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clan cadera

  1. Raona Cadera

    Character  Raona Cadera of House Skirata

    REY Music THEME Aliases Rey Birthplace Kyrimorut Age Early Twenties Personality Traits Stubborn Proud Education Traits Mandalorian Education Imperial Officer Academy Lifestyle Traits Rebel Refugee Rank(s) - Faction(s) Nite Owls House Skirata Mandalorian Rebels Species...
  2. Silhana Cadera

    Private  Only the Future

    Silhana Cadera Lynne Tal’kira aka Lady Orchid Alor'ad (Captain), member of the Clan Cadera; Bounty Hunter, Headmistress of the House Orchid and The Bounty Hunters' Guild Objective: Meet Noah Location: Cantina, Evaar'la Yaim Equipment: 2x PV-16 "Sunfury" Pulse Pistol | 2x Beskad | Besar'gam |...
  3. Ingrid L'lerim

    Approved Planet  Evaar'la Yaim | New Home

    Intent: To create the planet of the Eternal Empire's Mandalorians in the Unknown Regions, and expand the Clan Harert's lore. Image Credit: Terakuul (Volcanic) 3D by Jose Mikhail Supervolcano Headers: Kainan Wolfe Divider: me Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: New Contract | Journey of Solitude...
  4. Silhana Cadera

    Character  Silhana Cadera

    Name: Silhana Lolaes'ra Other name(s): Lynne Tal’kira aka Lady Orchid (alias) The Angel-faced killer Ranks & Titles: Headmistress of House Orchid Lady Orchid Bounty Hunter Verd'ika Species: Twi’lek Birth date: Redacted. Age: Mid twenties. Faction: Mandlorian Union | The Bounty Hunters...
  5. H3xle

    Bryson Cadera

    || BASICS || Full name: Bryson Cadera Titles: N/A Species: Near-Human Birthworld: Concord Dawn Faction(s): Galactic Alliance Rank(s): Agent Class: Agent, Warrior || PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION || Gender: Male Age: 31 Height: 6’2” Weight: 213 lbs Complexion: Medium Tan Eye Color: Blue Hair Color...
  6. Yasha Cadera

    Character  Yasha Cadera - Hell Child of Mandalore

    Yasha Cadera Mand'alor the Infernal NAME: Yasha Ghada Nussyn Fitz-Kierke Cadera; Little Rekr; Haran Rekr (Hell Wolf) FACTION: Mandalorian Empire RANK: Mand'alor the Infernal Katlaydr (Famine) of the Cuir Rekr SPECIES: Epicanthix AGE: 25 SEX: Female HEIGHT: 7'2" (In Beskar'gam 8'2") WEIGHT...
  7. Ginnie Dib

    Aditya Fitz-Kierke

    Aditya Fitz-Kierke Mortui Panathan Sweetheart with a Mean Left Hook NAME: Aditya Naphtalia Nussyn Fitz-Kierke Mortui ALIAS: Adia Fitz-Kierke, Ditya Mortui The resurrected nuisance FACTION: Clans of Mandalore RANK: Wife of Clan Mortui Alor, CEO Imperial Shipworks & Imperial Galactic Mining...
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