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  1. Sylas

    Character  Sylas

    S Y L A SThe Scourge of the Empire // GENERAL INFORMATION // -- Name -- Sylas -- Aliases -- Necromancer Lord, the King of Ghouls, Unholy Cleric, the Scourge of the Outer Rim -- Homeworld -- Bastion -- Faction -- The Empire -- Branch -- The Order of the Imperial Knights | Mission Chapters...
  2. Erebus Ignosi

    Character  Erebus Ignosi, Sith Lich Lord

    NAME: Erebus Ignosi FACTION: Sith Thanatocracy Mors Vitra RANK: Magnus SPECIES: Sith Lich (Formerly Sith) AGE: ~7000 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 6'5" WEIGHT: 120 lbs. EYES: Dark Side Orange HAIR: N/A SKIN: Mummified FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES: Beyond the Pale: Erebus'...
  3. V

      Thread: Ploy of the Necromancer

    As the thread is really going along smoothly. I would like to know if there is anything that I can improve that can make the thread more enjoyable. As a new story writer I am always on the lookout for things to improve upon. Please comment down below and let me know if the thread is going...
  4. V

    Public  Ploy of the Necromancer (Civil War on Cademimu V) (Open to All)

    Ploy of the Necromancer Civil War on Cademimu V Location: Ecumenopolis World of Cademimu V, Cademimu System The World of Cademimu V, the fifth planet within the Cademimu System. It was a ecumpenpolis which meant that the entire planet was one giant city. Located in the Outer Rim Territories...
  5. V

    LFG  Ploy of the Necromancer

    Greetings, I am Darth Mordheim. As I am currently branching out with this character through various threads. I wanted to make a quest for people to go on that will tie into my character being the villain of it and allow more character interaction. Summary of the Quest: A Civil War has broken...
  6. V

    LFG  Sith Necromancer looking for Threads

    Greetings to you all. It is I, Monkrove Irs'Valachie Moldova I have decided to create a Sith Necromancer to flesh out my character roster. So I figured now would be the best time to engage in interaction with either jedi or sith that currently roam the galaxy. For a little information about the...
  7. Credit Wizard

    Darth Mordheim | Necromancer of the Abyss

    Darth Mordheim IDENTIFICATION: REAL NAME: Jürgen Grubenhagen Kremmler ALIASES: The Necromancer Ruben Durant [Public Alias] Controller of the Undead The Lichemaster Lord of the Abyss TITLES: Darth Mordheim AGE: Elder [91 Years Old] POSITION: Renegade Sith Necromancer HOMEWORLD...
  8. Halketh

    Character  Darth Caelitus, the Mercurial Saint

    Darth Caelitus Formerly Lord Halketh Title(s) Dark Lord of the Sith Class(es) Sith Sorcerer & Necromancer Birthplace Alpheridies Age Forties* Virtue(s) Compassion Independence Annihilation Rank(s) Master, Dark Lord Apprentice Laoth Faction(s) The Brotherhood of the Maw...
  9. Isar

    Approved Location  Ruins of Hâsk

    Ruins of Hâsk Image Source: Artwork by Mark Molnar Classification: Ruins Location: Ziost's southern pole Affiliation: Warok the Defiler Description: Exterior - "The fortress was old. Old and silent. No chitter of insects, no rustling of wildlife. Nothing but the muttering of the wind...
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