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A Memory of the Past (completed)

A single slender finger traced over the rim of a small glass. The sweat of the chilled glass made the movement slick to the touch. The sensation of the wetness upon Bix’s finger did not quill her temperament, nor did the caramel liquid that lay within the glass. There were disturbing emotions within her, which she did not understand. It was her hunch; even if she could remember her past it would not help her to understand.

The profound emotions wrenched and churned. It first manifested as a constricting feeling clamping down upon her chest. As if her heart and lungs was going to be crushed under the weight of it all. There was a struggle to breathe, yet Bix still found the strength to continue to trace over the rim of the glass. Could she ever… lay to rest her feelings? Would she always feel this way? It was a hopeless feeling. She was lost, no direction, no purpose. It was not enough to simple survive. Was there something more?
Vena was not everything she had ever wanted the house was grand but it was not Hyogo. The staff were friendly but too often Bella looked for Izumi among the faces that moved about the house.

Another day, another hour, and another minute. She was trying to negotiate with a few of the ship builders in the galaxy to build a facility on Vena. They needed it, the economy needed it so why was it so difficult.

Bella stood at the window looking out at the rain, the drops sliding down the pane. Why couldn't she let this go? Why did she keep feeling like her father was out there? And why couldn't she convince the others of this.

She groaned again.

"I'm bored." She put her back to the wall watching.

[member="Bix Slisia"]
“Damn me”, she cursed herself in hushed whisper. The heartbreak continued to rise. As she fought, her eyes began to grow itchy as fluids began to build up. She felt the need to cry. Maybe she needed to. Maybe the release of such emotions could help?

Bix closed her eyes. The need to cry was just physical. She had a greater need. She had been in hiding for so long she had hid herself. Not just with a new name and a job at ship yard on Anaxes. She had closed herself from prying eyes through the Force. She had not wished to be found. It was draining. It was emotionally draining and took its toll.

She leaned her head back while taking a deep breath. Her hands now gripping the table gave her a sense of stability, even though it was not going to help her in what she was about to do.

She cried. Bix let out her feelings. Just to the common eyes within the cantina it was a women sitting alone crying. No longer hiding her signature, those close to her…if close could sense her? What were the chances of that happening?

[member="Arabella Darkhold"]
As she stood there contemplating the raindrops a communication came in from Alatuff Ship Wrights they wanted her to come to Anaxes to review their line of ships.Bella nodded to no one there was this fuzzy feeling in the force.

But she felt only those that were close to her something was seeping in tonight, was it because she had dropped her defenses to just feel the emotions of her day. A great sadness overwhelmed Bella. "Ohh you're sad" She whispered. She knew about sadness [member="Muad Dib"] gone , and [member="Gir Quee"] gone even [member="Simeon Alde"] she felt like she had a good reason to cry but held back her emotions now was not a good time to show tears.

"Mam we have an invite to come to Anaxes and review the line of ships at the shipwrights" For a moment she hesitated she was ready to stand more. Bella wiped the tear from her cheek. Bella wished she had brought the prowler

'Make plans to go to Anaxes then we need to entice them to build here." Bella smiled maybe things were going to get better.

[member="Bix Slisia"]
“What”, Bix snapped at a male Sullustan who happened to notice her crying. He was a table next to her and to her left. He was at first seemed [SIZE=11pt]sympathetic[/SIZE] to her plight before she said what. Then there was a bit of shock laced with fear when the young woman verbally lashed out at him.

Now angry that someone intruded in her moment she reached over grabbing her drink in a fit. For a moment the look on the Sullustan’s face was horror as he believe the woman was going to throw the drink at him. Relief was visibly evident upon his face, as he watched her pound the drink back like it was water.

When he looked back up and over to the woman the look of shock returned to his face. “KARK OFF”, Bix yelled out and slammed her fist into the poor Sullustan’s face. Unprepared the man had zero opportunity to react other than to look shocked and be hit square in the jaw. The force of the impact knocked the surprised man clear out of his chair and onto the floor.

“Get up”, she barked. He however did not. Most of the cantina did not take notice of the event. The other gentlemen at the table with the Sullustan did. One rushed over to see if their friend was alright. The others just laughed at their friend’s expense.

Bix however disappointed the man did not get back up to fight just left. She had to get ready for some visiting buyer. Bix could not recall at the moment whom was coming to visit. She remembered getting some memo but had not taken the time to review it in detail.

[member="Arabella Darkhold"]
The arrival on Anaxes took place only hours later hyperspace travel made some planets a lot closer. Bella looked about as she exited she smiled it was exciting to visit a new world to meet new people.

Perhaps yesterday was just a sign that she had been inside too long away from others. She knew she should soon go and visit Faith who had been so helpful to her. Course no one was as helpful to Bella as her brother Garith. Wherever he was she hoped he was safe, and Theo even though they had become friends it still wasn't the same as her brother. She imagined that Faith felt the same way.

Bella let out a giant so loud enough that others noticed, Bella gave them all a sheepish smile.

"Ok I am to meet a representative someone named [member="Bix Slisia"] hopefully I'm not late." Bella headed off to the appointed meeting place, the lobby of the manufacturer.
[SIZE=12pt]Blah, blah, blah words spilled forth sounded like lame excuses from a lazy milk drinker. Bix not having the patience to deal the engineer simple reached out. The palm of her hand stopped inches away from the man’s mouth. “Look”, Bix began to speak abruptly. Either you can fix the hyper coolant system on the hyper drive or I will replace you, the way she had said replace sound spine-chilling. Was there a hidden meaning behind that single word?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]“Can you fix it or not”, she asked point-blank![/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]“Yes mam”, terrified the female human engineer stammered out, “right away.” There was a pause Bix had said nothing in return and the young engineer just stood there in the lobby. Bix rolled her eyes in annoyance, “well move your shebs, karking hell!”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]Brutalized from the experience the young woman turned around and briskly walked away. [/SIZE]

[member="Arabella Darkhold"]
[member="Bix Slisia"]

Bella stood in the lobby waiting to be met. The company had the right look but what could they offer, and at what prices. Then could Bella convince them to move a facility to Vena. With factions closing in around Vena it needed to have something of value to offer and protect itself.

What was it about the galaxy that made it seem as if no one was ever safe. Bella sighed as she waited she thought she heard shouting. A woman? Well she wasn't too surprised women held all kinds of positions in the galaxy so why couldn't they yell like a freighter pilot on shore leave.

She looked at the door counting silently timing it out if a woman appeared then she would know it was the same woman yelling.


‘Yes, that’s right’, Bix silently reminded herself what was next upon her agenda. This time Bix turned about and walked further into the lobby. The lobby was not to full of people, yet it was filled with the sounds of voices echoing off the metallic white walls. This part always did set Bix slightly off kilter. It just seemed overly clean and lacked. She did not know what it was missing but it seemed way too orderly to her chaotic emotions that lay within her heart.

What made Bix feel slightly a little more uncomfortable is what she was wearing. To conform to company polices she had to wear suitable clothing that would properly fit the image the company wished to convey. The skirt, blouse, blazer, and high heels matched the same colors as the pristine white around her. Really the whole situation just creep her out, including the executive supervisor of the ship yard.

“Welcome to”, Bix stopped in mid sentence after seeing [member="Arabella Darkhold"] . Somehow she knew she knew this young woman but did not know her. She knew this was someone from her past she could not remember. Bix was momentarily stunned. For that brief seconded she did not know what to do. “Hello”, Bix started to smile again. “Welcome I am Bix Slisia the company’s rep. Do you have any product in particular in mind that you wished to see first?”
Arabella had been right the woman walked in Bella smiled broadly. The woman Bix looked very pristine, clean....regimented.

She sensed though that she was caught off guard it was the surprise in her eyes, the way she stopped where she stood in the room. Bella for a moment wanted to look around to see if something had happened that she had not noticed.

She stood straight, "Hello, I'm Arabella Darkhold yes you manfacture a few models of personal ships I'd like to see those." She took a few steps towards Bix it was kind of odd how the woman felt in the force. Bella would figure out what it was and why.

[member="Bix Slisia"]
That name sounded more than familiar. It was a haunting echo that pulled upon strings tethered to a forgotten dream. Tragedy and pain, a realty that could shatter what she could feel what was left of her soul?

“Yes”, Bix attempted to focus her thoughts. “We have several models that might fit your needs”, Bix wondered as she continued to speak if it was wise to stay. Maybe she should just turn around right now. “Please, follow me”, BIx stepped to the side and directed with a gesture for Arabella to follow.

[member="Arabella Darkhold"]
"Excellent" Bella followed as directed now that she was closer to the woman something about her felt familiar, something kept tickling her force sense.

She looked again to see if she knew the woman her features were not familiar but now that she thought about it she swore like her father that whole put the fear of god into someone, yes that was definitely her father. Maybe she knew him.

"Ms. Slisia has my family had dealings with you before?" Perhaps that was why she felt odd in the force. She did not want to be rude but if she did not ask she would never know.

[member="Bix Slisia"]
Two words, those two words pooped right into Bix’s thoughts! “Miss Darkhold”, Bix began to answer with a smile and calm demeanor. “Look, here we are”, it was a door that clearly had the symbol for the men’s restroom. She held the door open. Two men were at the sinks washing their hand. “Out”, Bix barked at them.

Recognizing the voice the two men at the sinks darted from the room with their hands still wet. There was a stumbling noise coming from one of the stalls….followed shortly by a man racing out of the stall and out the door. The poor frantic man still had toilet paper hanging out the back of his pants. The men obviously knew the woman and feared her.

Still holding the door open Bix smiled, “After you Miss Darkhold.” Did Bix not wish to answer Aarabella’s question in public?

[member="Arabella Darkhold"]
Bella looked in it was the men's room the territory that most women did not go into, she looked at [member="Bix Slisia"] and then inside. The two men their faces showing a bit of shock and some embarrassment slipped past them quickly.

But who knows maybe this was some custom or other performed on Anaxes. Bella nodded and went in her cobalt blue eyes looked around okay there wasn't much to see it looked like any other restroom.

"Is this some ritual, or do you have a purpose for bringing me into the mens room?" This had better be good was all she thought. Wouldn't [member="Simeon Alde"] get a laugh out of this.
[member="Arabella Darkhold"]

“Ritual”, perplexed for a moment, “Wait, what”, confusing rolled away after she discovered what Arabella meant. Bix waved her hands dismissing her thoughts. “No”, Bix looked at the closed door and back to Arabella. “I just did not wish to answer some of your questions in public. Now what was your prior question again?”
She was odd and it was confusing. So she didn't want to answer her questions in the open but she didn't mind answering them in the mens' room.


"I asked if you done any business with my family before?" Bella backed up a bit and made sure that she could get to the door. If Ms. [member="Bix Slisia"] turned into someone dangerous or made an aggressive move on her she wanted to be sure escape was possible. She smiled though and tried to act relaxed even if the women before her was giving Bella the impression of losing her mind.

"You did mean that question right." She hoped.
[member="Arabella Darkhold"]

“Yes, that one”, a frustrated sigh escaped Bix’s lips. She could not remember a time in her live anything was easy. Waking up with no idea of who you are, surrounded by Sith who call you by a name you do not recognize. This is Yokuni’s daughter? Yes the man who was there when I had lost my memory. His ship, when I walked the corridors it felt as if I knew them and I knew all the codes, and now his daughter? There is some connection but how do I explain it?

“Look, I’m not one to normally share my feelings. Nor am I one to just trust anyone”, this sucked but Bix kept talking. “Look Arabella it was not too long ago I was in combat. I had taken considerable damage”, Bix stopped and rubbed the sides of her head. Her head hurt but she had to continue. “Sorry your question”, Bix did not know where to begin to explain. “The answer is yes I have done business with your family. First you should know all of this is not easy nor will it be easy to explain”, tears rolled down Bix’s check as she recalled all of this.

“Like I said not long ago I was in battle. The day the One Sith took Coruscant from the Republic. I was there. It was because of that battle I lost all memory of my pervious life. From a curtain perspective you could say I would have dead, that is if Togashi Yokuni was not there. I woke up weeks later, with no memory of the battle but with no of the memories of my past. It was not until sometime later I returned back to the bar I was injured. I looked over the security footage of that day. The only thing that felt familiar was Lord Darkhold. I could not recall why I knew that name…Lord Darkhold…not even why I should even know him. From there I searched my feelings and it took me to a hanger on Coruscant to a transport you might know well. The Obsidian Dagger, the personal transport of Togashi Yonuni. I knew all the personal codes clear down to bank accounts. Re-watching the security footage over and over again I did come to a conclusion of what may have transpired. It is the only thing that could make sense. With that thought my instincts told me to go into hiding. Even I could not recall I knew I had more enemies at the time then allies. I may not be able to remember my past but Bogan knows me well. I do have a personal transport here for you. It is yours just take it. You can have the Obsidian Dagger.”

Bix overwhelmed ran her fingers through her hair. Her hair fell out from the bun and cascaded down upon her shoulders. “It all sounds crazy. I feel crazy. I don’t remember, but I can feel it all, thousands of years, thousands of lives. I’m I the last? What does that even mean? Am I the last of what and why do I feel responsible? Who are they?”
Bella was trying hard to follow the logic no illogic of the woman before her. One moment one place the next somewhere else. She smiled but when she started talking about the Obsidian Dagger she had Bella's attention.

"You have Yokuni's ship" which meant she had her father's ship. Bank Accounts! She had access to everything that her family had access to, how would this woman know so much and have the ship.


Bella groaned. "You were on Coruscant. You've lost your memeory. You have the Dagger. You have access to my family accounts" Her father was a Sith skilled in many things Bella had never felt him die even when everyone else said he was dead.


Add in she also felt odd in the force.

Bella closed her eyes shaking her head there was one leap here to take. You know that saying that says if you rule out everything else whatever is left is the truth. "we need a drink and out of this building ships can wait." Bella went to grab and the stopped if her father was in here the one thing he hated being touched without warning.

"Come on..I'm sure you know a place, right?" If she doesn't know a place then Bella's reasoning would have a hole in it.

[member="Bix Slisia"]
[member="Arabella Darkhold"]

“Yes, I know of a place”, Bix defiantly needed a drink.

“The Dagger is docked here. We could go there and find a drink”, yes it was here. Bix had been living out of the ship how long now? “Come with me”, Bix went to move to the door and would lead them both to the Dagger.
That gave her pause standing there for a few moments remembering stories her father had told her and knowing his nature as she did as she started to take a few more steps to follow her communications device went off on a high speed vibration.

What else could be happening in the galaxy right now that needed her attention, did someone burn down the house? She pulled it out and looked activity on on......Bella reached out for the wall she needed support.

She must be having a breakdown finally after all this time. She looked again at the woman called [member="Bix Slisia"] and now back to her communications there was activity on her brother's accounts [member="Garith Darkhold JR"] . He was once again in the galaxy, but where was he.

She didn't know what to do. she had to hold it together that's what she had to do.

First things first figure out how this woman knows so much. Bella was stunned for the moment she realized she had family again.

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