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  1. Tabitha Solus

    Private  Troublesome Pranks and Wholesome Friendships [The Troublesomes]

    Blue was a good color, and all the shades between. Turquoise was better, but black to turquoise is a hard thing to do in just one shower. Tabitha ran through the halls of Adara Raxis's royal residence on Vena, trying to keep her laughter under control and not drop the bottles of bleach and...
  2. Adara Raxis

    The Infernal Child's Chocolate Adventure (Koda Fett)

    Vena, on the Southern Border of the Mandalorian Empire [member="Koda Fett"] “Do you mean it, Aiya? Do you mean we get two snacks before nap time?” Adara bounced on her shoes, hopping up on a low brick ledge to pretend to tight rope walk. “If one of them is a vegetable pie, get down, child...
  3. Adara Raxis

    Cast Down Your Crowns (Mandalorian Empire Dominion of Vena Hex AB27)

    Cast Down Your Crowns Mandalorian Empire Dominion Objectives: Save the Baroness. Root out dissension in the Palace. (Combat) Create economic ties & enjoy Vena’s reverse of isolationism (Economic/Social) Chase the Terrorists/Pirates to their Denovian base & take back Venan Exports (Fleet)...
  4. Arabella Darkhold

    The Rise of House Darkhold

    Vena a world she had not heard of until the day her sister Faith sent the message that she had been named Duchess over the House of a former noble who had killed a citizen of Alderaan, manipulated citizens of Alderaan, and personally assaulted the Princess. The house, the grounds, the guards...
  5. H3xle

    Guard Up (Dev Thread Venan Guard)

    Since the end of the Gulag Virus, the citizens of Vena have been under the auspices of a Duke, put in place by the people as a final safeguard against outside depredation. To help the Duke of Vena to defend the planet, and later on the Republic as Vena once again came into it's fold, the Venan...
  6. H3xle

    Venan Guard

    Name: Venan Guard Intent: To create a unit of highly trained soldiers for the express purpose of protecting the nobiity of Vena, namely the reigning Duke and his/her family and property. Affiliation: Duchy of Vena, Galactic Republic Availability: Uncommon -> Rare Type: Armored Infantry Strength...
  7. H3xle

    Arthur d'Angele, Duc Vena, Senator, Soldier

    NAME: Arthur d'Angele FACTION: Galactic Republic, Venan Duchy, Republic Armed Forces RANK: Duc Vena, Senator of Vena, Major SPECIES: Near Human AGE: 33 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 6'2" WEIGHT: 220lbs EYES: Blue HAIR: Red SKIN: Fair FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes...
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