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wyrding yards

  1. Chaos Maxtor

    Approved Tech  DA-1 Destroyer Droid

    Intent: To create a cheap variation of the Droideka for mass production. Manufacturer: Wyrding Yards Model: DA-1 Affiliation: Open Market Modularity: No Production: Mass-Produced. Material: Droid Components, Blaster Components, Durasteel Classification: Fourth Degree Weight: 204.117...
  2. Chaos Maxtor

    Impending Assault Tank

    Image Source: The Clone Wars Cartoon, Wookiepedia Intent: To revive the impending assault tank Development Thread: (The main way people work for their toys, though most submissions don't require a development thread. Restricted items require specific development threads. Substantial...
  3. Chaos Maxtor

    Approved Tech  CTS-9 Basic Labor Droid

    Intent: To create a multi purpose labor droid for the use in mass production, maintenance and construction purposes. Development Thread: Manufacturer: Wyrding Yards Model: CTS-9 Labor droid Affiliation: Wyrding Yards, Open Market Modularity: Yes, Tool Mounts only. Production...
  4. Chaos Maxtor

    Approved Tech  MDD-1

    Intent: To create a (very) miniaturized version of the Droideka...about the size of a thermal detonator Development Thread: -? Manufacturer: Wyrding Yards Model: MDD-1 Affiliation: Wyrding Yards, Private buyers Modularity: No Production: Mass Material: Droid components, blaster...
  5. Chaos Maxtor

    Approved Tech  Millicreep Droid

    Intent: To recreate the Millicreep droid for modern mass production Development Thread: Manufacturer: Wyrding Yards Model: Millicreep-Type Affiliation: Open Market Modularity: None Production: Mass Produced Material: Plasteel Durasteel Classification: Fourth Degree...
  6. Chaos Maxtor

    Approved Tech  C-9 PRD Assault Runner.

    Image Source: Intent: To create a small, fast droid based off of the form of saurian therapod for mass production.. It should be capable of light blaster support as well as possessing a...
  7. Chaos Maxtor

    Approved Tech  Holomon Droid

    Intent: To create a portable and interactive hologame that is fun and competitive game for all ages. The game eliminates the need for a holoboard and replacing it with a loyal companion(s) and provides progressive rewards to players who invest time with their Holomon programs. This product is...
  8. Chaos Maxtor

    Approved Tech  SGT- Light Recon Probe

    Image Source: http://digital-art-g...e/gallery/scout There is no English source I could find. Intent: light probe droids of simple construction for patrol and exploration. Development Thread: Manufacturer: Wyrding Yards Model: SGT Affiliation: Open Market Modularity: No, a SGT...
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