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  1. Kamyrin Gyvolis

    Kamyrin Gyvolis

    NAME: Kamyrin 'Rin' Gyvolis NICKNAMES: Rin or Kam CODENAMES: Cryin or Crow FACTION: Agents of Chaos RANK: Dutchess SPECIES: Hapan AGE: 25 SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5'9 WEIGHT: 151 EYES: Yellow HAIR: Pink/Red SKIN: Caucasian FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes STRENGTHS: Inheritor of Nobility - Given her...
  2. NetPunner

    Lydia Walsh

    NAME Lydia Walsh FACTION The Sith Empire The Sith-Imperial Vassal State of Galidraan RANK Naval Captain Primary Heir to County of Dalis (Highlands of Galidraan III) Sith Acolyte FORCE SENSITIVE Yes SPECIES Human AGE 26 GSY HEIGHT 5'6" BUILD Athletic HAIR White SKIN Fair EYES Gold...
  3. Kaden Drex

    Lady Kaden Drex

    NAME: Kaden Rory Drex ALIASES: Lady Drex, HOMEWORLD: Migrated to Seltos RESIDENCE: Drex Manor, Sommin City. Seltos FACTION: CIS, Seltos RANK: Viceroy of Seltos SPECIES: Echani AGE: You should never ask as Lady her age.... (30) SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5'8" or 1.7m WEIGHT: A...
  4. Ordon Trozky

    Ordon Trozky III

    Social Information Name: Dskeyala Ordon Trozkenpfylyat III Alias(es): Ordon Trozky Title(s): Lord of House Trozkenpfylyat [Current]; Senator of Brentaal IV [Former, Galactic Republic] Place of Birth: Brentaal IV Current Residence: Brentaal IV Prior Residences: University of Corellia Sexuality...
  5. Ordon Trozky

    Ordon Trozky

  6. Huxy

    Lucas Obrien

    || The Basics || Full Name: Lucas Blackwood Obrien Preferred Name: Lukas Alias: The Snake Titles: Noble of Panatha Species: Near-human Race: Epicanthix Homeworld: Panatha Social Standing: Noble Living Situation: Panatha, Canthar(city) Obrien Mansion Faction(s): Unaligned Rank(s): N/A Sexual...
  7. Vyra Silara

    }{ Lady Vyra Silara }{

    }{Official Name}{ Vyra Jade Silara }{Pronunciation}{ (Veer-ah) or (Vear-ah) }{Quote}{ "We fall so we can rise taller. We break so we can heal stronger. No one said progress would be easy." }{Titles}{ Lady of Naboo Queen of Elenthaeus and Cattamascar Eternal Empress of Kalidan }{Homeworld}{...
  8. Matila Arkh

    Arzela Rivanon Morningstar

    | [Epicanthix] | [Female] | [20 Years Old] | [Untrained Force Sensitive] | I was born Arzela Rivanon Morningstar, though it was not a name that graced my ears very often. Mother more affectionately dubbed me Little Lottie, though I never quite knew why, and while it was only ever spoken in...
  9. Merope Dremire

    Merope Dremire

    Merope Dremire, Ocean Queen Full Name: Merope Nepthys Dremire ~Hypocoristic: Mer, Merie. Age: 25 years old Gender: Female Species: Seiarenei Home-world: Anthemoessa ~Resides in: Palamir Titles: ~ Queen of Palamir ~ Princess of Anthemoessa Allegiance: ~ Dremire Royal Family...
  10. Asher


  11. Darth Alekto

    Nadja Keto

    READ AUDIO FILE 0087.hna ...START Hello, my name is Nadja Keto. I'm a human native of the planet of Koros Major, known more commonly as the planet of Empress Teta and sometimes as Cinnegar - after our largest city. I'm, if my voice isn't giving it away, a young woman and, uh, a rather short one...
  12. Eddak Manod

    Looking For Lords(And Ladies) (Leaders for small settlements)

    Lords and Hamlets Designing a Medieval Village (Lords, Hamlet, and Designing are links) Greetings Roleplayers of Chaos! Is your character a poor politician, an up-and-coming leader, or just someone who is interested in having Nobility? Well, Eddak has an offer for you! Lords/Ladies...
  13. Valae Kitra

    Ada Rinn

    {BASICS} NAME: Ada Ta’ala Rinn FACTION: Unaffiliated RANK: Turila (Baroness) - Lady Rinn SPECIES: Hapan (Human) AGE: 25 SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5’11” WEIGHT: 130lbs EYES: Hazel HAIR: Dark brown SKIN: Olive FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes (untrained) {STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES} + Force empathy: a natural talent...
  14. Darth Alekto

    Tetan Royal Family Tree

  15. Tanith Alde

    Hear Ye Hear Ye for the Grand Tournament (Open to All)

    Welcome Friends to the Annual Grand Tournament of Rhul! A week long event in which participants may show their skill at arms, as well as their bravery and valor. The Main Events Are: The Grand Melee! A Free for all (Unless you decide to work together) Of all Combatants, fought untill...
  16. Tanith Alde

    Valentinian Alexandrus III

    NAME: Valentinian Alexandrus III FACTION: Nobles, Empire of Rhun, Free Colonies RANK: Lord of Rhun SPECIES: Human AGE: 26 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 6'2 (1.88 Meters) WEIGHT: 170 Lbs (80 Kilos) EYES: Red HAIR: Black SKIN: Pale Force Sensitive: Complicated Relationship Status: Single Orientation: Varies...
  17. Karolus Krupp

    A Meeting of Nobles

    House Krupp's mansion was located on Koros Major, their ancestry hailed from a different planet in the galaxy but since a few centuries they have been based on Koros Major, where they own the wealthiest carbonite block manufacturing company on Koros Major and also an influential player in the...
  18. Tmoxin Temi

    New Monarchy System for the Techno Union

    Calling all Nobility characters! As our Techno Union advertisement describes the Union is a commerce guild, controlled by Technobility. In order to encourge more nobility role play, we are opening our planets up to monarchs and oligarch characters - Kings, Queens, Dukes, Barons, Counts...
  19. Armand Temi

    Muunilinst Gala - Open to all

    Princess Thais Kallisto would like to meet and/or do business with other characters across the galaxy, so along with her Muun business partners, she is hosting a Formal Gala on Harnaidan. The ball is sponsored by Muun Mines and Kallisto Mining Company in a luxury home in the High Port Space...
  20. Iliana Kahoshi

    Iliana Kahoshi

    Iliana Kahoshi FACTION: Atrisian Empire, Rekireki RANK: Adept SPECIES: Human AGE: 36 GENDER: Female HEIGHT: 1.524m WEIGHT: 45.35kg EYES: Brown HAIR: Black SKIN: Alabaster FORCE SENSITIVE: No [hr] STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES +Manipulative +Networking connections in the criminal syndicate...