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Approved Tech InterGalactic Credits (Digital Currency)

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  • Manufacturer: IGBC
  • Model: N/A
  • Affiliation: Open-Market
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Mass-Produced
  • Material: Memristors, Biocomm, Internal Components, Software



  • The currency system is highly automated in order to eliminate the threat of cronyism and politicization.

  • Users enjoy some degree of anonymity as their true identities need not be associated with the accounts they make. This may help facilitate gray market transactions outside government regulation and monitoring or dubious activities like money laundering.

  • Users can easily convert almost any other currency into Credits for easy transfer across borders.

Weaknesses :
  • The currency is completely virtual, offering no coins or notes for physical exchange.

  • Private ledgers of transactions are still maintained within IGBC for analysis, though the organization makes it a policy not to voluntarily share these ledgers with external groups to maintain the privacy of their customers.

  • There is a chance the Credits themselves may not always be recognized by institutions.


InterGalactic Credits, better known as Credits for short, are a form of digital fiat currency issued by IGBC. Credits are meant to provide IGBC customers with a uniform and stable medium of exchange across the galaxy that exists outside the control of volatile governments that usually have a shelf life of only a few years within the current turbulent political landscape, as opposed to centuries and millennia in the past. They are also intended to be used as form of reserve currency for individuals and organizations to protect their assets.

The modern iteration of the Credit came about as a direct response to unstable governments that were now a fact of life in a time of constant warfare and strife. As the regimes rose and fell, they would often leave local economies in shambles. To weather these events, various strategies were employed, like maintaining local forms of currency on the system or sector level, or using decentralized cryptocurrencies free from the control of governments or central banks. The problem with these strategies was that these mediums were not always recognized in different regions, which would lead to some complicated and costly conversions.

[SIZE=11pt]Teigra[/SIZE], IGBC’s shadowy master, saw an opportunity for the bank to move in and provide a much needed service, that of a stable currency that would be widely recognized across the galaxy. Prior to the dark ages, the IGBC had once backed the Galactic Credit Standard, better known as Republic Dataries/Imperial Credits, which were at one point the most popular form of currency in the galaxy. However, IG Credits would be wholly managed by IGBC as their own independent offering of currency outside of government interference. It fit into her master plan of making IGBC a dominant force in galactic affairs once more.

She was intimately involved in the development of the underlying systems of the currency from its inception, to ensure that the Credits were easily accessible to the masses and merchant friendly with little to no fees for transfer and conversion into other currencies.

To achieve these objectives, the system was built to be almost completely automated, powered by several large decentralized memristor-based neural networks housed in roving modified Meteor-class Frigates connected to each other and local [SIZE=11pt]holonet[/SIZE] nodes via a private biocomm network that keeps each neural network in sync, and connected to bicomm nodes jacked into local hyperwave and subspace networks on the sector and system levels.

The main function of the neural networks are to regulate the supply of Credits at any given time. Historically, this determination has been heavily influenced by the politics of managers, but Suravi made sure, as best she could, that algorithms only take pure economic trends into account to maintain stability. For the sake of transparency, these algorithms have been made open source. (Although data training methods for use with the neural networks are still kept under wraps, preventing competitors from matching the performance of IGBC’s neural networks.)

Special daemons, their functionality modeled after protocol droids, exist within the neural networks to govern user interfaces, providing technical and customer assistance in place of live support. With the daemons in place, users can instantly create new accounts/digital wallets, transfer credits, make inquiries, etc.

The only requirement to access this system is a datapad with [SIZE=11pt]holonet[/SIZE] access. The currency was designed to be mobile friendly, to be inclusive to disenfranchised individuals who have historically been denied even basic financial services due to their inability to afford sometimes exorbitant fees. For Suravi, this was a crucial step in helping to uplift people of the often neglected Outer Rim and truly begin the recovery process for the galaxy still wracked by chaos.
<p>Hello, I'll be the factory judge reviewing your submission. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this thread once we are underway.</p>
[member="Suravi Teigra"]

I don't think I've ever seen a credchip described in such detail. Nice addition about the "token" system(I was reading about Android Pay today...)

Anywho, my only questions are about the Bio-Comm system included in the currency. How does the Bio-Comm system get "fed" every couple of weeks if this currency is in the hands of end users, potentially stacked under mattresses? Doesn't seem like the Bio-Comm could work long term. Or am I reading this incorrectly?
[member="Delila Castillon"] Thank you. (Apple takes all the credit, as usual.)

The purpose of the biocomm network here is for communication between the ships housing the neural networks in order to stay in sync and processing, and to connect to local biocomm nodes jacked into standard hyperwave or subspace networks on the system or sector level. Everything is cloud based, the app just being a viewing client, so you need an active holonet/biocomm connection to access the system and do things. I can clarify that in the description and weaknesses section if needed.
[member="Suravi Teigra"]

Yeah,if you can add in that in about the Bio-comm that'd be awesome.

Additionally, according to my colleagues you don't need to put "this is a canon item" especially for an item that is modified (in way of materials) from the originals. My humble suggestion would be to add something in your description mentioning IGBC as the original makers of the original credchip if you really wanted it to be known as canon.
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