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Andi Americus

Americus Perfection


NAME: Andi Mae Americus; Or just Andi.

FACTION: The Great Confederate States of Independent Systems.

RANK: Rebellious Mandalorian Diva.

SPECIES: Mandalorian Purebred.

AGE: Twenty five; Same as Jimmy.

SEX: Obviously female. Sexuality: Flexible.

HEIGHT: Five feet eight inches of slender perfection.

WEIGHT: A few pounds shy of average. - But might as well be perfect.

EYES: Dark green - With a hint of sultry sass.

HAIR: A rich dark brown - and smooth as silk.

SKIN: Pale and fair as porcelain.

FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes. How much depends on who's asking.


Moral Compass: Despite her behavior towards her family, and her life choices in comparison to theirs, Andi has a very strong desire to do what's right by others; She may not always act it, but she'll put the safety of others first if it means it's the right thing at the end of the day.

Fiercely Independent: Andi has put herself first for many years. She loves her family, she loves her siblings and she cherishes her heritage, but she's been tired of the same old cruise control she's come to see her family's life style as. A diva and a self defined princess, Andi knows how to take care of herself in more ways than one.

Seductive Temptress: While Andi learned a great deal of skills from her family as a Mandalorian, there were a couple talents she taught herself to get by after putting a wedge between she and most of them. Though she is a capable fighter and marksman, Andi prefers to use her tongue and body to get what she wants or needs in a situation. ANY situation.

Fiery Temper: Underneath the facade of perfection, sophistication and fundamental savvy is a girl with a spit-fire storm of a temper. Push the wrong buttons and you'll have a raging, volatile accented she-monster on your hands faster than you can say "Son of a kark!" It's advised you keep a good fifty foot distance should you ever encounter her in a bad mood.

Sisterly Love: Andi has one easily surfaced weakness that glares out above all the rest. At the end of the day the people she cares most about are her sisters. Especially with a father and uncle run rampant hell bent in different ways to keep things how they want them to be. (Or so Andi has come to believe in the case of her father. She's learned to see through the slick of Uncle Jasper)

Her Name: Andi HATES her full name. Call her Andi Mae and just see where it gets you.


Tall, slender and five feet eight inches of perfection. With long dark, brown hair and a complexion to contend with alabaster Andi Mae carries herself as if she were perfection incarnate. With very few physical blemishes to be seen, the only obvious flaw is that she is slightly below her optimal weight for her height; in part because most of her physical blemishes are hidden beneath her hair or the clothes she wears that are riddled with choice reveals of skin and curves.

It's easy to take a look at someone and think you know everything about them. When it comes to the Americus, of course, one might find that their go to response. But not for Andi Mae Americus and years long attempt to make herself into more than the pride and greatness that is the Americus Way. It wasn't that she was embarrassed by her family, or that she was upset that she'd been born an Americus, but something more seated in a desire to be different.

So, at the sweet and tender age of eighteen, Andi Mae decided to break away and be the woman she wanted to be. Or as her some of her family might tell you: "Bring out the Cor-us-cant in 'er." And bring it out she did by venturing about the galaxy to find her beauty in a way she could only find on foreign worlds of wealth and pleasure. An adventure she reveled in the excitement of until the call of home rang true; She was her Paw's daughter and she couldn't deny her Americus roots.

An Americus through and through, Andi is a true believer in freedom and justice. Proud to stand by her family in support of the Confederate States of Independent Systems, Andi has come home to her parents, siblings and roots even when transplanted. She's a wonder and a diva, just don't call her Andi Mae.

Whatever she can get her hands on.

None as of yet.

Wouldn't you like to know?


Coming soon.