Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. Malcolm Ironmaster

    New to SWRP: Chaos

    Hello there! Just joined back in September but didn't do anything at all right away. Hopefully, I can find some interesting roleplay here!
  2. Tefka

    Staff  SWRP Chaos re-commits to remaining ad-free.

    The SWRP Staff Team was made aware of some lucrative offers that rolled in recently to promote advertising on the website. They have all been politely declined. SWRP Chaos commits to being an ad-free experience, now and for years to come. Should we face financial hardship, the community will be...
  3. Tefka

    Rules Update  Major Faction SWRP Admin Prohibition Lift

    The following rule has been removed from the Major Faction ruleset: “5. SWRP Administrators are prohibited from joining Major Faction Moderation, Creative, or Administrative teams in any capacity, to include subfactions and other related factions of note.”
  4. Tefka

    Question  Should SWRP Staff Admins be able to lead Major Factions?

    Link for the lazy: For context, we just removed RPJs from these rules so they can go be free. I say let's release the Admins, mainly because the GA leader Valery is pissing me off in my DMs and I'm MADGE. if you voted...
  5. Srina Talon

    Question  What SWRP Rule drives you crazy? Want it gone?

    Everyone has that one thing (okay, maybe several things) that gets under their skin, usually, some seemingly "random" legacy rule that was put in place several years ago because someone thought they were slick and/or there was an issue. Is there a rule somewhere on the site in any rule set that...
  6. Tefka

    Staff  SWRP Map Restriction

    Hexes with two or more planets already occupying the hex may not have a third planet added to that hex ON THE MAP. The ON THE MAP portion is important, as you can still add planets in the Codex and not request them added to the map. Problem: There's too many people jamming their custom stuff...
  7. Tefka

    Staff  SWRP Affiliations Ended

    Chaos has had a lot of popularity throughout the years, and we have tried to use that to benefit other forums and communities that shared a similar mindset to our own. While we still support any roleplay community that means well for its members, Chaos has spent a LOT of its energy investing in...
  8. Tefka

    Staff  SWRP Staff Team Declares Ban On Poofening Joke Posts/Blogs

    Now that we have a handful of infractions regarding this, a ban has been placed on Poofening joke posts/blogs. Keep it up and I’ll ban jizz music again. Let them grieve.
  9. Dax Perl

    Game  The SWRP: Chaos Hall of Fame

    Welcome! One and all to the Chaos Hall of Fame! Where we laud and applaud each other's characters, their storied lives, and their many many accomplishments. For some of us, our stories go on. For others, they've come to an end, and their names are passed through the ages as mere legends. All...
  10. Empress Rowe

    Hola from the Sith Empire in Second Life - SWRP

    Greetings, Empress Rowe here! Been on the SL platform going on 16 years. Just happened upon yall today and thought I'd dive right in and see what I can see. May the Bogan guide you, Rowe
  11. Tefka

    Staff  SWRP Chaos Celebrates Black History Month

    This quote is from Martin Luther King Jr's speech "I've been to the Mountaintop" in Memphis, TN on April 3rd, 1968. King was fatally shot the next night on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel, April 4th. A new Username Background has been added to SWRP Chaos. Open the following spoiler for...
  12. WolfMortum

    Discussion  SWRP: Chaos 22' Resolutions

    With the start of a new year, often comes new goals and ambitions looking to the future, so I figured why not see if there aren't any big plans on an individual level for us players here within the Chaos Community. These new year resolutions don't have to be large, but significant to you...
  13. Tefka

    Staff  SWRP Staff Cracks Down On Divs

    In the newest stance for the aesthetic of SWRP: Chaos, I have decided to take a look into the [div] bb code that re-engineered how we can help design our posts here on the forum. While initially a wonderful design choice, it has become increasingly apparent that some people are abusing the codes...
  14. Onrai

    Question  When is the next SWRP Chaos Among Us game?

    Last one I was a part of was quite fun and think we should do another.
  15. Sunfrog

    Discussion  SWRP Chaos & Social Psychology

    Chaos is a community like any other group of people and where there’s people there’s psychology. I’m by no means an expert but I have a degree in psychology (no, I haven’t been psychoanalysing you and yes I can read your mind) so here’s a post no one asked for about my take on Chaos and its...
  16. Paul Starnes

    Tyree Mahk [In Progress/Feedback Wanted]

    Born Tyree Noveron Draykon (a name that meant island dweller) during the age of the Jedi Stronghold to legendary Jedi turned Sith Master Daika Mahk and Sirena Draykon; a Jedi Knight and Consular turned Refugee. Royal by blood, but noble in mind. She would raise her son and teach him all she...
  17. Ayden Cater

    How to build a Starship 2.0

    This guide is archaic and has rules in it that are either outdated or no longer in use. This guide's rules are not to be adhered to unless posted under official Staff threads, ie the Starship Template. -Tef Original guide created by @[member="Mia Monroe"] Guide 2.0 created by @[member="Ayden...
  18. Satara Hawk

    Witches of Dathomir

    Deep within the Outer Rim Territories lies a planet that had remained hidden for so long. Dathomir is a planet with a long and rich history, dating back to at least 100,000 BBY. Now, in an era following the Gulag Virus, as the rest of the galaxy spreads its dominions, the Witches of Dathomir...
  19. Delila Castillon

    Hottest Guys of SWRP 2013

    Since we all have a Hottest Women of SWRP thread, its time for the men to get on the action. Rules : -Vote for as many manly men as you wish, but can only vote for each man once. -Vote for yourself and be laughed at. -Ladies and Gentlemen may vote. -Post count over 50 Voting will end 11:59 EST...
  20. Rhurek Thane

    The Hottest Girls of SWRP 2013

    I can't think of a better way to start off the new season better than objectifying women. Now that today is the official start to the summer season, I think it would be a great time for a little friendly contest. What is this contest, you ask? It's simple. Who has the hottest girl character on...
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