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Invasion Allegiance: SJC invasion of Bryn'adûl held Nar Chunna, Nar Kreeta, Cyborrea and Klantooine

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Site Staff: Valiens Nantaris
Allegiance: SJC invasion of Bryn'adûl held Nar Chunna, Nar Kreeta, Cyborrea and Klantooine.

The Battle of Nar Kreeta
SJC Staff:
Bryn'adûl Staff:

Note for applying allies: Many thanks to all who are participating in the current invasion but due to the nature of this invasion, we won't be accepting Sith as allies. Again, very big thank you for your participation in the current invasion but I hope you understand the Silver Jedi Concord cannot justify calling on the Sith to help them IC. While this worked in the Sev Tok invasion due to there being a general distress call to respond to, there will be no such call here.

Dagon Kaze Dagon Kaze
Viers Connory Viers Connory
Bernard of Arca Bernard of Arca
Ripley Kühn Ripley Kühn
Ishida Ashina Ishida Ashina
Inosuke Ashina Inosuke Ashina
Venerable of Zakuul Venerable of Zakuul
Gerwald Lechner Gerwald Lechner
Millu Lee Millu Lee

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I am applying to fight for sjc and Ga. It would be my first invasion though. So I'll go there with lead feet. if you are looking for "invasion expert" allies, I am the exact opposite.
My pg has a lot of friends in Kazual, closer and closer to the war .....