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Announcements 02/02/14 UPDATED 02/03 (again)

Selena Halcyon

Jedi Master
Gearing up for War
War is rapidly coming, as you can see from the discussion concerning Anzat. Some things are changing though, we will try and keep you informed on that as much as possible when we know things that can be revealed. As it is. Just be ready. Big things are coming.

Congrats on Valen
It is ending very soon and it is doubtful that anyone other than the Republic is going to win this. As such, congrats. Cannot really express how proud of ya'll I am.

Important! Members List Culling Soon!
Alright probably one of the bigger announcements. Very soon I'm going to be going through the members list and removing people. Now! Understand, I'm not just going to be removing people without any sense of order to it. No, it'll be people who are not active. Tomorrow I'm going to be putting up a check in thread. It'll have a few things I want to see. Checking in will be mandatory to NOT get culled from the list. Obviously... if you get removed you can rejoin but I'm trying to get a much better idea of who all is really here.

Fun Fact!
So I have always kind of disliked training people, and now I have a great reason not to! I'm the grandmaster. So henceforth I'm going to imply in my writings that I train younglings. So what this means for you guys. If you have someone who was raised in the order and was recently made a padawan, you can say that you know me and I trained you a little bit. Yay for more connections! :)

Voice of the Jedi
Daella Apperine is hence forth given the psuedo title (it holds little real meaning) of Voice of the Jedi. Essentially, I'm kind of dubbing her as the person that Selena is going to send to speak for her in diplomatic efforts. Other people still will do that kind of thing, but Daella is a special snowflake.

Havoc Squad
Has gotten their ball rolling by attacking Charros IV. Still looking for more members. If you've got a character that's interested in being a commando, hop on over.

Wraith Squadron still in the pipeline
Been a little delayed on this. I intend to get this rolling soon. Still kind of hoping for a leader for it to approach me (though I admit that I don't think I've advertised that). Anyways. This'll be happening in the vicinity of the near future.
Major Faction


Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow
Some small things. With reviews of their work on the invasions and remember you can decline these if you wish.

@[member="Sochi Ru"] has been promoted to jedi knight
@[member="Yasuo"] has been promoted to jedi knight
@[member="Rasu Gan"] has been promoted to jedi knight
@[member="Dar'rak"] has been promoted to jedi knight
@[member="Saran Drast"] has been promoted to jedi knight

again you are all free to decline these promotions if you wish. Use this post as a link if you request a new tag.

I would like to welcome our newest jedi master @[member="Iella E`ron"] who has worked hard since coming here from the templars awhile ago.

Atlas Kane

Thanks and also congratulations to all the other Padawans that have been promoted!

Rasu Gan

She Who Wishes to Forget
Congrats everyone! Thanks for the promotion. @[member="Iella E`ron"] big congratulations for making Master!

Aika Kawakami

Can one find true light when shadowed in darkness?
*Sets off sparklers in celebration of the promotions..Because fireworks would probably scare her somehow.*

Great job leveling up, everyone!