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Chiloon Rift Hex Rebellion

The Primeval declares its intentions to rebel in the Chlioon Rift dominion.

[member="Cedric Grayson"]

Current Activities
Location: Irn (space)
Summary: The Dominion has a fleet in orbit and is reacting to reports of Primeval activity in the Rift. Some Primeval characters are infiltrating the fleet and the planet from space.

Primeval: [member="Antherion"] | [member="Thengil Ri'Shajirr"]
Dominion: [member="Cedric Grayson"] | [member="Yula Knezevic"] | [member="Vorian Adasca"]


Location: Irn (ground)
Summary: The Primeval is gathering cultists and rebels to their cause, and the Dominion seeks to stop them.

Primeval: [member="Lethia Morow"] | [member="Satia"] | [member="Kiran Vess"]
Dominion: [member="Jessica Med-Beq"] | [member="Owazza"] | @Ra'a'mah | [member="Causstik Rahn"] | [member="Alyson Halle"]


Location: Port Menicha (Rift)
Summary: A mysterious group enters the Port to claim control over its operations.

Primeval: [member="Tai Fa"] | [member="Vitor Avendahl"] | [member="Vanja Del'Vaan"]
Dominion: N/A


Location: Sarnus (Rift)
Summary: The Primeval seeks to reactivate old Primeval facilities.

Primeval: [member="Aria Vale"] | [member="Vaylin"] | [member="Soryn Solimar"]
Dominion: [member="Judas Foster"] | [member="Teresa Shan"] | [member="Rakieh Atur"]


Location: Asteroid Base (Rift)
Summary: The dominion fleet moves to board the Primeval warship moving near a pirate base.

Primeval: [member=Boethiah] | [member="The Slave"]
Dominion: [member="Bartic Myth'rand"] | [member="Zaz Tal'Verda"]


Location: Chillon Rift (space)
Summary: Dominion fleets are patrolling around various points in the Rift, in search of enemies.

Primeval: N/A
Dominion: [member="Audren Sykes"] | [member="Dune Rhur"]

[member="Boethiah"], [member="Cedric Grayson"]

Noted. The Dominion accepts.

Who would like to start the Rebellion thread? Whoever does, please just tag all participants that have posted in the dominion thread.

Let's fight!

Lethia Morow

I'm just a lil ol' witch girl, lookin' for someone to party with.

Don't mind the bone spurs on my back or the fact that my feet are like those of a great clawed lizard beast.

Ignore the ravenous cult over which I barely have control, and the mass of enslaved children taken from their slaughtered parents.

I'm really a nice girl!

Lethia Morow

[member="Strider Garon"]


A girl can't engage in a little hyperviolent zealotry without someone always judging her...
Semi-heretical Sith wannabe and her apprentice ([member='Vaylin']), reporting. Up to tango with anyone from the Dominion - bonus points if you're a Jedi. If edge and excessive snark sounds like your thing, hit me up.
INB4 BDZ Primeval armies because space superiority.

Have fun and keep it civil folks. The Dominion's allies of treaty and convenience are welcomed to help, though we've got enough fleet as is.

TLDR on what the Dom's done with Chiloon and Irn

Irn: Most of Irn's culty bits were wiped out, as the Dom was aware that the Primes might try to resurge one day. Those that fought back were put down. Those that surrendered and renounced their faith lived. Irn has since been blockaded by the Acerbitas and her escorts. Any vessels trying to leave or come down to the planet without clearance will be shot down, as per the ROA of the Dominion. The planet was host to a decent military presence as a Seed of Rage was found on it, and order needed to be maintained while it was removed. The governorship has been more or less united in a loose democratic alliance between the various groups and states that make up Irn's population.

Chiloon: [member="Bartic Myth'rand"] and [member="Judas Foster"] have gone through either forcing the pirates out or hiring them as privateers. Many of these former facilities are now hosted as fuel stations for the Dominion's ships, as a new facility was planned to fall under construction within the heart of the Rift up until this point. The Primeval's secret facilities were unknown to the Dominion, and were thus hidden to its forces previous to this rebellion.

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