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Daisy Jane Americus

Daisy Americus



NAME: Daisy Jane “DJ” Americus
FACTION: Mandalorian Protectors | [CIS]
RANK: Verd [Warrior]
AGE: 22
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 5’10”
WEIGHT: 141lbs [Curves for days!]
EYES: Blue/Green [Depends on the lighting.]
HAIR: Sun-Kissed Blonde
SKIN: Healthy Tan


[member="Jo Americus"] [Paw]
[member="Betty Americus"] [Momma]
[member="Kandi Americus"] [Half-Sister = Betty's Side]
[member="Daniel Americus"] [Brother]
[member="Jimmy Americus"] [Elder-Brother (TWINS)]
[member="Andi Americus"] [Elder-Sister (TWINS)]
[member="Jasper Americus"] [Uncle]
[member="Bryce Americus"] [Cousin]
[member="Maggie-Rae Americus"] [Cousin]
[member="Rulk Rogan"]
[member="Kaptan Americus"] [Uncle Sam]
[member="Roy Americus"]
[member="Tex Amaricus"] [Half-Sister = Jo's the Daddy]
Barret Tejas
Emily Tejas
Americus & Tejas
[Possibly some other cousins, brothers, sisters not sure yet.]



+ Moral Compass - Daisy is the sweetest thing this side of the galaxy. She is gentle, kind, and confident. She does not hesitate when it comes to doing the right thing. Or, when it comes to helping others. Momma and Paw raised her well.

+ Life of the Party - Her wit is just as quick as her ability to draw a blaster. She is absolutely hilarious and never worries for long about what danger might be on the horizon. Seize the day!

+ Family Matters - She loves her family. She would do anything for them—including traversing to lands unknown to start a new life.

+ Baby Genius - For the most part Daisy seems like an airhead. She laughs, smiles, and tends to confuse forks from spoons on the regular when deep in thought. She is VERY intelligent. She has rather high IQ and can fix almost anything. From starships to speeders she get them in tip-top shape quicker than most seasoned engineers. She’s never met a technical problem she can’t fix or a droid she can’t upgrade.



- Innocent Errors – She is well-meaning but can often be too naïve. It can get her into trouble. From helping someone she shouldn’t to trusting the wrong spacey-swashbuckler with her heart she can’t usually see the bad in anyone.

- Achy-Breaky Heart – Loses boyfriends faster than smoke dissipates in the wind. Sometimes, they just disappear. It’s incredibly mysterious and couldn’t have anything to do at all with over-protective family members putting two between their eyes. Either way, Daisy feels the effects.

- Gossip Girl – There can be nothing to do aside from whisper secrets. Daisy just can’t help herself, and if pressured, will spill the beans. If you don’t want someone else to find out? Don’t tell Daisy.



Daisy Jane is a beautiful, often scantily dressed, rogue spacey sweetheart. She has shining, bouncy blonde hair, and ample assets that she doesn’t seem to notice in the slightest. Her eyes sparkle, her laugh is heaven, and she never hides a smile. Everything about her seems to hold the allure of the girl next door and her form remains fit from hard work.



When it came time to leave Concord Dawn the middle child of Betty and Jo Americus cried and cried. Her perfect heart-shaped face was filled with endless tears. What about her friends? What about their home? She couldn’t believe it. Her force-sensitivity had been discovered at a young age but she’d never spent too much time trying to hone it until it became a problem. Ra Vizsla, bless his heart, had decided that the Forcie population had needed some tending.

That was the beginning of the end.

She remembered packing her things while Paw looked for somewhere safe but it was so hard to find somewhere new. Where could they have a fresh start? What would living in exile be like? Daisy was full of questions that no one could answer. She tried to make the best of it and put her skills to good use in the nation that they found themselves in. The Confederacy was full of a lot of things. Droids, Forcie’s, Verds…All of it made her little head spin.

But for Momma, Paw, and the rest of her family she would endure it. Daisy used to have a habit of landing herself in trouble, but, always found herself in tight spots due to her optimistic way of thinking. That hasn’t changed much. Her outgoing personality is touched with a little spice. She can hold her own when the chips are down, and can turn her skills into assets, for many occasions. DJ can fire a gun just as well as her Maw and has been called a “Sharpshooter” back home.

Daisy has had a variety of romantic interests but none of them ever pan out. Mostly, they just mysteriously disappear.

With a new life looking at them Daisy is determined to put their best foot forward. Paw said that the new Mandalore was kind. Gentler than the last, but, he still feared what could happen if they returned. She respected her father enough to obey and has begun making a new life.

After all, someone had to show the galaxy truth, justice, and the Americus way. Why shouldn’t they start right here?

Personal Mandalorian Armor
Slugthrower Pistols
KC-M74S Designated Marksman Rifle
KC-77N Hybrid Pistol
Mandalorian Protector Armor
Mandalorian Protector Gunship

Castor and Pollux



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