Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. Balun Vale

    Question  Photoshop resources

    Hi there, I'm wondering what kind of resources such as templates, shaders and patterns etc people use for photoshop art? It's been a long time since I really tried to do more than the basic stuff, but I'd really appreciate some links or tips :)
  2. Matthew Locke

    Artist  Bored Photoshop Photos
  3. LT-137

    Artist  Khonsu's House of Horrors - Avatars, Signatures, Biography Artwork, Flair and Rank Bars.

    Figured it was about time for me to post up a thread where I can collect my artwork and showcase it in a more public fashion, and possibly take the occasional request every now and then - in the hopes of earning more experience and learning new things. Anyways, please feel free to peruse my...
  4. Mirax Eygan


    I figured this was a good place to post some 'fruit' of my crazy inspirations, flights of fancy - or whatever have you. Although I am not an artist in the traditional sense (at least not now, because my tablet is dead and I need to buy a new one at some point), I am definitely an author of my...
  5. 4ND-R0

    Mirdala's Recolors, Tattoos, and Photomanipulations (Avis and Siggy's, too!)

    Hey Chaos. Mirdala here. Have a picture of a person or item, and you want it recolored? How about that roguish actor you want for that smuggler character, but he's missing that vital scar he has on his face? Or that Sith Lord that wants to go the Darth Maul route and be tattooed? Bring 'em to...
  6. Netherworld

    At the Banners of Madness

    a.k.a. Nether’s Guide to Photoshop Things™ Short introduction is short. I’ve been doing Photoshop Things™ for 7+ years. You can peruse various examples here and here. Ideally, this will be a non-exhaustive compendium of tutorials, but I make no promises. Anyway, the idea is I’ll take one ‘type’...
  7. C

    How To Change Mando Armor Color in Photoshop CS6/CC

    Step 1: Grab an image off the internet (or draw one) of a Mandalorian. This can be any mandalorian, it doesn't matter if it's Jango Fett or Boba Fett or a Mandalorian cosplayer. Step 2: Open it up in Photoshop. (Optional) Step 3: Quick Select Background or use the background eraser tool to...
  8. Jun Nez

    Jun Nez

  9. Anija Betna

    Anija's Art Corner [Sigs, Avatars, Rank Tags, Title Bars, Logos]

    These guidelines MUST be followed, or your requests will be delayed. Before making a request, please check my blog for the current work que listing. I will try to keep this up to date. Due to increasing requests, and my limited time, I will not accept a total of more than 2 requests at a time...
  10. Garza

    Do you need a Lightsaber or a Sig?

    Because if you do then I can help. I am so happy in learning how to make lightsabers in PS. so if anybody would like to have lightsabers done, then I can help ya there. (I cannot do Black core lightsabers, still need to learn how to do that.) I just found out how to do that! so if you need a...
  11. Christian Slade

    I'm feeling a little... old

    I'm feeling like I need a big of a signature update. I used to have Photoshop or I'd take care of it myself, but alas, I do not have it any longer. Anyone feel like helping a brother out? :P
  12. Thurion Heavenshield

    Custom Avatars & Profile Pictures

    Greetings, foolish mortals! >;D *coughs* Ahem, sorry about that... I've decided that since I've already helped a few people out with some photoshopping of their avatars, I might as well open up the shop (that's a pun) for all of you. Keep in mind I'll only be doing avatars for now. Update...
  13. Thurion Heavenshield

    For those skilled in Photoshop

    For anyone with skills in using Photoshop, or any other program like it for that matter, I have a request. As I'm a complete and utter n00b at using PS or anything like it, I have no idea what I'm about to ask is easy to do or not, but... I'd love for someone to take a crack at adding a...
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