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  1. Ayumi Pallopides

    Swamp Things

    [member="Kiara"] [member="Yun Knesos"] Hiring people to work and transport good was an important thing to do, the princess let her eyes drift over the crates she had gotten. A number of things that they were transporting to some of the Sasori research centers. Dagobah's was just happening to be...
  2. Matsu Ike

    Ghost of a chance

    Location: Saeko Valley facility, Kazahana Asteroid Field Processing Facility Chora Ike enjoyed her life as a ghost but more important then that she enjoyed hanging out with her family and living wife. Usually as an invisible force of a ghost working to maintain herself from the netherworld to...
  3. Matsu Ike

    Approved Starship  Surik Class Jedi Heavy Cruiser

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To update and upgrade Sasori's ships and fighters Image Source: Asari Cruiser Canon Link: N/A Permissions: My Subs Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Saotome Foundry Affiliation: Company Name (Sasori) Market Status: Closed-Market...
  4. Matsu Ike

    Cherry Pie

    Location: Seltos The world had been previous visited and helped by Elphaba and Cathbodua but that was laying the ground work for what was to come. The jedi mastrer to meet the men and women near the preserve and secure some mines they could have worked while also using the game preserve to work...
  5. Matsu Ike

    Approved Tech  Saeko Mining Droid Platform

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create Sasori/Saotome droids Image Source: Chrono Miner Canon Link: N/A Permissions: My Subs Primary Source: MEMD Automated Mineral Exploiter Mystifying Hoop Molecular furnace Matter transmitter Artificial Intelligence Modular Companrtments PRODUCTION...
  6. Matsu Ike

    Saeko Sled

    Image Source: Intent: To add a piece of equipment Development Thread: If Needed Manufacturer: Saeko Extracts Model: Mining Sled Affiliation: Open Market Modularity: n/A Production: Mass-Produced. (Anyone.) Material: Hybrid Plexisteel Pressor Fields Repulsorlifts Description: Designed for...
  7. Matsu Ike

    Approved Tech  Saeko Hydrocutter

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To sub Sasori equipment Image Source: N/A Canon Link: N/A Permissions: My Subs Primary Source: Water Jet Cutter PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Sasori Affiliation: Company Name (Sasori) Market Status: Closed-Market Model: Equipment Modularity: N/A...
  8. Matsu Ike

    Ippen... shinde miru?

    [member="Shmi Labooda"] Location: Sekirei The massive cities under the planet were something of a sight to behold, more so with all the crystals in the planet that worked with the force. Se had borught miners here to get in on the hunt and search for it while helping expand the reach of the...
  9. Willa Isard

    First Test.... Fighting the Sandworms (Rangers)

    [member="Kaitlyn Solay"] Cazador The Rangers were getting improved as she moved, Willa hadn't really met all of them but she tried to work with some of the other ranger's in getting new gear to improve upon for them. She had been building upon the armor and it was in a phase two standing now...
  10. Matsu Ike

    The Danger Zone

    [member="Galven Solomon"] Location: Gallos The world was a dangerous place, jungle and caves she had explored with an old friend who was no longer around as Matsu clasped her hands looking at the ancient base they had found and she had droids and a team working on. The Rozzum under it were...
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