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Aditya Fitz-Kierke

Rise and Rise Again
Aditya Fitz-Kierke Mortui
Panathan Sweetheart with a Mean Left Hook
Aditya Naphtalia Nussyn Fitz-Kierke Mortui
ALIAS: Adia Fitz-Kierke, Ditya Mortui The resurrected nuisance
FACTION: Clans of Mandalore
RANK: Wife of Clan Mortui Alor, CEO Imperial Shipworks & Imperial Galactic Mining Corporation
SPECIES: Epicanthix
AGE: 41
GENDER: Female, like you couldn’t tell.
HEIGHT: 6’5”
WEIGHT: Hey! murmurs 220 lbs
EYES: Black & Red
HAIR: White
SKIN: White


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

  • Epicanthix: Impervious to Mentalism & Cerebral based force powers.
  • Flexible & Pliant
  • Pilot/Mechanic: If it moves in the air/atmo/space, given a couple of seconds and a punch or two Aditya can probably get the thing working. Not well! Might stall it a few times, but it will eventually open up and run for her. So what if she can't land, you can jump!
  • Tinkerer: Give her spare parts and free license and she'll make a collection of possibly useful things.
  • Dancer: Yes, it's a strength. Have you gone en pointe? Have you? No? Shut up. That's how.
  • Schemer: Tough as nails, from her years in the Netherworld & death, Aditya is a survivor and knows what she has to do so her family can have their best life.
  • Impulsiveness
  • Bright Lights: Due to a genetic anomaly, Aditya can be blinded in bright light & always wears googles or shades in bright places.
  • Hell Scared: Aditya spent the past five years in Hell keeping her and her daughter [member="Yasha Mantis"] alive. Now home, Aditya's gun-shy and reeling with undiagnosed PTSD.
  • Newbie: Since running off with Preliat to Mandalore, Aditya's been attempting to assimilate the Mando'ade culture, but it's a slow go.
There wasn’t a lot to go around on Panatha where Aditya and her sisters were raised status-searching and confrontational. Aditya was Daddy’s Little Boxer, the testosterone he never bred, and she liked it better that way. Her mother demanded dance lessons until the day came she could best her Mom in a fight. Took till the age of 16 before Aditya gave her Mom a bloody nose and grabbed the keys to her own castle, but sore and missing part of her left ear she waltzed out of the Dance Studio with a healthy two-step, never to return. Pity her dancing had helped the family survive. Under her stage name, Aditya was a Prima Ballerina and was well travelled by her enterprising mother and their Ballet Troupe.

Two years later, Daddy’s little boxer ate leftovers from other peoples’ tables, studied machinist manuals she 'found' in the pockets and bags of mechanics passing by and danced for a living on any space station and way-place she could shake her reasonably priced shoes at. Wasn’t her fault if she kept getting into brawls with employers, and pirates and mercenaries. She fixed most of what she broke, and in that part of her ne'er-do-well education, Aditya glimmered.

Kei Amadis’ father took her in on a mission when she turned 20, hearing through the grapevine that she knew how to use duct tape and spackle like the cheapest of pros. She’d promised to keep the Ambiguous Statement running and curled herself up in a corner of the microscopic engine room to stay warm at night. Kei began keeping her company, it was the little things: a warm mug of stimcaf when she woke up, his jacket when she pretended to shiver, his barking voice when they got themselves into a fight and needed to punch their way out, but Aditya silently started falling for the good Captain’s son.

Wouldn’t do. A girl couldn’t lose her independence at the ripe young age of 21! Aditya threw herself between waking up beside Kei’s exhausted and sated body and pursuing outside work. She made a reputation as a pirate, kicking hard and living harder in an attempt to forget the Ambiguous young sharpshooter. Still, the Ambiguous Statement was the home she didn't want to fall back into, not till she'd gotten freedom out of her system. And rust. Rust was hard on the manicures, it was. Even fired at him a few times, in desperation for another few credits to fill her stomach.

Aditya’s lifestyle continued, breaking quarter only to spend time with Kei. Disaster: The Ambiguous Statement went through a freak incident and Aditya stole a ship to rescue Kei Amadis. And then kill him for getting in a genuine predicament in the first place. Especially after promising in their last firefight that if they survived, she’d freaking marry him! Now, to inform the groom.

She pursued him to the Army of Light, prancing in to dissipate tension and make people laugh. Hey, they all knew they were going to die, why would she have to sob for them? Ultimately, Aditya decided that although life in the Atrisian Empire was more her style of late, spending as much time with Kei as she could was worth every hour of fixing all the ships the Army would break in their bid to kill the Sith.

The Galactic Empire became Aditya's home and the Emperor himself desired her engineering creativity, making her a Senior Prefect and CEO of the Imperial Shipworks. While she was learning the ropes of her new position, her husband Kei Amadis divorced her and disappeared. Kei's body was found several months later, and Aditya had it and the Ambiguous Statement flown into the nearest star as her way of dealing with her ex-husband's demise, betrayal and funeral. Since then, the months have seen a harder working Aditya. She's done nothing but until @[member="Preliat Mantis"] came back into her life. Originally hired to protect her while she mined for Phrikite Ore, Eli came around again and asked Aditya on a date.

She said yes.


Crashlanding in the Atrisian Empire, Aditya found a home among the Galactic Empire. She quickly came onto the radar, both due to her marriage to @[member="Kei Amadis"], General of the Army of Light and her general skills as an engineer and collaborator. She was given the rank of Senior Prefect of the Imperial Shipworks, and is currently growing in to this new responsibility.


[member="Preliat Mantis"] took her out on the 'biggest date of her life'. At the conclusion she ended up sated and heading to Mandalore with the Wolf of the Mando'ade. Helping him set up a home for them both on the outskirts of Keldabe, Aditya began the process of acclimatizing to Mandalorian living and found the process slower than expected. Preliat got taken prisoner in Empress Teta in time for Aditya to find out she was pregnant.

She had to rescue him. Undertaking the mission by hiring a 12 year old Mando'ade and seeking help from the vode, Aditya finally rescued Preliat - with his younger brother Silas in tow. But, the amputee prisoner of war was broken and violent, Aditya began to fear all but her instinct. She'd been a tough act once and she could be again. After all, it wasn't just about her and Eli anymore.

How exactly does one raise a Mando'ade, when its father is off travelling the listless universe chasing down and drowning his fears and sins? Preliat Mantis' rescue was Aditya's first insertion into the more combat oriented part of becoming a Mando'ad. Hiring the diminiutive Goran'ika [member="Ginnie Ordo"] to help lead the assault on the Sith Prison had seemed like a decent idea until the girl burned up the place. Still, by the end of it Preliat was rescued. All of him came but one leg, roughly amputated by the Sith 'doctors'.

Preliat was broken, Aditya was pregnant and [member="Silas Mantis"] reared his ticked off head. How would Aditya keep her little family together now? Once he was back on Mandalore, Preliat began to fall into his PTSD while also showering his young lover with affection. Building her Beskar'gam and becoming a true child of Mandalore, Aditya continues to grow larger as the time for their daughter's birth arrives. Will she be able to heal Preliat's heart and mind in time for him to be the best Buir in the known universe?

Pregnant and coping with her lover's mental and physical injuries, Aditya pulled herself up by her bootstraps and began making a home of the Mantis Homestead. One night, woken by the baby's kicks Aditya and Preliat talked into the early morning. He asked Aditya to marry him and she said yes.

Soon after, they found their way to Vorzyd and Aditya fought beside her soon-to-be husband. She was promoted to Rally Master for her efforts on Vorzyd.


[member="Yasha Mantis"] was born as a healthy and strong baby Epicanthix girl. The first few months of life were ideal. Preliat was sleeping at night, Aditya was happy... then in a galactic event, Aditya and the baby Yasha were pitched screaming into Hell. Five years were spent with Aditya keeping her daughter alive by killing whatever she saw, eating whenever they could, and constantly trying to find ways through the mazes of Hell to get home.

She tried to reach out, sometimes appearing to her husband. He didn't believe her. Finally, in a tremendous accident, Aditya's comatose body and [member="Yasha Mantis"] were discovered by [member="Isley Verd"]. He brought them back to the Mandalorians, where [member="Ginnie Ordo"] found Preliat and brought him to his family.

How will Aditya adjust now that she doesn't have to protect her daughter from Hell anymore?

It didn't matter for long. During the Second Mandalorian Excision, Aditya died getting her daughter to safety. But, death wasn't the end. The Netherworld held her for years, until after spending seven years training her very alive teenaged daughter once again, and having to let her go, Aditya resigned herself to her death in the Field of Blades.

Then Darth Prazutis raised her from the grave, as a gift to Mand'alor the Infernal.

Now Aditya is back, fearless and over her past. It's time to meddle, and this mom won't let go. Course the first thing she did was let a bit of a longer leash between herself and her daughter, due in no small part to falling raucously in love with Adenn Kyramud Adenn Kyramud , the Alor of Clan Mortui. A man more suited to her Aditya never did see. Half insane and twice as daring, Adenn broke through Aditya's many chaotic layers, and the dust which coated her corporeal form. He was gentle when she needed it, hard and stubborn when she needed that more.

The romance was hard, fast, and opened her to the idea that although she'd lost one child to the icy clutches of Death, more could, and would follow. A married woman with a new brood of triplets twice over now, Aditya pretends to bustle about the 'bother' of babies with a grin she only really lets Adenn see.

Life is healing, it's complicated and full of scales so far from white and black there's nothing but infinite grey. In her spare time (hah!), she still engineers for Imperial Shipworks, and for her son-in-law Noah Corek's company, where she specializes in battle tech and replacement limbs.

Wouldn’t you like to know?

  • "That Old Navy Dog" - a pirate captain who had once taken Aditya in, who tried to capture @[member="Kei Amadis"].
  • Frick & Frack, the Twilek Sisters
  • Thousands of beings, creatures and monsters in Hell

Captain Larraq said:
Due to IC participation, being the only individual in the thread to take a hit, and at the behest of my legal department, the following lot is awarded to one Aditya Amadis Lot D: 1x Ani'jarkiv Limo - Awarded to Aditya Amadis for Participation
Need proof of Aditya's awesometude? See above. Yeah, that's right. Rock on.
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Rise and Rise Again
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Rise and Rise Again
Thanks, @[member="Akio Kahoshi"] I'm fond of them too, that and they help me see things, like which sprockets need winding & what mechano needs fixing.


*makes [rare] appearance [as of late]* Right, @[member="Akio Kahoshi"]. I do appreciate the goggles.... And an engineer? Fantastic!
Rise and Rise Again
@[member="Midve"] :D:D:D:D YOU are my new best friend! We should engineer things. Wouldn't it be fabtastic to get more into creating new tech? Improving old tech?

:D *waves Waves waves*


I am always striving for mechanical improvement. I think this relationship would be beneficial to the advancement of technology.
(In other words, thanks for friending, and I'd love to work with you. :) )
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@[member="Kei Amadis"] Whatchoo grinning at, snarky?
*makes sure no one's looking, steals a hug and kiss*
I'm still angry at you! Not sure for what reason but I'll think of something. :D I mean. . . HEY DEAR!