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  1. Silas Westgard

    Private  The Greenfield Plot

    Location: Azbrian music festival Objective: Investigate rumours Tag: Kahlil Noble To say the least, Silas wasn't expecting to be back at a music festival so soon. On the bright green grass, the Azbrian music festival was beginning its first day. Since starting twenty years ago, it has...
  2. Braze

    LFG  Plot Driven + Character Dev

    Hello hello! I am presently gearing up to transition Braze into a more respectable and nuanced role. I have several plots in mind that I'd like to explore and bring to fruition before advancing his character. This transition period will focus on developing him into a more serious and responsible...
  3. Die Shize

    LFG  1x1 Plot Hook

    Howdy! Looking for a 1x1 thread. Figured I'd toss a plot hook for it. I didn't come up with it but it caught my eye. As a hook, we can always alter and expand on them IC/OOC. Any takers? Feel free to post below, site DM me or hit me up on Discord ('dieshize'). A Clone Wars ship that went...
  4. Stephen ResLoksu

    Question  Hi

    Hey! As you know, I am new here and I'd like to know in which time is this RP happening. Also, I'd like to know more about the Plot. Thanks for answer
  5. Brium Talistor

    Request  Looking for members for survival/defense plot

    Join the Assault on Trade Center 13 thread! I'm in need of dark affiliated characters and light/Republic, as well as independents. Any Sith/Sith allies can take the role of the invaders attacking the planet Ragmar, and any Republic/independent mercs/FS Jedi that want to help Brium and his droid...
  6. Ulrich

    LFG  Unhallowed Invitations (Anyone interested in a halloween themed plot?)

    Hey all, October is upon us, and as we all know its the season for things that go bump in the night. So I thought it might be a fun idea to have what equates to a haunted house story, except set in space. Of course this is Star Wars, so the average character is a lot more capable of defending...
  7. M

    Creative Accounting

    Junction. The planet lied just outside Sith space, though by all accounts--except officially--it was Sith controlled. The trade world was one of the more productive passageways for business to and from the Empire, and Sith imperial agents used it as a front for covert operations and more...
  8. Blake Morrigan

    Looking For Silver Jedi to Duel With

    Been wanting to get this plot going for a while now and figured now would be a good time to begin. Essentially, i'd like to do a plot where Blake starts getting involved with those of the Jedi Order (Silvers) and what not. This is fairly important to her story direction as she has many...
  9. Voices of The Deep

    The Heretic & The Prophet [Wanted Ad]

    THE HERETIC "Your Light only Blinds and Burns." Oh lady of darkness, elusive seductress. Master of the moon. What tragedies lay fleshed out with sin and malice, painted in ethereal shame - eternal glory and sultry lust. grandeur schemes of malignant, ill minds that simper with the very...
  10. Artemis Vahl'Nyx

    The End Of All Things

    {OOC NOTICE} This thread contains major spoilers for the current and next arc in Drapeam Nyx's story. In fact, this thread marks the end of the coming plotline (Ghosts Of You). Why, you may ask, is this being started now? That's simple. Due to time constraints and the upcoming death of a key...
  11. CDPO-2127

    Yvette... and CDPO

    The trading post owner curses under his breath as he rolled the newly obtained droid behind the counter. "Stupid thing is so heavy. Why did i buy this again?" He said to himself as he moved the astromech into a better position. He took out a vial of oil and a cloth, and started to wipe the dusty...
  12. Ellie Mors

    Cruel Wanting (Maja Vern, Judah Lesan Jr)

    Long, slender, legs slid out from the passenger exit from the private shuttle docked in Alderaan's capital space port and was soon followed by the tall, lithe, body belonging to a particularly popular blonde in recent media within the outer rim territories. Renown for her skills as a dancer, and...
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