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  1. Holly Starstorm

    News  HNN News - Stories Wanted!

    Holly Starstorm is a reporter for HNN. Here are some of her previous works: 1 , 2 , 3 I am open to posting more news articles for anybody who wants HNN to report! Requirements: You must type up the news story so I can copy and paste it as Holly. Respond to this thread with your summaries...
  2. Zel Sharratt

    Public  Tales in the Night | Campfire Stories, The Redoubt

    Tales in the Night The Redoubt Tags: Valery Noble, Efret Farr, Ridia Alma-Ater Solii, Ronhor Tillo, Inanna Harth, Die Shize, Open "Refueling station is closed. Cloud of radiation moved in. They aren't lettin' folks in." A party of wayward travelers found themselves within the depths of The...
  3. Zel Sharratt

    LFG  Looking for Lore | Campfire Stories

    Hey all. I wanna do a thread that's more geared towards the recanting of myths, legends, or very old history. I had a thread similar to this a long time ago I had some fun with, but I think it would be cool to do a campfire style thread that's more of an opportunity for people to flex their...
  4. Avelion

    Discussion  What do you want to see on the board?

    So I have been wondering about this for a while now and thought it would be good to hear what y'all think and want. Strap in, it's a bit of a read. Everyone absolutely loves the good ol Jedi vs Sith conflict with a sprinkling of Imps on top. Nothing beats it. That's the belief, innit? That it...
  5. Zayne Corrigan-Thorne

    LFG  Business Stories & Architecture

    Chaos! Good evening! Welcome to my newest idea. We have weapons salesmen and shipwrights on Chaos. We have people who can work the factory like the back of their hands, like they've used it their entire lives. Yet we don't have that with the codex. Until now. Enter Zayne. Architect by trade...
  6. Tamna Korvan

    LFG  Possible long-term stories

    So this girl is basically a blank slate that I'd like to get going. Rich kid with a very controversial family name that took to the wider galaxy, looking for purpose, seeing as her parents didn't want to pick a side when The Empire splintered and just chilled on Serenno instead. She's pretty...
  7. Darth Carnifex

    LFG  Looking for potential new stories

    Thinking about engaging with characters and settings I don't normally do with Carnifex, so I thought it'd be fun to see if anyone wanted to write with him. I'm pretty open to most any kind of story and setting.
  8. Valery Noble

    LFG  Stories with a Jedi Master (Jedi, Sith, NFU)

    Been a while since I've done a proper LFG, so setting one up. Looking for a few extra stories for my main here. If there's a lot of interest, preference will go to people I haven't written before or if it's a character I haven't written with yet! Some ideas: Jedi threads: Valery often takes...
  9. Valery Noble

    LFG  Flashback stories - 2021

    I did one of these before and enjoyed it, so throwing one out again! My character Valery here stepped out of stasis when I first joined the site in early 2021, but I went on LoA shortly after and didn't flesh that time of her life out as much as I would have liked. With a recent influx of older...
  10. Detritus Ren

    LFG  Magicks & Shadows

    Greetings exalted ones! Here and there I try to post up an LFG. Most I’ve done before hasn’t been very specific but lately been feeling a scratch to continue a character I’ve haven’t done in a while, and lately I’ve been very inspired to do just that. Enter Jin Kyrel! Son of Kyrel Ren. A man...
  11. Julius Sedaire

    LFG  Seeking students, duels, and stories! Looking to teach some of the more crazy things the old Green here has picked up in his travels, and possibly acquire a Padawan or rival or three. Pitch me your ideas! Not really looking for faction home (have my ideas...
  12. D

    LFG  Drengir Stories

    GREETINGS! I am currently looking for stories for my Drengir (Link) Character. There have been some stories about the Drengir on the chaos and one or two characters made so I figured it was time to use an underutilized concept. I am looking forward to interacting with all kinds of characters on...
  13. Valerian Draak

    LFG  No One Expects the Imperial Inquisitorius

    Greetings! I’ve had the itch to write more lately, and so far it’s all been about Imperial Inquisitors especially with the Ahsoka series coming I’ve had an itch to always write a classic Imperial villain force user. One that is especially loyal to the ideals of Palpatine. His story begins being...
  14. Lily Decoria

    LFG  Looking for Stories to Explore!

    Hey, So, want to do some post imprisonment stories with Lily. Definitely one who won't be recovering lying down so wanting to get some threads of her pushing herself too hard and attempting to jump back into the Jedi life much quicker than she should. Also happy to explore stories of her...
  15. Valery Noble

    LFG  New stories (Pilots, NFU's, other)

    Looking for a few extra new threads, so here are some ideas I'm interested in: Piloting: If you have an Alliance pilot or just a character who likes to fly, I'd be interested in doing stuff! NFU: I really like meeting non-Jedi characters, especially NFU's for stories that are a bit different...
  16. Dreidi Xeraic

    LFG  Seeking New Stories

    Hey folks, Looking to branch out into some new story arcs and develop Dreidi more as she lives life as a Jedi Knight/Witch, so looking to write with new people, help develop story arcs with others and work character development. Looking for friends Happy to mentor Padawans Develop nemeses...
  17. Julius Sedaire

    LFG  Seeking Jedi Stories

    The mando faces are (mostly) running well. Now I'm looking back over the character list at a different spice to level out my writings and realize I kinda miss writing this old fella. Anyone have any use for an aged but far from decript Green Jedi Battlemaster? He'd be quite interested in the...
  18. Kitter Bitters

    LFG  Cop Stories?

    I just finished Criminal Minds Evolution and now I’m jazzing on the cop drama. I know we have some police officers afoot so I am wondering if I can get something going with a more police style vibe. So is there an officer in the house?
  19. Zel Sharratt

    Public  Campfire Stories

    Campfire Stories Codian Moon Tags: Open "... and Tipoca city was lost to the waves of Kamino, taking their knowledge of the Jedi Purge with them. Of course, their cloning technology wouldn't vanish with them. The Empire would confiscate their tech and continue their experimentation... but...
  20. L

    LFG  More stories!

    As the title says, more for Lira! I'm open to almost any type of story, or even just a mingle thread. I'm capable of handling multiple threads with one character, so at the moment, I'm closed off to making additional characters in order to provide maximum attention to my writing partners. Oh...
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