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Approved Tech C-909 "Hawk" Anti-Mat Rifle

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  • Classification: Assault Anti-Materiel Rifle
  • Size: Large
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Ammunition Type: Gas Canister
  • Ammunition Capacity: 80 - Large
  • Effective Range: 1500m - Long Range
  • Rate of Fire: Average / High
  • Damage Output: Very High
  • Recoil: High / Very High
  • Rapid Fire: This weapon supports an impressive rate of fire for its type
  • Modes of Fire: The Hawk can swap between Full and Semi Automatic
  • Shielded: The Hawk has a front facing shield surrounding the weapon just past the scope which can be activated.
  • Scope: This weapon comes with a sophisticated high zoom scope capable of seeing in IR, UV and Night-vision.
  • Glass Bedding: This rifle rather than using a free floating rifle reinforces the barrel to prevent thermal warp, but uses a glass bedding to ensure accuracy.
  • Ion Compatible: The Hawk has loaded both an Ion and Diatium blaster batteries for quick swapping between firing modes.
  • Phrik B Plating: A synthetic Phrik shelf that protects the user's hands in case of a misfire or the blaster gas being hit.
  • Highly Modular: boasts several modular connection points for attachments, expanded power cells, gas canisters laser sights etc.
  • External Ports: This weapon has ports which allow it to be linked to external power sources or ammunition caches.
  • Biometric Scanner: This weapon will not unlock or prime without a finger on the trigger, which can be registered to a specific user.
  • Full Auto Fire: The Hawk earns its name as a bird of prey that strikes from on high, it has the capacity to fire fully automatic with its high caliber rounds at about 400rp/m. Though doing so is almost impossible from a standing position due to the recoil. The thunderously strong anti-material rounds at this velocity make this weapon excellent for mounting.
  • Anti Armour: While an individual shot from the Hawk is able to hew through medium armours and deactivate most personal shields with a round. When mounted for full auto, this weapon becomes the bane of personal protection able to rend through anything short of a heavily armoured vehicles' armour and shielding with a dedicated assault.
  • Reactive Shielding: The Hawk is capable of creating a three layer front facing ballistic shield from the CROSS system installed into the bipod. The semicircular shield is capable of projecting itself in about a two foot radius allowing the user some cover, especially effective against counter snipers.
  • Dual Power Supply: The C-909 loads both an Ion and a Diatium battery into its systems simultaneously, allowing for even more rapid switching between the power supplies with little more than a pull on either of the weapon's two triggers. The Ion blasts are non-lethal to organics should they receive medical attention and are highly effective against shields or droids while the thermal rounds carry considerable armour penetration.
  • Jacked: In a pinch this weapon can be mounted to external power and ammunition supplies, allowing the shield it creates more power as well as the ability to fire its powerful rounds for a longer duration.
  • Highly Customizable: Modular accessory slots on the rail, barrel, under-barrel and sides combined with universal power point jacks and blaster chamber attachments and even removable grips and iron sights make this weapon one of the easiest on the market to customize to your own specifications.
  • Wind Up: When the Biometric Scanner is activated, This weapon takes a couple of moments to power up or else the shots it fires are substantially weaker, making snap firing with this weapon difficult unless its already primed and ready to go.
  • Hazardous: The C-909 is a high rate of fire weapon which uses high impact rounds meant to tear holes into vehicles. It sports a high recoil which is maximized when the weapon is used in full auto. It is highly recommended that this weapon be grounded on a surface with its bipod or mounted in order to be used to avoid self injury.
  • Behind You!: The C-909s integrated C.R.O.S.S. shield is a fantastic tool for frontal assaults, explosions and high impact shots, wrapping around the user approximately 120 degrees. However it does leave the user's 6 exposed to attacks.
  • Eye Spy: While the shield of this weapon is activated, it is a discernible energy signature that could be picked up on by scanners, albeit a small one at significant distance. The Keenest of eyes or minds could detect it.

The mission here was two fold, to create a heavy blaster similar to an E-Web that was more portable, more accurate and with the ability to hold off or pin down troops or vehicles from a great distance, as well as defend the user who would have after engaging become a high priority target. When the task was left to the Quartermasters after a years progress they managed to come up with the latest in the C-Series of bi-damage weapons for the Avery. The C-909 is a miracle blend of the high grade defensive technology as well as the modular nature that customers have come to expect with the House Aquila C-Series.

The weapon as it is under high stress uses a patented Phrik B frame in order to prevent the barrel from overheating or it being targeted in its Tibana chamber in such a manner that would harm the user grievously. Additionally, this highly accurate marksman weapon, is more than capable of marking a specific target in the crowd with its high quality 6-32x zoom scope or laying down targeted suppressing fire over a larger group of enemies.

Although this weapon does not pack the dedicated punch of many sniper rifles, nor the rate of fire of many repeating heavy blasters, the combination of the two create a whole which is more than capable of shredding armoured vehicles with multiple rapid impacts which seeks to overwhelm the armour effectiveness of its opponents. Although it is perfectly capable of penetrating through light armour as if it were cardboard.

Finally the customizable modularity of the weapon still holds true to House Aquilas mission statement. To create a weapon frame that can be customized to a private user's will. There are modular components along the length of the weapon as well as along the stock for holding ammunition or additional power cells as well as for under-barrel attachments, additional scopes, iron sights, side mounted torches or strobe lights. The stock of the weapon is replaceable as well as even the weapons rifling to be replaced with a shorter barrel if needed. All in all there is no part of this weapon that is not capable of being disassembled, improved or replaced to a user's specifications thanks to their use of universal matching parts and assembly points.

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Here are some weaknesses I feel should be added as you spoke of them in strengths.

With the shield only protecting the front portion of the user, it means they won't be protected from something like a grenade that was thrown past the shield, or a weapon that performs an explosion. as explosions, flames, and the concussive blast can fold around barriers.

It also only defends you from the front, so if someone came up behind you, its bad.

Finally, if you plan to have sniper battles with the shield, the shield activated gives off a signature, and can probably be seen as you don't have any dampening systems, or suppressing systems to prevent someone from seeing that.
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Vora Kaar Vora Kaar Thanks!

I can re-state that weakness, though I kindof find the energy signature thing to be self evident.

The statement about fire / explosions however is not true for this particular type of shielding, as it is a little different. Not to mention I do say that the shield is semi-circular, so it does wrap around the user a bit, flame and explosions etc tends to wrap around corners, but seldom do they go backwards against their momentum.

Made some edits
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I can re-state that weakness, though I kindof find the energy signature thing to be self evident.
"Common sense is not common." - Some-Smart-Guy

The statement about fire / explosions however is not true for this particular type of shielding, as it is a little different. Not to mention I do say that the shield is semi-circular, so it does wrap around the user a bit, flame and explosions etc tends to wrap around corners, but seldom do they go backwards against their momentum.
I must have missed the part where you stated it was Semi-circular. Apologies for that. And you are right Explosions don't go backwards. lol

Thank you for the edits. Pending secondary.


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