech, but I also have my reservations about it. But I'll withhold them for now and hope that folks respect the common sense limitations.
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