Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. Gatz Derrevar

    Private  Only What You Take With You

    Ship: The Red Night Equipment: Jedi Robes | Lightsaber | Khair Stone Tag: Corazona von Ascania Valery Noble Gatz had, once more, left his vessel in Valery’s capable hands. This time though, it was less about doing a trusted friend a favor, and more about necessity. He, Cora, and Valery had...
  2. Lupa Visz

    Faction  GADF Automatic Blaster Trials

    Fort Bastion Corellia 14:00 Hours Special Projects Range Objective 1: Test out new rifles. Semi-Social With war upon the GA once more, the GADF had gone through many bureaucratic processes to update their equipment. Contracts had been put out, and the arms manufacturers of the GA had answered...
  3. Saahar

    Private  Trials and Tribulations

    Saahar's fingers tapped around the training saber in her hand almost resentfully. The weapon felt dead. A hunk of plastic in comparison to her actual blade which, as it stood, was now informally stuffed under her bed, never to be touched again. Sure, maybe sealing it off had been exactly the...
  4. Domina Prime

    Public  A Test of Dominance & Elegance [SO Combat Trials]

    "The soil will stain red with the blood of the unworthy~" Can you tell a smile from a veil? They were indistinguishable here, they were a permanent fixture of this Utopian city. As much a fixture as the invisible walls, or beckoning, threatening virus, a bell from a tower, the summons. Year...
  5. Ran Serys

    LFG  The Song of Ran Ep. II - Trials on Mirial

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… The former Sith Experiment, Ran, travels the galaxy to free her brothers and sisters in slavery, The fellow Children of Jagos. With the help of a few fast allies and friends, Ran's mission has been a resounding success, but it is far from over. In the...
  6. Nerd Wizard

    Trials and Tribulations

    Hey all, Sorry for such short notice, guys, but the past week and a half have gptten so busy that I barely have energy at the end of any given day, and, on top of that, my only real friend in the world now might have Covid (we'll know in the next two to four days), so the stress and excessive...
  7. Laoth

    Private  Trials of Strength

    Equipment: Sword of the Tenth | The Panoply Tags: Darth Saevius Location: Crucifix II-Class Destroyer - Sanguine Lady "It is our goal to be stronger, to achieve our potential and not rest upon our laurels. We are the seekers, not the shepherds." - Yuthura Ban Blue Devaronian eyes narrow as a...
  8. Valery Noble

    Private  Trials of Skill and Leadership

    Trials of Skill and Leadership Location: Mygeeto Valery: Appearance Ship: Factory link Tag: Brandyn Sal-Soren Assignment details Objective An investigation has found a remote facility on Mygeeto where presumably a group of Sith has begun experimentation on local crystals from the planet...
  9. Aspect of Defiance

    Dominion  Trials of Cularin | CIS Dominion of Cularin Hex

    Cularin, a world full of history, known for being strong in the force. The world had remained untouched by the Confederacy of Independent Systems for some time. While the world itself seemed like a natural pursuit for the Southern Systems, the right to allow the world to remain autonomous was...
  10. Lief

    Minor Faction The Je'daii Enclave [WIP]

    [ Discord ] [ Faction Page ] [ Wookieepedia ] [ Overview ] [ Philosophy ] [ Ranks ] [ Roles ] [ Training ] [ Trials ] [ Recruitment ] [ Locations ] Faction Owner: Asha Hex Faction Administrator: Cotan Sar'andor Information on the Order here! Include an overview of the Je'daii, how they...
  11. K

    Trials of Fate

    †Trials of Fate† Loro Babis system - Athiss _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Athiss. It was a harsh world, if you asked him, but such conditions weren't uncommon to him in the...
  12. Satara Hawk

    Promotion Guidelines

    Promotion of an Initiate to Spellweaver All new Force User members of the faction are to begin as an initiate and work their way through roleplays and training to the second rank. Every initiate is to have a trainer to ensure their training but their activity in the Open and Private Roleplay...
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