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Faction Owner: Lief Lief
Faction Administrator: Cotan Sar'andor


Information on the Order here! Include an overview of the Je'daii, how they currently operate (Nomadic, brief mention of Tribunal Station, current state (No Council, etc), goals...​

The Je'daii Code, basic beliefs, moderation/balance/etc. Ashla/Bogan/Bendu. Moons of Tython.​
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge
There is no fear, there is power
I am the heart of the Force
I am the revealing fire of light
I am the mystery of darkness
In balance with chaos and harmony

Immortal in the Force



All who join the Je'daii begin as equals, regardless of who or what they had been beforehand. Even a Master of the Force would be expected to partake in the Great Journey, a series of trials dating back to the arrival of the Tho Yor (ships-turned-temples) on Tython, to ensure that they embody the ideals of the Je'daii. There are six ranks within the Je'daii Enclave, plus an honorary Steward title for those overseeing it in its current form. They are as follows;​

Initiate Stage

Initiates of the Enclave who are too young to begin a full training regimen. Historically Je'daii Younglings were housed within Padawan Kesh, a Temple built specifically to facilitate them, though these days they are few and far between and the Temple itself is more like a wing aboard the station.​

Student Stage

Students of the Enclave who have begun their training in full. They may find themselves under the tutelage of one specific Master, or they may choose to learn from the group as a whole and forsake the traditional Master-Apprentice route.​

Trial Stage

Members of the Enclave who have begun their Great Journey. Historically they would travel between the 9 Tho Yor and seek training from each Temple Master. With no Tho Yor or Temple Masters to speak of at present, Journeyers must draw upon the collective knowledge of the member base as they partake in their trials - one for each branch of the group.​

Knight Stage

Knighted members of the Enclave who have completed their Journey. These members are tasked with all manner of missions across the Galaxy, and are encouraged to continue learning and growing in the Force. A Ranger is likely to have one or two branches of the Je'daii which they focus on, and their missions are geared around these choices.​

Master Stage

Experienced members of the Enclave who turn their attention towards the teaching of the younger generations. Though they still venture forth into the Galaxy, most prefer to spend their time passing on knowledge and ensuring the future of the Je'daii.​

Council Stage

Leaders of the Nine Facets and members of the Je'daii Council. They oversee the Enclave and their specific branch within it, and come together to guide the Je'daii and make decisions toward the betterment of their future. Currently, the Je'daii do not have a Council. They are simply too few in numbers. But one day there is hope that the Temple Masters be reinstated once more.​

As mentioned above, the Je'daii have nine distinct facets. Each focuses on a different aspect of life and training, and are as follows; (ADD IN THE VARIOUS ROLES TOO, eg medic)​

The Temple of Balance, where Mastery over the Bendu is sought.


The Temple of Science, where technological advancements are made and biology is explored.


The Temple of the Arts, where self-expression is key and crafts are pursued.


The Temple of Knowledge, where understanding is achieved and leadership is born.


The Temple of Healing, where aid is rendered and compassion is learned.


The Je'daii Academy, where the young are taught and the future secured.


The Temple of Force Skills, where mysteries are unraveled and the Force is felt.


The Temple of Martial Arts, where mastery over ones self is essential and defense of others encouraged.


The Forge, where much is made from little and the Force imbued in all.


Overview of how training is done. Hands on, in the field, group. How does the lack of Masters/Temple Masters affect this? Overseeing parts of their own training, in preparation for the Great Journey.​


Once a Je'daii Padawan is deemed ready to progress, their true training begins. Alongside lessons with the Je'daii Masters, which vary according to the whims of both Student and Teacher, the Padawan - now deemed a Je'daii Journeyer - must undertake a series of Trials known collectively as The Great Journey.​
The Student must complete a great act for each of the facets of the Je'daii, which embodies the core of each path. The Trials vary in complexity and skill requirements, some for personal betterment and others for the good of the greater Galaxy. They are intended to instill the ideals of the Je'daii through practical experience as opposed to learning the same old textbook codes and definitions.​
Without a current body of Temple Masters, the Trials are presently more independent than they have been in former iterations. The Journeyer will have full access to anything and anyone within the Enclave to draw knowledge and assistance from.​
Upon completing their trials, the Journeyer becomes a Ranger, and they should consider which of the facets of the Je'daii they wish to focus upon going forward. Most Rangers focus on just one or two facets, though of course they are encouraged to continue drawing upon and learning from all nine.​
It is important to understand that while optional on an OOC basis, all Je'daii will have ICly completed these Trials at some point. It is impossible to become higher than a Journeyer without having undergone the Great Journey. At least some mention of the Trials should be made, even if it is only in brief passing.​
Please note: You only need to do one task for each. This is not an exhaustive list! Want to try something else that also fits the bill? Go ahead! So long as it fits the ideals, it works. Have an idea that isn't present, which you think should be? Let me know!​

Balance ~ Investigation ~ Security

  • Learn or perform the Ritual of Alchaka (This only counts for either Akar Kesh or Stav Kesh, not both)
  • Recruit a new member to the Enclave, and complete their introduction thread with them (This only counts for Akar Kesh or Padawan Kesh, not both)
  • Learn or teach the main concepts of the Je'daii, such as Balance, Moderation, and the Je'daii Code
  • Work alongside a localized police force to conduct and complete an investigation
  • Battle the demons of your past, or face your fears for the future, eg: Luke's experience in the Cave of Evil


Science ~ Innovation ~ Technology ~ Starships ~ Exploration ~ Discovery

  • Learn how to utilize a piece of technology not typically preferred by Force Users, eg: Blasters/Slugs, Stealth Generators, etc
  • Learn how to disarm a bomb
  • Learn how to hack systems and technology
  • Construct a lightsaber (and submit it to the Factory if its properties deviate from the standard)
  • Discover a new planet or location (and submit it to the Codex)
  • Discover a new Semi or Non-Sentient Species (and submit it to the Codex - if more than one person discovered it, only one person needs to submit it obviously)
  • Utilize Alchemy to create a new species, eg: Rancor-Dragon (and submit it to the Codex)
  • Create or test a new form of technology, vehicle, or starship for Je'daii use (and submit it to the Factory)
  • Perform a scientific study or examination of a sentient species/individual
  • Perform a scientific study or examination of a semi or non-sentient species/individual
  • Participate in study out in the field, eg: studying the habits of a species, practicing cartography by mapping out an area, etc


The Arts ~ Culture ~ Creativity

  • Create or test a personalized set of robes (and submit them to the Factory)
  • Create or construct a piece of art that will encourage a specific response from onlookers, eg: having a calming or invigorating 'aura' (and submit it to the Factory)
  • Research a culture you were previously ignorant to, and spend time among its people
  • Discover a new Sentient Species and learn more of their culture (and submit them to the Codex)
  • Host a festival or cultural celebration for others to participate in
  • Host a theatrical play or musical performance and participate in it somehow, eg: being one of the actors, musicians, etc


Knowledge ~ Leadership ~ Archaeology

  • Discover a piece of history previously lost or forgotten, eg: an artifact, a holocron, an old stone tablet
  • Participate in an archaeological dig to unearth information about ancient civilizations
  • Add a unique book, datacron, etc, to the Je'daii Archives, after discovering it in the Galaxy
  • Host a lesson or debate on a specific subject which interest you, and allow others to play devils advocate to your beliefs
  • Take the initiative and lead some sort of expedition, task force, or mission
  • Participate in a diplomatic venture, where issues, conflict, or arrangements are resolved without violence


Healing ~ Empathy ~ Aid

  • Learn, and put into practice, how to heal through the Force
  • Learn, and put into practice, how to administer First Aid
  • Learn, and put into practice, how to provide medical care without the Force or Bacta
  • Discover and make use of an alternative to Bacta and Kolto
  • Render aid to those in need, eg: providing humanitarian aid following a disaster
  • Give indiscriminate aid to the wounded on a battlefield, regardless of which side they fought for
  • Conduct a medical examination on another sentient being/player character
  • Perform a psychological evaluation on another sentient being/player character
  • Provide psychological treatment for a fellow sentient being/player character


Teaching ~ Compassion ~ Growth
  • Host a lesson pertaining to basic Force skills, eg: Telekinesis, Force Sense, etc
  • Host a lesson pertaining to basic Lightsaber skills, eg: Shii-Cho, Marks of Contact, Sokan
  • Teach the fundamentals of Form Zero
  • Teach a fellow Je'daii something you know that they previously did not, whether this is informative or practical
  • Help a Je'daii Youngling with their training
  • Recruit a new member to the Enclave, and complete their introduction thread with them (This only counts for Akar Kesh or Padawan Kesh, not both)
  • Spend a day with the younglings, so that they can learn from you and ask questions about what awaits them once they become Journeyers
  • Organize an event for the Younglings to participate in and employ their learned skills as much as possible
  • Write a short book with your personal advice and tips for Je'daii Younglings


The Force ~ Mystery ~ Nature

  • Build upon your knowledge of Control, Alter, and Sense abilities, and learn how to utilize a Force Power from each category if possible (some characters a purposely limited to only being able to utilize one or two of these branches, don't break character to complete this)
  • Host a lesson on Control, Alter, and Sense abilities, with specific examples taught for each
  • Host, or participate in, a lesson pertaining to an advanced Force Power, eg: Tutaminis, Art of the Small, Alchemy
  • Actively seek out information on other Force Sects, and learn their views of the Force
  • Host a lesson on Force Theories, which includes but is not limited to the Je'daii Philosophy
  • Utilize the Force to the benefit of those around you, whether to strengthen their resolve through the likes of Battlemind, or by making a more tangible difference, eg: removing obstacles in their way, constructing a new building, etc
  • Befriend an animal, or help a garden to flourish, through the Force
  • Utilize the Force to seek out a lightsaber crystal in the wild, and attune it to yourself


Martial Arts ~ Protection ~ Enhancement

  • Participate in a duel against a worthy opponent, it doesn't matter if you win or you lose
  • Utilize Form Zero to find an alternative route to violence in the face of adversity
  • Host or participate in a lesson on a more advanced Lightsaber Form, eg: Form II-VII, Jar'Kai, Tràkata
  • Host or participate in a lesson on a less known Lightsaber technique, eg: Fast, Medium, and Stong Style, Three Rings of Defense, Trispzest
  • Learn or practice the Ritual of Alchaka (This only counts for either Akar Kesh or Stav Kesh, not both)
  • Host or participate in a lesson on hand to hand/martial arts-based combat, eg: Matukai, Teras Kasi, etc
  • Decide on what form or style of Lightsaber combat you wish to focus on, and learn it in theoretical and practical detail


Alchemy ~ Smithing ~ Creation

  • Construct a Force-Imbued weapon or object (and submit it to the Factory if its properties deviate from canon)
  • Construct an Alchemized weapon or object (and submit it to the Factory if its properties deviate from canon)
  • Learn the art of Alchemical Metallurgy
  • Learn the art of Force-Imbuement
  • Create a new substance, metal, or alloy (and submit it to the Factory)

Recruitment practices. How are new Je'daii brought into the fold? Give examples for how someone might come to us. Make mention of Je'daii Recruiters. Make mention of the Call that was sent out.​


Make note of the various locations open to the Je'daii. Specifically Tribunal Station/Silent Temple. Could even mention Tython, though it's no longer ours, or places such as Aurum which hold defunct Je'daii temples etc.​


Info re: Tribunal Station. Keep it simple.​


Info re: The Silent Temple on Teth. Keep it simple. Mention old school Je'daii. Yada yada...​