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nolan detta

  1. Satine Detta

    Serrano - The Homestead

    They talked about it thought about and then knew they needed a clan base. A place to build a home, fire up the forges, and in time grow old. They would need to find a location. Something that they could see in their future. A place for Corvus and Kaylanna to call their own. They had fallen...
  2. Nyos Val

    Repairing the Wreckingball

    On Mandalore, Nyos stood with cargo in tow, he was here to perform a surgery for the allied Mandalorians. His contract an ancient one, but the promise kept just like the day he'd signed it. Any and all Mandalorians seeking Cybernetic Prosthesis would get them at a large discount. This was no...
  3. Satine Detta

    Left of the Asteroid Belt

    Satine sat cross-legged on the floor of the ship playing with Corvus and Kaylanna they were quick. Their reflexes sharper than she had been prepared for had caught her off guard and made her wonder at their potential. “Nol’ika you have to see this” She knew Nolan was trying to keep them on...
  4. Nolan Detta

    Approved Tech  Darth Manda Hyperion Beskar'gam

    Image Source: Intent: To Create the Darkside Mandalorian Armor Nolan will be wearing while he goes Darkside. Development Thread: In Original Sub Manufacturer: Mandal Hypernautics Model: Hyperion Beskar'gam...
  5. Satine Detta

    The wind whispers our names

    The music that played was soft a gentle melody that Satine did not recognize. This place Mandalore, should feel like home to her. This was her father's people, and Nolan's family. But it felt odd, so today she asked Nolan to show her around more to the places that were historic in nature, to...
  6. Anija Betna

    Jariler Rugam Beskar'gam [Nolan Detta]

    Image Source: Intent: To create an advanced set of beskar'gam for [member="Nolan Detta"] Development Thread: Beskar'gam for Hyperion Manufacturer: Mandal Hypernautics Model: Jariler Rugam (Lit. "Wrecking ball")...
  7. Anija Betna

    Armor for Nolan Detta

    Intent: To create an advanced suit of combat armor for use by special forces. Development Thread: NA Manufacturer: Mandal Hypernautics Model: Hyperion Beskar'gam Affiliation: Open Market; Limited to Mandalorian Special Forces or Trusted Allies only Modularity: Limited Production: Unique x12...
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