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Suggestion Allow tab BB code in Codex/Factory subs

Judah Lesan

Tabs... no thanks.

Studies actually show the more links a person has to click to get information the more likely they are to pass up the information altogether . This move would result in a lot of time spent coding for the typical internet user to simply not click.

Tabs also create potential for hidden information. Keeping the templates as they are gives full transparency and takes away any argument that someone “just didn’t see what the sub said...” when it comes to mediating disputes.

Another thought... while I am all for prettying the templates, tabs become an option that some may not use. This makes the templates less standardized. Judges would still have to click every tab to make sure it conforms to template, so why give volunteer staff more work in something that is as much a hobby for them as it is for those who are not?
Triumvir of Power
Tabs should be fine, spoilers were nixed because people were nesting spoilers inside of spoilers inside of spoilers to hide info from rpjs/admins/fjs in the factory. Tabs are clearly labeled and fanned out across the top of the post. Just limit it to a single external tab list (no tabs inside of tabs) and it should be fine. Whether or not people who aren't in the factory actually pay attention to it or not is a moot point, the only concern should be that the people approving the sub can find the information within the sub. They signed up to read that information and judge it, being "forced" to click through a few tabs of information rather than scrolling isn't too much to ask for.
Allowing? Sure. If people want to deal with the headache of needing to edit large amounts of text in tab formatting, they should be able to.

But making it part of the template? Absolutely not.