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Dante Calgar


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Dante Calgar (WIP)


Dante Calgar
917482 Victory Lane, Avalonia, Dosuun
SN: 497324879
Sex: Male Affiliation: First Order • Rank: Moff​
Age: 38 Standard Height: 183 cm | 6 ft • Weight: 82 kg | 181 lbs​
Eyes: Blue Hair: Dark Brown • Skin: Fair, Weathered

Force Sensitive: No

Key Traits
Military Background • Capable Speaker • Completionist​
• Technically Proficient • Strategic Minded • Ambitious​
Notable Weaknesses

Duplicitous • Pragmatist • Emotional Deficit​

• Arrogant • Sliding Scale of Morality​


Trait Summary:

A staple of his personal identity, not much is actually known about his service with the Imperial Military, though somewhere along the line he picked up the nickname "Phobos". The only released information contained in his military record speak of excellent marks in proficiency testing coupled with a wide range of actions during the expansion of the First Order, though they fail to specify exact dates and/or times. Rumors circulate about the man's origins, tales of his deeds during the war against the Ssi-Ruuk, and even the conquest of Zarnathea pass from the lips of soldier to soldier, the story growing larger and more grand with each telling.

During his time with the First Order military, he developed a skill with words, able to communicate quickly and effectively is one of the traits which defines him. Talented with words, he is able to instill obedience by his charisma alone, rarely having to actually lay down the law - though according to the rumors, there is a good reason his nickname was "Phobos".

A completionist at heart, Dante never leaves a task unfinished and is willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve his goals. Morality is a crutch used by the weak, a cry of "Unfairness" for those who feel they are being wronged. Why let that get in the way when the situation can be remedied by a simple action, or inaction?
Over the course of his service, Calgar was introduced to a myriad of technology and weaponry, all of which he held a natural aptitude for. If you're not the hunter, you're the hunted. An aggressive outlook on life perhaps, but it has served him well and undoubtedly will continue to do so as he pursues even greater status within the First Order machine. Directly tied to his ambition, it has driven him farther than any other might have come had they taken the same route. Formerly military, now political figure - Dante's ambition is only tempered by the strategic mind developed through countless hours devoted to learning strategy both high and low - even though he is no longer an active member of the First Order war machine, he is constantly engaging with the military commanders within his sphere of influence.
Dante is a man who cares not only about his physical appearance but also for his health. A strict diet and physical training regimen keep him ahead of the majority of his peers. Due in part to his time spent as an officer of the First Order in addition to his close familial ties, Dante commands a high level of physical fitness and gravitas. Piercing blue eyes pick up on the smallest bits of detail and dark hair, in contrast to his pale complexion.

Born the son of a military officer in the Outer Rim, Dante has seen the hardships of living in the outer fringes of space - lawlessness abounds. Though he'd always had an eye towards the military, Dante had important hurdles to clear first, his education. Unlike many of those born in the Outer Rim, he was able to travel abroad, attending a number of schools. Well versed in Galactic Basic, Dante almost had a natural talent for stringing words together to form not only sentences which others could understand but almost in such a manner one might have called his speech elegant. As a young man following after his schooling, he'd enlisted in the military - spurning the route of the officer and instead choosing to join the grunt forces. Throughout the training process, his superiors were constantly impressed by his performance, escalating his record up the chain.

It only took a few years before he was selected for special duty. Originally a member of the general ground forces, he was transferred to a black ops division operated by the FOSB where he served as an "Infantry Officer". According to his service record he'd been assigned permanent duty on the backwater world of Sump to a garrison there. An uninteresting post - if it had been his actual assignment. Instead, Dante had been sent immediately for advanced training with the FOSB where he carried out missions in secret, off the record both in and out of uniform. Now, recently a vacancy has been created on the Moff Council - though his records are mostly classified if they exist at all, a mock record has been generated for those who would attempt to do some backstory. He too has been briefed and will be soon assuming the position of Security Minister, replacing the recently deceased Rabri Bharati.

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