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  1. O

    First Reply  Oblivion

    Oblivus awoke with a jolt, his body in shallow waters ad he pawed at the shore. His pale gray skin struck bythe bright light of the sun, in the sand was metal cylander. It sparkled beneath the orb blinding him, he grabbed it and bright bkue topaz blade if energy bursted forth, it humming and...
  2. F

    Private  A Dying Breed

    The Baron's Estate, undisclosed location, Borosk In the mid-morning sun, the Baron tended to his garden. All was calm and pleasant on the estate. The only noises were the rustling of the leaves in the wind and the pitter-patter of water from the watering can hitting the soil in which a variety...
  3. Tefka

    Staff  The Oblivion Map is being recalled.

    You were a crapton of work with little payoff, friend. But its time to lay you to rest. Hypergate icons will be removed from the main map, but may still exist IC.
  4. Darth Voracitos

    Oblivion  Using the Oblivion Map

    So the Oblivion Map was originally introduced for the site-wide Oblivion Event, where an ancient Machine managed to invade the Netherworld and create its own kingdom in the afterlife. I have always thought that map was super cool and underutilized. We've got hyper gates on the map, but they...
  5. W

    Work In Progress  Oblivion Legion of Xarxes

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To flash out another unit of the An'fâug'lir. Image Credit: [ Provide credit to the original artist of the images in your submission. Link to the web page where it can be found and state the name of the original artist if possible. Each image used must be...
  6. Silas Westgard

    Private  Oblivion

    Objective: Search for survivors from the distressed ship Location: Space Tag: Valery Noble It had only been a few weeks after the events of Teta, since then Silas couldn't help but feel differently about himself. He hadn't told a soul about the horrible truth that was told to him by Onrai that...
  7. Tefka

    Event  Oblivion Event Ended

    The forum has been removed, and all threads have been relocated to the Star Wars: Open Role-playing forum. The Oblivion prefix's fate is hinged to the Map's fate. If we keep it, the Oblivion prefix will stay. Otherwise, it's oot and will revert to Public.
  8. Tefka

      Should we keep the Oblivion map?

    So, the Oblivion forum and rules will be removed, and the threads moved within the Public forum just like everything else. Yes, this means you can fly in Oblivion now. And Omni is disappearing, never to be seen again (?). But what of the map? Do we want to stick around in the Netherworld...
  9. Oleander Webb

    Oblivion  Friends From the Other Side

    LOCATION: Mechis III, outside of Hypergate Mechis INVENTORY: x | x | x TAG: Khora THEME: x The appearance of these hypergates had caused a bit of a stir. Even more disturbing were the things on the other side. The dead now waking, the passed no longer in the past. It was an anomaly that seldom...
  10. The Quartermaster

    Dominion  The Swirling Depths | CIS & The Enclave

    T H E M Y S T E R Y The hour had been late on Kestri when the Quartermaster had received reports of a mysterious station in the middle of known space, a jump away from the Enclave's post on Roon. Normally matters such as these would be of no concern of the Enclave's. With the rebuilding on...
  11. Sly Chance

    Oblivion  Death Stranding

    SPACER GUILD CONVOY NETHER WILDS OBLIVION "Ho there, pilgrims. Reckon most of us made it through the gate clean. I guess every once in a while both suns shine on a womp rat's tail." Captain Kyros revved the engine of his treadspeeder. His wide brimmed hat marked the duros out to the others...
  12. Darlyn Excron

    Oblivion  A Magnet for Lost Souls

    The afterlife was an interresting place to be sure. Darlyn had no shortage of locals to meet and new areas to explore, that was the nature of the infinite after all. Or at least he understood it to be infinite, as surely anything that could be as grand as this wouldn't have a limit, or a...
  13. The Quartermaster

    Subfaction  Foreboding | The Enclave

    T H E E N C L A V E Kestri's Moon gleamed violet in the twilight sky. It was a peculiar phenomenon. As she leaned out on the balcony from Tor Valum's central spire, the cool wind whipping at her furs, the violet light reflected brightly on her bronze-coated helmet. The Quartermaster had not...
  14. Kal

    Approved Location  [Netherworld] The Dreamlands

    Intent: A chaotic region of the Netherworld where even the most implausible of events are quite possible. Image Credit: Dreamcatcher, 解神者PV2, Goluptious meal, Old stuff, and The birth of cosmos by yingyi xsu; Decay by ShebabAlzadeh. Submission Headers by Srina Talon - sourced from Netherworld...
  15. Lark

    Oblivion  Challenge the Dead

    As Lark stepped foot into Oblivion after passing through Hypergate Florrum, he experienced one of those moments that changed the very foundations of one's mind for eternity. He had fought beings from other galaxies and realities, stepped foot into a realm that was akin to some mythological...
  16. Kal

    Approved Species  Varzigs | Shiftlings

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Exotic beings to populate the Netherworld; adaptive, primitive, and cunning. Image Credit: amorphous by George REDreev, Blue Scribes by Vladimir Krisetskiy. Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: Fold Space, Phase, Smoke Demon. GENERAL INFORMATION Name: Varzig...
  17. E

    Oblivion  Through Other Means, To You

    HUNG UP. Somewhere near the Hypergate Weken Sand ground itself under her feet, like a distinctly satisfying crunch, as she walked aimlessly forward. It was the same every day, every night - in fact every "day" had never been anything more than just the one, if you could even call it that...
  18. Cassus Akovin

    Oblivion  Fixing What Is Lost (Darkwire, Open)

    So as it happens, this latest site event actually massively connects with my own personal storyline. My previous character and this character's mother, Triam Akovin, was once a major ass-kicker who maybe got into a couple of scraps she really shouldn't have survived. Nonetheless, did because it...
  19. The Manifold

    Character  The Manifold | Minion of Omni

    The Manifold Faction OMNI Birthplace The Netherworld Age Unknown Occupation OMNI Drone Home The Netherworld Species Human / OMNI Drone Gender Genderless Force Sensitive Yes Height 2 Meters Weight 100 kg Hair Color None Eye Color Orange Skin Color Purplish...
  20. O

    Major Faction The Bryn'adûl | The Age Of Revelation

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