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  1. Kylani Kelburn

    Character Kylani Vatari "KayVee" Kelburn

    Kylani Vatari "KayVee" Kelburn NAME: Kylani Vatari Kelburn; AKA KayVee or Lani Vatar FACTION: Eclipse Rebels RANK: Slicer, engineer, pilot and rebel SPECIES: Kiffar AGE: Twenty six SEX: Female with very open preference HEIGHT: Five feet and six inches WEIGHT: One hundred and fifty...
  2. Telis Taharin

    Character Telis Taharin

    Basic Info NAME: Telis Cassio Taharin SPECIES: Coruscanti (Strand-Cast) / Sangnir AGE: 29 GENDER: Male HEIGHT: 5’10” WEIGHT: 154 lb PHYSIQUE: Toned BODY TYPE: Ecto-Mesomorph EYES: Grey, but change through implants HAIR: Dark Auburn SKIN: Olive, but can change through implants FORCE SENSITIVE...
  3. Cara Dorniarn

    Cara Dorniarn - The Iron Hand

    Analysis Name: Cara Dorníarn Species: Bakuran Age: 63 Gender: Female Height: 5'6" Weight: 165lbs Eyes: Green Hair: Black Force Sensitive: Yes Force Maturity: Master Faction Allegiance: The Sith Empire Faction Rank: Sith Knight Occupation:Doctor of Mechanical and Bio-engineering Birthworld...
  4. Chkhoz Pikeyy

    Chkhoz Pikeyy

    Chkhoz Pikeyy ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Chkhoz Pikeyy Faction: Unaffiliated Rank: N/A Species: Verpine Age: 23 Sex: Hermaphroditic (Male Personality) Height: 1.7m/5'6 ft Weight: 60kg/132lbs...
  5. Khyr Beviin

    Khyr Beviin

    ://IDENTITY//: :///GIVEN NAME: Khyr :///SURNAME/CLAN: Beviin :///FACTION: Clans of Mandalore/Bounty Hunters Guild :///RANK: Warrior/Bounty Hunter ://BIOLOGICAL//: :///SPECIES: Near-Human :///AGE: 32 GSY :///SEX: Male :///HEIGHT: 6’0” :///BUILD: Muscular/Agile :///EYES: Blue :///HAIR: Brown...
  6. Darth Athora

    Approved NPC Lieutenant Jerod Quill

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To add a character to a future submission ​Image Credit: Kabal - Mortal Kombat Wiki Role: Engineering Officer Links: N/A PHYSICAL INFORMATION Age: 37 Force Sensitivity: Non-Force User Species: Anomid Appearance: A well seasoned Imperial naval officer. Ebony...
  7. Sakoda Dathu

    Sakoda Dathu

    "If I can think it, I can build it" Name: Sakoda Dathu Alias: - Nicknames: "Hot Shot", "Stormchaser", "Koko", "Greatest tech savant in space" (self titled) Faction: Clan Dathu Homeworld: Eres III Species: Human Relatives: Mother, Father, 2 Brothers (Older) Languages Known: Basic...
  8. Tanith Alde


    Tech Magos - Yaemi'Xera [hr] NAME: Yaemi'Xera FACTION: The Confederacy RANK: - TBA SPECIES: Deilokin AGE: 18 SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5'8" WEIGHT: 122 lbs EYES: Bright Blue, hard to see through the Visor HAIR: Hidden under helmet. Surprisingly long, metallic silver in color...
  9. Zentripoli


    NAME: Zentripoli FACTION: Black Sun ROLE: Galactic Brainiac / Executive / Engineer / Owner of Zeralith Defense Technologies SPECIES: Columi AGE: 30 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 2’11” WEIGHT: 20 lbs. EYES: Black HAIR: N/A SKIN: Gray FORCE SENSITIVE: No STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES Leadership This is an area...
  10. Kirchenhof

    Anarielle Giala Mero

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: This character is a wholesome Engineer character who will fulfill the role of a Craftsman who ICly produces the sheer several-thousand words of madness that is my factory submissions. ​Image Credit: [ Link to where you found the images, or to the original...
  11. Amanda Hass

    Amanda Hass

  12. Delsin Kessler

    Can engineer for moneys

    Anything to join this character into the universe
  13. Tamsyn Ajahn

    Tamsyn "Tanara" Ajahn

    Accessing galactic civilian birth records... File requested not found... Standby for alternative search options... File found, accessing record... Opening file for TAMSYN AJAHN daughter of KYLE AJAHN... Opening reference image... Subject medical record ready for viewing... Please select...
  14. Katria Vekarr

    Approved NPC Skiss Iskiss (Katria's Companion, Gunsmith and Engineer)

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To bring to life Katria's Verpine companion to use as a gunsmith for the CIS. ​Image Credit: KhairulHisham on DeviantArt Role: Skiss is Katria's personal gunsmith and the engineer of her ship. Links: Verpine (Species), Verpine Shatter Gun/Rifle PHYSICAL...
  15. Haon Hafey

    Looking for Faction to Build For

    Title says it all. I prefer smaller factions and wish to build starships. I have currently one design being processed with another being processed for heavy modification. Nothing much else to say, bit quiet.
  16. Aran Piett

    Approved NPC Joannie Moreau

    Name: Lieutenant Joannie Moreau Loyalties: First Order Navy, Aran Piett's Chief Engineer Role: Engineering Chief for Aran Piett's Command ship Development Threads: N/A Age: 32 Species: Human/Dosuun Appearance: Looking young for her age Joannie Moreau is the Chief Engineer for the flag ship...
  17. Astrid


    A S T R I D . . . ______________`` Statistics Name & Alias(es): Astrid, 'Highlights' Age: Twenty-five Gender...
  18. Sir Pennwood Bree

    Sir Pennwood Bree

    NAME: Sir Pennwood Bree FACTION: No affiliation, a freelance. RANK: N/A SPECIES: Human (Naboo) AGE: 41 SEX: male HEIGHT: 5'9" WEIGHT: 240 lbs. EYES: Dark Brown HAIR: Lighter brown, combed neatly. SKIN: Caucasian FORCE SENSITIVE: No...
  19. Ria Misrani

    Just a Forcebuster

    '' Heard you guys, had a major uh, problem there uh with your uh, force. Lots things happenin' over there and I'd be more than happy to uh, *adjusts glasses* bust'em for you.