Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. Jarik de Celanon

    Darkside Master Needed

    So, I have this character, and I was wondering if anyone wanted to train him. He's the more subtle, yay science, manipulation type. And if there is any additional plot you would like to explore with him, I would be up for that as well. He's currently a Galatic Republic researcher so if you...
  2. Aeon Erantes

    Looking for either a 'Master' or Casual RP

    So I just finished making this character, and if you want to check out his profile prior to roleplay, it's here. Anyways. He will be a neutral force user but lean more to the darkside application of the Force. Wondering if any one wanted to impart on him some knowledge? This can either be...
  3. Aeon Erantes

    Aeon Erantes

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  4. Muninn

    A Few Questions

    I wasn't sure where else to post this so I hope posting here is all right. On to my questions: 1. How is Force training handled? Do I just ask around until someone agrees to train me and then they decide what to teach me and what not to? 2. Can a dark side character learn light side powers...
  5. Jarik de Celanon

    Jarik de Celanon

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  6. Muninn

    Hello People of Chaos

    I'm new to the board and the general idea of roleplay itself. I have done a bit of tabletop, and once or twice forum roleplay when I was a kid (Harry Potter roleplay, aw yis). But I am looking forward to trying once more here. Currently brainstorming my first character, and I have a few ideas...
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