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  1. Kyric

    Hard Truths | Pt. II

    Hard Truths Balance Prequels Eve of Destruction: Coruscant’s Crescendo | Soft Eyes, Soft Dreams | Long Live the Empire: Eclipse Creuat | Darth Solipsis | Sol Dara When Kyric next awoke, he silently thanked the Force for the lack of horrific LED lighting blaring down into his cornea. A soft...
  2. Kyric

    Hard Truths | Pt. I

    Hard Truths Balance Prequels Eve of Destruction: Coruscant’s Crescendo | Soft Eyes, Soft Dreams | Long Live the Empire: Eclipse Sol Dara A violent metallic screech cut through the ashen haze that had befallen Kyric Karis in recent hours. He strained to lift his head, only to feel a gentle...
  3. Liin Terallo


    Hello. This site is huge and intimidating to say the least. So bear with me as I try to get used to it. The tutorials are great. I am still working on figuring out what type of character that I want to write. Andor has inspired me for a political angle if there's space for it. Is writing in...
  4. Hal Vaiken

    Mission  [SCAR] - A Cold Threat

    - FROM: Chief Engineer Crix Skerris, Imperial Mining Corporation TO: SCAR Squadron, Imperial Special Forces RE: [ILUM QUARRY] Exterminating the Gorgodon Nest High Command has lit a fire under my arse by halving my deadline to raise the crystal yield capacity to eighty percent. That's a fire...
  5. Kiara Alanna Decoix


    It's really been a long while. Glad to see this place still going strong. Hey everyone!
  6. TexHexBex

    Hi and Wow!

    Hello there. Obligatory and cliched, but has to be said. That out of the way, wow! I thought this scale of RP was dead. Very happy to see that's not the case, and excited to see new stories being written. I haven't RPed in like yeeeears, but hopefully can find a way back into stories here.
  7. Ryv

    On the Contrary

    Another long night. It always turned out that way. What was supposed to be a few hours of research turned out to be yet another rabbit hole for the Sword of the Jedi. He couldn't help himself anymore. Whenever he found something tangible to tug on, he pulled. It wasn't a conscious decision...
  8. Ryv

    The Hunter - Prequel

    - Hey Rhook, Not expecting a message from me, huh? Yeah, I know, you're busy or something with your daughter right about now. I'm sorry for interrupting. I just thought I should get this info somewhere before I take off to finish this little journey of mine. I'm sitting in one of Bernard's...
  9. Ryv

    Subfaction To the Jedi of the Galaxy

    A familiar face to some would appear as Ryv Karis of the New Jedi Order materialized in holo-form. Hey there, It might be a surprise for some of you to see me popping up out of the blue like this. Sorry about that. Anyone familiar with the way I do things knows this is pretty normal for me...
  10. Bastard

    Minor Faction  Minor Faction Survey

    Hey there, folks. Given the recent goings-on regarding minor factions and their activity, it's caught the attention of many writers within the community. A few of those writers, like Kitter Bitters and Bao Quayan have shown a willingness to address it from a place of higher visibility, such as...
  11. Bastard

    Faction Ad  The Will to Defy

  12. Bastard

    The Will to Defy

  13. Ryv

    Sword and Shadow: Beneath a Lightless Sky

    Beneath a Lightless Sky Galactic City, Coruscant Level 1294 Silence, it was an unfamiliar concept to those who called Galactic City home. At any time, in any place, speeders raced overhead, blaring through the open air. Voices rang throughout the lower levels. People kept moving, never...
  14. Ryv

    Suggestion  "The Domino Effect"

    Anyone following young Adron Malvern and his recent suggestion thread found here probably knows where I'm going with this. I find invasions to be the biggest pull to the site for me. The map is unique to chaos, it heavily impacts many writers' stories, and it provides quantifiable success to...
  15. Ryv

    Sword and Shadow: Genesis

    Genesis Galactic City, Coruscant Level 4001 Hurried steps carried a lone figure through the gridded streets of Galactic City. A thick coat hung around his bulky frame. Those who looked the passerby's way found it challenging to make out any details beyond estimating height and weight. He...
  16. Kree

    Breaking News: Former Senator Found Dead!

    . This is TriNebulon News at 11. Tonight, we mourn the loss of a hero! The screen lit up as the familiar face of Hallifax appeared. His typical smile has been replaced by a forlorn, distant look. A black suit, rather than his usual white or silver, adorned his frame. "It is with a...
  17. Ryv

    Private  Fracture

    "Why does everything hurt?" Flashing lights of iridescent white, joined by a piercing red cut through comfortable darkness. Every so often, a glimpse of some shape came into view. At first, nothing more than an amorphous blob hovered overhead. Distant sounds fell downward, raining around a...
  18. Ryv

    Private  The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree, Huh Kid?

    What once might've been a busy room, formerly the center of the hospital's attention for several weeks, had calmed down in the last few days. The plethora of doctors, nurses, and medical droids flooding into the room slowed to a steady flow, replaced by a much smaller team. No longer in critical...
  19. Ryv

    Approved Tech  Unity - Vyrin's First Lightsaber

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To sub a lightsaber. Image Source: Here Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Vyrin Karis Affiliation: Lyra Voi'kryt Model: N/A Modularity: No Production: Unique Material: Phrik Lightsaber Components...
  20. Ryv

    Approved Tech  Resolve - Ryv's First Lightsber

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create Ryv's first lightsaber. Image Source: Here | Artist - Khaliban Special thanks to Lyra Voi'kryt for editing the photo! Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Ryv Karis Affiliation: Ryv Karis...
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