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Approved Starship Ethereal Marines - "Cherub" Troop/Mech Transport

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  • Atmospheric flight, operations, and landing capability
  • Standard Life Support
  • Standard Communications
  • Standard Nav systems and computer
  • Standard Sensors and Targeting array
  • Sublight, Ion, and Repulsorlift engines
  • Standard Communications array


  • CAN TAKE A LICKIN' ...: The transport is meant to be able to get Marine troops and mechanized vehicles in and out of warzones as quickly as possible. It is obvious they would be targeted heavily so the armor and defensive systems in place counter that to the best of their ability.
  • COMBAT HOVER ...: While repulsor lift technology allows for VTOL modes, the "combat hover" ability allows for slow hovering movement and positioning for not only drop and extraction but air support.
  • LARGE CARGO BAY AND RAMP: A Marine Mechanized roller could easily roll in and out of the loading bay if necessary, as well an entire platoon and their gear.
  • EXPOSED ENGINES: A well-placed shot could disable either engine and effectively ground the ship
  • HERKY JERKY: The ship is highly maneuverable, but without almost constant practice, the controls can put the Pegasus out of control.
  • EXPOSED COCKPIT: It's not an easy shot at all, but the cockpit is vulnerable to a marksman with a strong weapon.
  • SUPERCHARGER: The Supercharger allows for overclocking the engines, but after about ten minutes of use needs to cool down. Only for extremes

The Cherub Transport is meant to basically be a "flying tank", they can take a pounding and get to the targeted areas and either drop off or pick up their cargo. They are not fighters but any means but are fairly maneuverable for their type, meaning that they are not going to just sit there and let you hit them over and over again. Even the exposed engines are protected to not sit for hours on end, but to be able to withstand more than one hit.
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Factory Judge
Liram Angellus Liram Angellus

Hello! I'll be your judge today. Very nicely made dropship! I found only one small problem:
  • You have to link place where you found it (exact link/website) and not only the picture. Please fix this.

That's all, please let me know if you edited this.
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