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Approved NPC 73rd Marine Battalion - "The Seraphim

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A man's legacy is determined by how the story ends

  • Intent: To create the Marine Battalion for Captain Angellus' carrier for continuity purposes.
  • Image Credit: Freestencilgallery.com/Noxus Legends
  • Role: Marine Battalion providing all normal operations on a carrier, from Security, to ground operations, to search n rescue.
  • Permissions: My Subs
  • Links: N/A
  • Unit Name: 73rd Marine Battalion "The Seraphim"
  • Affiliation: Captain Liram Angellus, Silver Jedi Concord
  • Classification: Marine Battalion (Security, Ship-Based Ground Operations, Air support, Troop Transport)
  • Description: The 73rd Battalion are Silver Jedi Defense Force Marines assigned to the carrier "Ethereal" and nicknamed "The Seraphim" for their preference in airdrops during ground operations. Close Quarters Operations is their preferred method of action. The 73rd also provides rapid response and security aboard the ship. Sigil distinguishing them
  • STRONG LEADERSHIP- This Battalion is new but they are put together by a well-established and respected officer in the Marines. She is "lead from the front" and will drink you under the table as quickly as shoot the wings off a womprat.
  • WELL EQUIPPED- The Commanding Officer has been busy calling in every favor and pulling every string he can to ensure that the 73rd is not without gear. That is one bet that he lost to the CO of the Marines, and he does not welch.
  • NEWBIES- They're well trained and put together, but this is still a new battalion. They have teeth cut and less of a background. It will take some time for them to actually become more efficient.
  • LIMITED- They do not have a dedicated base with transports, everything is carrier based and while they are effective in their capabilities, they are limited in how they are deployed. No tanks, no artillery.
  • Lt Colonel Maura Telaskt - Commanding Officer
  • Major Edric Ssatav - Executive Officer
  • Captain Coltin Jaliu - Commander of Mech Division
  • Captain Alta Nirab - Commander of Assault/Rapid Response groups
  • Captain Yoseph Salmurquin - Security/Military Police Commander

When Captain Angellus was given command of this new class of carrier, he wanted a Battalion of Marines for potential ground operations as the vessel. Putting in the request was easy enough, but he was not a proven officer in this field yet and needed to show the ability to have overall command of so many facets of such a vessel, not just "acting commander" status. This is not to say that he would be denied, for not only was he capable to this point, he was also a legacy, it's in his blood. This fact of course is something that the Captain resents, but he is willing to accept the work that he needed to put in.

The 73rd is new, yes but Lt. Colonel Telaskt ("TellAsK") is hard-nosed and beautiful as she may be, she is also respected for her work ethic, leadership skills, and lack of any type of fear. There is a rumor that she once outdrank a Sith Lord and even stole his lightsaber. She neither confirms nor denies this. Her command staff is all officers who have followed her throughout her career and she trusts them with her life as they trust her with theirs. She is soft-spoken, but do not argue with her when she gives you her infamous "Shut the F' up" look. The Battalion is constantly training, working out, and running drills when not on full duty. This is to "get them ready before their ready", but what gets her respect from the Marines is not just her reputation, but the fact that she trains with them, and so do the Commanders. She leads from the front, and that is probably why she was willing to go to "The Mouthy Kid's" ship because he does the same thing.
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I love what you are wanting to do with this submission, but I actually cannot discern which template you used. In order for me to review this you need to use one of the provided templates.

You may use whichever one you wish, but ALL major fields must be used. Add any fields you wish, but you may not remove any.

My suggestion is that you use this template: https://www.starwarsrp.net/threads/npc-creation-4-0.121120/post-1776228

and add in the composition or members as extra information.
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