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OOC: Credit to the Hellhound Strategic Storefront( Xalus Xalus ) And Aegis Systems Storefront( Arken Lussk Arken Lussk ) for giving me an idea as to how I explain what we do. Be sure to check them out. Credit to Jyoti Nooran Jyoti Nooran for helping me out.

[This is on a DarkNet And Holonet StoreFront]
Headquarters: Glee-Anslem
Operations: Cyber-based mercenary operations.
Services We Provide

White-Hat Services

About Us
Welcome to Aladon,
one of the few cyber-based mercenary operations in the galaxy. We offer cyber-based operations including but not limited to infiltration, propaganda, etc. We offer consultation and operations in both the military and civil spheres, as well as private spheres. With an ever growing list of clientele, our organization has a proven record of providing first-rate services, and we fully affirm a customer-first privacy based policy due to the sensitive nature of our industry, and environment.

Founded by the deceased One Sith and Iron Empire General Krayzen Dratos and headed by former Chiss Intelligence operative,
Mala Ciava, our personnel have a proven experience in this industry, stretching decades of experience. Additionally, in accordance with the fall of the One Sith and Drakos Systems' opposition to their rule, our organization follows the policy of not working with any Sith-based organizations or entities. Lastly, we employ a dedicated team of slicers who work, including individuals knowledgeable of both white, and black hat techniques. Indeed, we also a wide variety of personnel with legitimate experience in various backgrounds.

Our company reserves the right to deny any request without any particular reason.

Contact us today!

[Black Hat Services We Provide For [DarkNet StoreFront] In Addition To White Hat Services We Provide; Aladon Would Be Under A Different Name When Providing This Services]
Sabotage(Assaulting electrical grids; attacking physical infrastructure)
Cyber terrorism(Cyber-crime; fraud, ransomware, extortion)
Disruption of Networks
False Flag Operations
Identity Theft

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