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nar shadaa

  1. Saram Kote

    Private  Mandalorian Corporate Outreach

    Friendly Units: 'Davaab' Vuhyr'yaliyr Ramikade Squad Ran Netra, 2IC (Rifleman) Jaing Nihut'tyr, Technician Tag(s): Shan Pavond [slide] Nar Shaddaa. Easily one of her least favorite worlds to conduct operations on. The company had numerous contacts on the world and so they had to be...
  2. Danika Leventis

    Private  Call your bluff

    BARUK'S BAR | NAR SHADDAA TAG: Aelor Kyr GEAR: In bio WHAT'S COMING TO ME "I hate this place." The Lady of Bone had a disgusted look on her timeless face. "Then why are we here, Mistress?" asked Samron as his great Falleen form towered over most humanoids in the street. Danika tsked at her...
  3. Zachariah Black

    Private  Credits Over Creed

    Location: Nar Shadaa ~ Lower District | Time: 02:00 | Tags: Taru Cadera There was a distinct stench that filled the slums of Nar Shadaa. It was the kind of stale scent that could be caught when walking along the back of a scummy cantina or brothel. It never wavered and seemed to only grow more...
  4. Jacen Voidstalker

    Private  Where the light barely touches

    Lierra Lunora It was almost as unpleasant as his exile to Tatooine. At least that world he felt some affinity with. For the last few years Jacen had vanished from the world to Mos Espa. Once he had been one of the Grand Marshal's of the Alliance's fight back into the core. Recently he had been...
  5. Dax Perl

    Old Haunts, New Friends

    Location: Nar Shadaa The last time Dax had been on the world...well he couldn't say it was good. He'd ended up with a stranger about thirty levels down in gang territory and no way back up to the surface...but, that stranger would one day be his wife, so he couldn't say it was the worst...
  6. Reks Yarroq

    Business in the Smuggler's Moon (Open to all)

    The Cloud Runner arrive in Nar Shaddaa, Reks was preparing the treasures to sell and order her partner to prepare the landing. "Remember Ashra, stay close to me, you know this place isn't nice." Said Reks, everytime they come to the Smuggler's Moon something happens and they end up in a shoot...
  7. Adriana Fortemps

    The Darkest Pits of Nar Shadaa

    [member="Darth Abyss"] "We will be landing in the Undercity soon, my Lady." Jorryn's eyes opened as the pilot's voice came over the intercom as she finished her meditation. The smuggler's moon was like a beehive in the force, billions of minds creating a constant buzz in the force. She opened...
  8. Briar Thorn

    Face Artifacts, You are wrong (PM to join)

    Nar Shadaa is the planet to go to when you need something. Especially when that something was not strictly legal or easy to obtain. The planet was proving to be interesting so far for Briar, which he desperately needed right now. He had been bored for days, for weeks, for years! Or at least that...
  9. Briar Thorn

    Pretty in Pink (PM to Join)

    Nar Shadaa, a planet of scum, criminals, gangsters, slavers, and other immoral types. It was just the kind of place that might have something interesting to offer a bored soul. Briar had obtained travel to the planet for just this reason. He had gotten himself into a series of dull weeks with...
  10. Akio Diachi

    Always Read the Fine Print

    Location: Nar Shadaa Time: Midnight Stench. There was no other term for a moon like this one. The Under City of Nar Shadaa reeked with it, not just as a smell but as an existance. As if the very buildings were made filthy and fitted with crime. As if the very people were born looking...
  11. Drex Yavok


    Drex entered a Cantina on Nar Shadaa called "Dark Moon Cantina". He was hoping he could find some fun here. "Hey!" The barkeep said, pointing to Drex, who was still at the door. "You planning on causing some trouble with that?" It was obvious the man was referring to the LJ-90 Drex was holding...
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