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Daella Master Vote (MASTERS ONLY)

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Major Faction


Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow
With her work at Ossue, being one of the most dedicated jedi's and above all unflinching loyalty to the reformatrion of the Republic it is that time again to vote for

JOINED: October 21, 2013

An Ice Planet: Republic Dominion of Ilum
Bomb Queen: Dominion of Nixor
Jedi Quest: Iridonia
Sanguinem comitissa: Dominion of Avidon
The Annexation of Chalacta
Crisis on Ithor

Training with a Jedi
The Aspiring Shadow
Training the Trianii
Jedi Bootcamp
Knighting of Vulpesen
Time to Learn

Glory, Glory, Hallelujah: Republic Invasion of Metalorn
Tython: Raid on Jedi Archives
The Holocron Auction Redux
Thronebreaker? How about a city?
Jedi Council: Contruum Aftermath
Vote of No Confidence
Mission to Nar Shaddaa
Invasion of Nar Shaddaa
Pact of the Covenant

The Wrath of Aza'Zath
Ssi-Ruuvi Remnants
Busting some Rhymes
Infestation on Balmorra
Lost in the Desert... on a Horse With No Name

Attempted to oppose Velok as he stole from the Archives and during the Contruum thing
Took down the shields of Nar Shaddaa in the Invasion and proceeded to get a 7 million bounty because of it
Trained one character to Knight
Got permission for lightsaber lessons from Darron Wraith but never got them
Applied to be a part of an all-girl pop music squad

@Selena Halcyon @Kiskla Grayson @Joshua DragonsFlame @Rianna Organa @Carn Dista @Phylis Alince @Tefka
Not open for further replies.