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  1. Judah Dashiell

    Private  Money For Nothing

    Liin Terallo Illic | New Cov | Despite being in a domed city, New Cov was still sweltering hot and humidity was off the charts. Add in the fact he was wearing a gray suit, it just amplified how uncomfortable the planet could be. His son, he idly noted, would love it here. Along with his...
  2. Jonyna Si

    Private  Where's the Money Lebowski?!

    Si Tech Headquarters Coruscant "What the fark?" The words rang through Jonyna's office. She was looking over her financials, something she admittedly hated doing. Numbers made her brain hurt, but something was off. Things weren't adding up, and now she was on the hunt. Someone was using her...
  3. Celt Saxon

    Private  Girls like cars and money

    Location: Kestri tournement Objective: Have a part installed Tag: Hilal Vizsla Celt looked at the part that the forgemaster had sourced for her, running her hand on it. "I'll have to take your word for it forgemaster, not reallt my area of expertise." she let out a little laugh, she was...
  4. Plikh'ala'niu (Khalani)

    Resolved  Money

    Do you use credits to buy anything? Also, when rping, where do you get your weapons and ships from? Could someone just show up to a battle with 5000 battleships if they are roleplaying as some powerful king or something? It would make more sense if you had to buy items and ships so you couldn’t...
  5. Ragos Terrek

    Private  Misplaced money.

    To many Coruscant was a dream. It was a seamless tapestry of what ninety percent of the galaxy would never have. A place of gaudy grandiosity where the richest of the rich and the most famous of the famous lived in penthouse suites so high in the sky they could open their windows and snatch a...
  6. Sorr Kortu

    Private  Screw the Rules I Have Money!

    Location: Makeb, Talaos City Makeb is a beautiful world, one of the most economically thriving planets in the Galaxy. Not a surprise considering that Makeb is located in SJC space and they were staying out of the Great Hyperspace War and as such wasn't hit with the devastation of war. Sorr...
  7. Mato Kejak

    Private  Nobody's Money

    Ibanji, unnamed fishing village/Empire border territory There were few places in the galaxy that could prove as tranquil as an isolated rural village. Disconnected from the goings-on between the stars, safe but for the rare instances of upheaval that shook every world suspended in the vacuum...
  8. Riley Reese

    Private  Money ain't cheap

    "Almost got it...." cybernetic fingers barely grazed the bolt, causing it to wobble as if taunting her. Said bolt was a runaway that had escaped into the smaller spaces of the shuttle. Now the escapee was cornered and close to capture. "Come on...." Fingers brushed the bolt just enough to roll...
  9. Dorthea Dobson

    Private  On making money…

    On board HMS Shii-Cho: The Grand Admiral was away from the ship while the crew was at low readiness level. Standard maintenance procedures were being observed, division crews were running drills, and about two-thirds of the crew were either off duty, or sleeping as per rotation. Dorthea was in...
  10. Akash Guul

    LFG  Mercenaries Look Here | Aurodium Sword Contract

    - AURODIUM SWORD CONTRACT: NORIS REWARD: 10,000 UCs The Empire is offering generous mercenary contracts to individuals and groups for temporary deployment on the world of Noris to aid with the Winter Contingency evacuation from Chiss space. REQUIREMENTS: Participate in the IC thread of the...
  11. Jax Thio

    Private  No Money, No Parts, No Deal!

    Location: Ossus Equipment: Jedi Desert Robes, Jax's Prosthetic Arm, Jax's Second Lightsaber, Promise Ring to Jairdain, Eyepatch Tag: Valery Noble "Ah chit. The shifter on Jax's Pod broke again, cheap piece of junk kept dangling from his cockpit for what felt like the hundredth time...
  12. Nichos Velt

    Private  Credits Will do Fine

    Location: Fort Skywalker, New Jedha Equipment: Current Appearance, Red Menace Tag: Mya Jesel The Liburna Class Dropship made landfall at last. Nichos bloodied and bruised spent all morning behind enemy lines taking out key areas of the Brotherhood remnants. 2 weeks ago, Nichos accepted a...
  13. Veles Oshu

    Private  Politics Is Run By Money

    The desk was immaculate - built of a variety of off world woods, stained in only the most discerning colors. In its edges there was a defined grind that would offer the discerning eye a small glimpse at craftsmenship - while on the flats there were immaculate and complicated designs laden deep...
  14. D

    Major Faction AvCorp™: End of an Era

    Document Credit: Aiko Hayata
  15. Zef Halo

    BOUNTY: Information on 'The Butcher of Mirial'

  16. Subject 37

    Invisible Hands

    Imperial Space - Outer Rim [member="Laguz Vald"] Kiran sat in the command throne of The Ardent a small Aurel-Class Assault Frigate that was currently bounding it's way through the outer reaches of Imperial space. His fingers were fidgeting slightly, his eyes locked on the screen in front of...
  17. Desmond C'artyom

    Scum, lowlife, scoundrels, I WANT YOU

    I need a band of scumbags and scoundrels to help me rob the coruscanti treasury. Any lowlife who helps me in this endeavour will be greatly rewarded. Your friendly back stabbing burglar, Desmond
  18. X-2

    Bounty Hunter for hire

    Bounty hunter in need of work. Will do anything though as long as it involves killing, maiming, mangling, blowing up, or all around killing
  19. Jed Kerkov

    Transaction in Tatooine

    Jed's Luxury 5000 Yacht touched down in the spaceport of Bestine, Tatooine. He hated these desolated desert planets, he tried to avoid them at all costs, such poverty disgusted him. Jed strode off his craft, a briefcase in hand, flanked by two V2 Commando Droids. He didn't trust any city that's...
  20. 2

    Medical Droid Assassin For Hire

    Anyone got any targets they'd liked me to take out? I can work for cheap if necessary. Thanks and pm me anything you all have for me. Have a good day!
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