Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. Blackhole


    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: This will be the "homeworld" of my character Elias and serve as the location in which he holographically or telepathically communicates with other character unless in some extreme circumstance. As the homeworld will serve as the backdrop to most if not any...
  2. Maldor Mecetti

    Private  Not Kuat a Moff Yet

    MECETTI APARTMENTS - LIANNA PRIVATE STUDY The festivities had finally drawn to a close, and Maldor retired to his study with the final guest he needed to speak to this evening. He and Lecersen had shared units during combat engagements, and supported each other's actions in the field. It...
  3. The Voice of the Lost

    Faction  The Emperor Revealed! Moff Council Meeting (Empire of the Lost)

    Location: Moff Council Chamber, Lianna Moff Council Tower When it was first formed, the leadership for the Empire of the Lost composed of a Moff Council that was led by a Grand Moff. While the faction grew, there was still infighting by the Moffs over which direction the Empire should take...
  4. Katherin DuPorcelen

    Private  Moff to Moff

    Tags: Aculia Voland Location: Imperial Operations Center on Lianna Equipment: In Bio I hardly expected to be given the rank of Moff. To the Empire of the Lost, I was a random guest in the beginning expanding corporate domain in their worlds and offering service in its fleets. Now, the Moff...
  5. T

    Sector Governors & System Lords

    The First Order structures its territories in two categories: its own sectors which are controlled by a Sector Governor and client states which were subjugated by the First Order but retained a degree of individuality and are controlled by a System Lord who has sworn allegiance to the Supreme...
  6. Aurelian Sigismund

    Private  Moff in Distress

    Laine Gowrie Shuttle Orpheus, en route to Bastion from Dantooine Moff of Vandemar After the visit of the Irveric Tavlar Special Warfare Center, Aurelian was on his way back to the capital. While his thoughts were once more on multiple matters, he send with his arms on his knees, bend over...
  7. H

    Character  Hesk'urm'ovitr

    Alias Skurmov Hydra Marshal Iron Hydra Class(es) Moff Commander Director Birthplace Csilla Age Adult Personality Traits Calculating Analysing Direct Education Traits Excellent Logistician Lifestyle Traits Warmaster Executive Commander Traits Strategist Tactician Rank(s)...
  8. Velran Kilran

    Character  Moff Velran Kilran (WIP)

    VELRAN KILRAN Music I AM THE EGGMAN! Aliases Velran Kilran Class(es) Fleet Admiral, Moff Birthplace Lianna Age 50 Personality Traits Tech Genius Tactical Genius A genius in general really Ultra-arrogant Can be..... quirky Prefer a more hands on approach to combat Callous...
  9. Adera Vellas

    Character  Adera Tarina Vellas

    >Accessing Personnel File SB-716-1A [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] SOCIETAL Name: Adera Tarina Vellas Alias: Titles: Moff of Tamaisy Homeworld: DantooineDarkknell Current Home: Tamaisy [Await Codex Transmission] Faction: New Imperial Order/The Empire Force Sensitivity...
  10. Marcus Bastion

    Character  Moff Marcus Bastion

    CHARACTER BIOGRAPHY TEMPLATE Marcus Bastion NAME: Marcus Bastion FACTION: New Imperial Order RANK: Moff SPECIES: Human AGE: 36. SEX: Male. HEIGHT: 5’10” WEIGHT: 75 kg EYES: Blue HAIR: Blonde SKIN: Caucasian FORCE SENSITIVE: No...
  11. A

    Character  Ariel J. Yvarro

  12. Lirka Ka

    Character  Lirka Ka, reborn

    Name: Lirka Ka Age: 155 Sex: Female, though after her “rebirth” gender has become more or less irrelevant. Species: Sephi, though has been spliced with many species now Height: 1.9 Meters Weight: 113 Kilograms Eyes: They are an icy blue in coloration Hair Lirka keeps her hair a...
  13. Ravraa Vyshraal

    Character  Moff Vyshraal of Shili

    MOFF-PROTECTOR VYSHRAAL NAME: Ravraa Vyshraal FACTION: New Imperial Order RANK: Moff of the Shili Sector | Lord-Protector of the Shili Sector Auxiliaries | Former Stormtrooper Captain of Dorn-2 Squad SPECIES: Togruta AGE: 26 [RP Start] | 36 [RP End] SEX: Male SEXUALITY: Bisexual...
  14. V

    Wilhelm Balfour

    NAME: Wilhelm Balfour (Vil-helm Bal-fore) FACTION: Galactic Empire RANK: Moff SPECIES: Human AGE: 32, the age of power. SEX: Male HEIGHT: 180 cm WEIGHT: 70 kg EYES: Brown HAIR: Black SKIN: Light FORCE SENSITIVE: N...
  15. Progflaw99

    Dante Calgar

    Dante Calgar (WIP) Dante Calgar 917482 Victory Lane, Avalonia, Dosuun SN: 497324879 Vitals • Sex: Male • Affiliation: First Order • Rank: Moff • Age: 38 Standard • Height: 183 cm | 6 ft • Weight: 82 kg | 181 lbs • Eyes: Blue • Hair: Dark Brown • Skin: Fair, Weathered • Force...
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