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The Hunter - Prequel


Hey Rhook,

Not expecting a message from me, huh? Yeah, I know, you're busy or something with your daughter right about now. I'm sorry for interrupting. I just thought I should get this info somewhere before I take off to finish this little journey of mine. I'm sitting in one of Bernard's X-Wings again. This time I didn't tell him I was gonna take it, kind of uh... impromptu, I guess? If he comes around the Temple lookin' for it, just let him know I've got it hidden away on Upekzar. The coordinates are linked at the bottom, and I've already transferred the map to the Big Chieftain, my BD unit. It's a bit dangerous given its Sith space, but you know how it is. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Anyway, I'm rambling. Lemme fill you in before I get started.

Ahem, so! There's a girl named Loske. You might know her. She's a Jedi with the NJO, also a kickass pilot who served back in the last war beside you and my pops. I've always been sweet on her. I remember sitting around Master Grayson's flagship, hopin' she'd come around for some sorta mission assignment so I could tag along. Things didn't work out the way I'd hoped. She wound up with Maynard, my best pal, who I've had to... Er, banish from the Order so he could find Loske. His wife. Tricky situation, this one. Makes me feel guilty, feelin' the way I do about my best friend's girl.

I decided to go after her. Given my blood and natural affinity for psychometry, it only makes sense I start turnin' over every stone from Coruscant to Ziost to get a feel for what might've happened to her. I made my way to Felucia, checked out the site of her fight, where she wound up infected by some strange dark side symbiote. Saw some echoes of the battle, caught a glimpse of the seed—real nasty stuff.

Followed the trail to Ziost, where it ended up activated. Even worse than I expected. Turned her into a monster, covered in some kinda black goop that empowered her like nothin' I've ever seen before. From there, I followed the echoes until someone mentioned Upekzar. Having never heard of it, I had Auteme run a quick archive check for me. Found it's a planet out in Sith space, one that belonged to the OG Sith Empire, back in Revan's days.

If I'm right, I'm gonna find her around here somewhere. I need to get her back. Maynard's furious after what happened, and if I'm bein' honest, I let them down by not having their backs. I can make things right for both of 'em, and everything can get back to normal. I'll check in with you after I nab her, so keep your eyes peeled.

I'll catch you later!
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