Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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    Private  First Business Partner

    The Corporate Alliance was gradually gaining recognition within corporate circles, yet they still had a considerable distance to cover in order to rival the strategic power of the Banking Clan and the Trade Federation. They had some recent successes to add to their name, like finalizing a...
  2. Kikker

    Private  A New Partner

    Months Ago Kikker and his partner were chasing the two spicerunners throughout the Coruscant streets, doding landspeeders, wheeled droids, passerby and meer rats running underfoot. These were the last of the Mintel Spice Syndicate that Kikker had spent the better part of a year pursuing. They...

    Request  Specific Wanted + RP Partner Req ~ Husband/Brother/Cousin, Senator of Qena Prime planet.

    [NAME] -- [AlIAS] -- [AGE] 28-45 [R0LE] Senator [PlAN3T] Qena Prime [R3LATI0N] bro/cuz/hus [PlAy-BY] MCU Jonathan Majors WANTED-AD Looking for a relative for my new character, Valstraus Crestin, mainly to hopefully culture more muse if I had someone to plot with. Everything is pretty much a...
  4. Aurel Reyna

    First Reply  Uninvited training partner

    Somewhere on the outskirts of the planet Kirima, Aurel set up its camp. Despite the unusually cold and inclement weather, she decided to do her training. After many hours of struggling, concetrating and tuning in with Force, she climbed the highest of the rocks in the area. "Calm and anger." -...
  5. Shakka Bralor

    LFG  Looking for sparing partner

    Looking for a sparring partner for Shakka Bralor. Open thread light sparring no weapons no armor just fists and feet.
  6. hado

    LFG  hado is of the need of business partner and meet people yes

    yes hello yes i am hado of course yes. so hado do the thinking and hado think "what is best way for hado to become big business and master of enterprise". then it strike hado. hado need more business partner for hado fine business. so hado is of the looking for business partner to buy things...
  7. grimfoxyfaz

    LFG  rp partner

    I'm looking for a rp partner.
  8. Daedros

    LFG  Looking for a rp partner.

    Its nice to see a community who gains interest in Starwars. I am looking for a rp partner, or two. I don't mind if you a jedi, sith, mando, on and so on. I'm just here looking for a little fun and to write, escape the world. it dosn't matter if your male or female, or even on what...
  9. Reggae_Muff1n

    Request  SJC rival dance partner.

    Hello there, my IC name is Gal'Zhoren who is one of four Bryn'Adul Zealot Minors in a six man strike team (There is also one Zealot Shadow and a Zealot Major in the team that are a mix of Aerevalin and Baedurin). Recently, the powers that be the Bryn'Adul heavy hitters have declared an upcoming...
  10. The 12th Doctor

    Looking for someone to thaw me out

    I'm working on a character concept for a Seyugi Dervish who's been frozen in carbonite since the Clone Wars. I think RPing a character so far out of time will be fun, both from a character development standpoint, and also for me as a new writer to get the lay of the land. According to the...
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